My Simone

November 28th, 2007

Office romances happen very often and it’s much more exciting and interesting to work when you can have fun with your colleagues, there’s probably no person on earth who had never thought about fucking some of his co-workers.

Simone is my colleague. She is that type of a woman that likes getting want she wants and there is no other way. She is a beautiful young woman with high self esteem and sophistication that it is hard to get her. Those kinda women can’t stand weak men and recognize only strong ones, but want them to be at their feet. In this one I had a different opinion but I had wanted her for a long time.

I am not that type of a guy who goes after every skirt. I know my worth and prefer to get only the best ones like Simone. I don’t desire girls who hang on every man either.

We have worked closely for three month together but never showed any reason for lusty thoughts. But being a guy who knows women’s psychology well I felt that she is attracted to me. During the whole time I knew that it is only a matter of time for me to get her. And as it usually happens it came absolutely unexpected…

Late at night we were coming back from the research trip we had in the neighboring town. Our boss was driving his Mercedes and his assistant was sitting next to him. So me and Simone got the back seat for two of us. We were having a light conversation discussing the research and I noticed that our talk wasn’t interesting for her at all and that she had something else on her mind.
It was so easy to understand what she had on her mind. Someone else wouldn’t be able to tell the look in her eyes but I am not a silly boy. Our hands found each other and I took advantage of the situation. I was softly holding her lovely warm hand while our bosses were discussing the business. By the time we got back to town I knew for sure that this thing between her and me was going to develop as fast as lightning.

The next day when we were left alone in the office our eyes met and within a single moment I was already passionately embracing her amazing body in my arms. I kissed her lips and met no resistance. Her wet hot tongue went inside my mouth. Those minutes of bliss were stopped by the steps in the hall. We had to comedown. The rest of the day we could only barely touch each and kissed a few times. I had no doubts that I would have this dream like woman.

Sometimes I would give her rides home but that night it was obvious. She lived with her mother but I knew that night was the night. She was gone to the family reunion party for a week.

I didn’t even wait for her to invite me in. It was natural and when we stepped inside her house we didn’t jump on each other or anything like that. We simply went to the kitchen and made nice dinner.

We decided to eat in the living room. It was nice with candles and nice music. We had some wine and I asked her for a dance. I could hardly keep my desire but I tried to take it slow. She seemed to fell the same. Both of us are people who know the sense of a real carnal love. We appreciated every move and every moment of the dance…every touch of our excited bodies…every soft kiss… We didn’t let our passions overcome ourselves.

After like five minutes of the sense of such bliss she left to take a shower. On the way there she gave me a wicked smile.
I collapsed on the couch and closed my eyes… I started imagining the coming closeness and she came back. I have never seen her like this in my life! She was the QUEEN! And I had to admire her! From this thought it got so hard in my pants. I grabbed Simone and showered her stunning body with kisses. She was wearing a light see-through peignoir underneath which I saw wonderful black lingerie. I couldn’t control myself any longer and Simone was turned on as well. I slowly put her on a couch and kissed her lips. I found her tongue with mine and started tickling it softly. Her passionate moans extradited she wanted more. I also wanted to take her right away but that night I decided to show her all I got. I decided to take her heart as well as her body.
I showered her neck and her shoulders with kisses and gradually took off her peignoir. It fell on the floor…her beautiful body covered in black bra, lacy belts of tights on her thighs and veiled G-strings.

I gently freed one of breasts from the silk bra. With my tongue I wetted her nipple and started licking it out. While that the other hand was inside her haunch and was moving upper and closer to the very center of the pleasure.

Simone kept on moaning…she was touching my hair with one and another hand was squeezing her breast…and finally she took it out from the bra. I took my lips to the other nipple and sucked on it. I went down to her belly. I stopped there for a bit to lick her belly-button. Than I crawled further.

By than my hand has already sneaked inside her G-strings and I was petting that soft and a bit wet flesh making my queen moan…
As I explored her body from the front I carefully turned her back on me. As she lied on her belly I kept on showering her back with kisses. But my favorite was her tight sweet ass. I have never met any woman with such aa amazing ass! With so much pleasure I kissed and licked her buttocks without coming too close to the anus. By the way she started curving I felt how much she wanted me to kiss her there.

I wanted to kiss her there as well but left that for later. I know that women also need to be teased sometimes.

I slowly took off her strings and turned her on the back. I kissed her lips and at the same time I put my hand inside her crotch. For the whole time I was still dressed and I think Simone couldn’t stand that anymore. She pushed me back and got on top of me. She started doing the same things I did to her.

I went nuts from the pleasure when her wet tongue started roaming on my burning body and was going further down. However she didn’t go lower than my abs.

I was twisting and tried to move so that as if by accident my hard dick touches her face. But I screwed up.

She didn’t protest but would resist my incentive. I didn’t give up though. I was sure sooner or later it would happen. I just had to go first, that’s it. I pulled her hips so that they were right above my face. I threw her leg over my face.

Now her burning from lust pussy was right there in front of my face. I started kissing and licking everything around it avoiding just the very center of the delight.

Simone kept on kissing my abs…I felt that I couldn’t hold myself any longer from kissing her pussy. I was just about to kiss it as it happened on its own. As she was moaning and bending voluptuously she just sat down on my face!

I put my hands around her waist and dug in her most wanted part. She screamed with delight and energetically started rubbing her pussy against my face. After that all the boundaries were vanished.

I was licking her precious treasure and was sticking my tongue inside her hot wet flesh. A few seconds later I felt my dick in her mouth and she started sucking it all the way down.

That was something! We didn’t have to hold ourselves anymore! We were in absolute sway of each other. I felt her getting to an orgasm and I decided to stimulate her a bit. I helped my tongue with my fingers that I put in both of her holes.

A few seconds later Simone moaned and without taking my dick out of her mouth she started bending in convulsions and lavishly bedewed my mouth with her sweet juice.

A few seconds after I tasted her juice I exploded! As I felt I was gonna cum I tried to take my dick out from her mouth but she wouldn’t let me. She held it even stronger and I had no other option left as to cum inside her throat.

We stayed in that pose for a minute or so and only than turned face to face. We made out for a long time we kissed and got to know each other’s bodies quiet well.

I’ve had enough women in my life but I have never felt anything like this in my entire life. It was my strongest orgasm ever!
A few minutes later we smoked a cigarette and continued our caresses. We had much more coming that night and we didn’t miss out on anything…not a single kiss, nor a single breath…a touch…and orgasm.

And we had many other nights like this between us.

It has been six month since she married our boss…but sometimes we still let ourselves repeat those wonderful moments when it seems that my heartbeat will stop from happiness…

P.S. this story actually took place in my life…why “took place”? it is still there :)

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  1. shabbir Says:

    it was beautiful u should rite a bollywood script i can act in it

  2. rohit Says:

    i am rohit i am loocking a girl in mumbai 9221557507 this is my no coctak me

  3. gegeo Says:

    hi, the movie is the best

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