January 3rd, 2008

A young promising manager works side by side with a colleague who is much older than him, love conquers all ages they say, and it is true…

How old was I that time? 24… I guess. What about Nancy? She was some 45, I do believe women are in blossom at this age, it’s the best age ever. I was a senior manager that time and there were about twenty “mommies” (as I called them) working for me. As for Nancy she wasn’t a “mommy” she was a very hot mature chick. She was a tall raven-haired brunette with long curly hair, bright black eyes, and plump tasty lips. She had a thin waist and big peachy butt that was always covered by a tight skirt. Yeah, she had terrific boobs that were sticking out through her semi transparent blouses.

She was looking at me with pure adoration. I was a young and promising specialist who was never afraid to turn to bosses with a proposal or criticism. I was brave and not looking back that time. We often stayed late working; we loved to chat about all kinds of things. She was always saying things that I loved to take for compliments; she said she took me as a role model for a great manager. I hope she was sincere. She often blushed saying those words, that was really touching. I guess it happened right during one of our chatting sessions when I kissed her blushing cheeks and she responded to my kiss… I was squeezing her big bob in my hand, my other hand was sliding up her nylon black stockings, while she was kissing me vehemently, she was moaning, caressing my shoulders.

I put my hands on her hips to squeeze her buttocks. I realized there could be nothing to stop us, she wanted to fuck me right there in my office. I was kissing her, while my hands raised her blouse, undoing her bra. I felt her heavy tits in my hands, she was moaning lustfully and passionately. Her tits were just terrific! Those were firm DD cups with brown nipples that became erect when I touched them. I started kissing her breasts. My hands were squeezing them, my tongue was licking the nipples, speeding up and making them harder, biting them now and then. I was groaning and sighing with delight.

But I wanted more. I knelt down in front of her chair and raised her skirt, I pulled off her stockings and panties. I stuck my mouth in hers then I stood up and pulled off my pants and briefs. My dick was right in front of her face. she was sitting on the chair, her skirt was rolled up to her waist, her hips were spread wide, I saw her black curly bush, her big boobs were rising up, her hard nipples seemed to be trembling too, her eyes were shining lustfully and bright, she was seized by a strong desire.

- You’re so handsome… – she whispered, taking my cock in her hands and gazing at it.

She cupped my ass with her hands and pulled it closer. She started sucking my cock with her big plump lips with red lipstick. I felt she liked it. Her hand was squeezing the stem, her lips were holding it tight too, her tongue was restless and fast, it was trying to lick all around the dickhead. I wanted to see everything well, so I leaned backwards, I took her hair in my hands. I loved to see her blushing face and half closed eyes. I knew I wouldn’t last for long, but I didn’t wanna cum too soon, I wanted to prolong Nancy’s pleasure.

I made her let my cock go and started kissing her lips, neck, and shoulders. I was whispering something nice in her ear. Nancy was jerking my dick, trying to fuck it with her boobs. I entered her mouth again, she seemed to be longing to feel it in her throat. I didn’t let her suck for long, I was teasing her. I straddled down on the chair. I licked her crotch and turned her round. She bent over to show me her pussy and her anus. She took my cock in her hand and started impaling herself on it. I saw her big and still firm butt in front of my face, I felt her heat and wetness on my dick.

Her pussy wasn’t too tight, but it was tight enough for both of us to enjoy the fuck. Nancy was floating in ecstasy. She was pounding her butt against my groin, she was trying to get all of my cock in her insides, she wasn’t trying to slow down and fidget on it. Her left hand was holding my hip to keep the balance, while her right hand was squeezing her boob. It was a wonderful picture to enjoy… her black hair was swaying from side to side, I could see her beautiful back and a thin waist, her tasty butt was moving up and down on my stem, I could hear her moaning: “Yeahhh, it feels so great, you’re such a hot guy, I love you…” .

I wanted to make her feel even better. I lubricated my finger with saliva and started caressing her asshole very carefully. She was sort of impaling her butt on my finger making me understand she liked it a lot. In a couple of seconds my finger was already screwing her anus. I could feel my own cock through the thin wall. Nancy was almost crying with pleasure. She was squeezing the dick, her muscles were contracting, she was moaning non-stop. I was holding her by the breasts, kissing her back, letting her cum. Nancy arched her back, tossed her head back, climaxing.

But I didn’t let her enjoy the orgasm for long. I raised her butt up and then impaled it on my cock again. I was doing it for several more times. My cock was rocky hard. Then we both stood up from the chair and she bent down to lean on it. I was screwing her hard, fucking her anus with my finger at the same time.

- Can I cum inside you?
- Yes, – she whispered.

I ejaculated in her snatch in several seconds. Nancy got on her fours in front of me and looked at me. I saw so much gratitude and happiness in her eyes. She sucked on my still hard dick to drain, licking off the rest of my cum and her juices.

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3 Responses to “Nancy”

  1. Elation Says:

    It sucks, thought the plot is nice!

  2. Bunkwad Says:

    Pretty good… Not the best though. Could be better. Plot was great. Rough around the edges. Lot of potential. Keep trying. Bunkwad :)

  3. ilovthepuss Says:

    great idea badly exacuted
    but it was still hot

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