Mrs. Parker or simply Samantha

January 3rd, 2008

There’s probably no man here who never dreamed of fucking his female boss, that’s when you feel the power and authority, that’s when you let her see that men are superior…

At work everyone calls her Mrs. Parker, except colleagues like me who have worked there long enough to simply call her Samantha. She’s our financial director.

I’m not sure how old she is but I would say she’s about 47 or 48, not less. She is a mother of three adults and one of them is my age actually. She is a single mother… as far as I know she’s a widow.

May be she dates some man or whatever, but nobody at the company knows about it. Samantha looks gorgeous…her endlessly beautiful dark brown eyes, short black haircut. She’s tall, got amazing hips and pretty big tits that made me stare at her quiet a number of times. Of course, the secret is in those push-up bras she wears but when I see her cleavage in that light vanilla suit I can’t take my eyes off her. From the side angle it is easy to spot her lacy bra. Damn, that is delicious! I just can’t take my eyes off her.

Especially when she’s sitting at her desk the view from the top is just spectacular. Her deep cleavage is just so tempting that I have to make myself concentrate so that I don’t get on my knees and fall for those amazing Venus meadows. May be it’s all in my head and some may say I’m crazy but I have always been attracted to the women older than me.

So they say, it is son to mother instinct that every man has in the nature but it is expressed to the different extent. I remember back in school I was totally into my teachers; I deeply fell in love with the Math teacher. I used to whisper her name when I masturbated…

So, I have been attracted to Samantha for a while since I started working in our company. She’s a very outgoing woman. Only from the very close distance it is possible to agree with her aging. She has some tiny wrinkles in the corner of her eyes and her chin. Also a bit tired looking hands…

It happened at the New Year’s party back in 2007. Our company celebrated New Years at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. It was a fun and crazy party! Champagne was flowing and everyone seemed to be warm and nice.

All the ladies looked pretty that night and their eyes were flirty from the drinks and all the guys were saying some dirty jokes and that was fine. The dancing couples were very close to each other without keeping much distance. It was New Year’s party and that was aloud unlike during the usual working days.

Everyone was talking and dancing. But Samantha didn’t dance much. There were so many fresh ladies ready to rock the dance floor that Samantha only danced to the official ex comitate dances with the most socially conscious individuals that were doing it just to be nice…

I also had one dance with her. I would happily dance all night long only with her but I didn’t want others to start talking about it. Who knows what they would start thinking…

But when I danced with her I felt her breasts against my chest. I felt her belly against mine and she surely felt my manhood shamelessly rose in my pants. It was hard for me to breathe when I looked so closely into her eyes, her shining lips… The fighter in my pants surrendered me. I don’t know what I would do if not my long enough suit that covered my penis sticking out hard.

I felt so embarrassed every time when my penis touched her. She was smiling and I didn’t know if she was laughing or she liked it. She had enough alcohol so I thought may be she didn’t notice or simply didn’t care.

When she was leaving home I asked her if she wanted me to take her home. Of course she said it was okay and she was going on her own and that I should stay and have fun. I still walked outside with her and we called a taxi. We left without saying goodbye so nobody would notice us together.

Oh, my heart was pumping so fast when I set next to her in the backseat of the cab. I felt the smell of her perfume, I listened to her breathing, and our arms were so close each other. Alcohol was doing the job… I wasn’t able to think about anything but her. I understood that it was that one-time chance and I took her hand in mine.

She looked at me and pulled my head to her chest. She put her arms around my neck and I felt my heart would jump out! My blood started rushing and my penis got real hard again. My face was right there in the cleavage between her breasts! I started licking out her skin and caressing her tit with my right hand. She was cuddling my head and put her hand above mine to press it harder. She wanted me to squeeze her tit. That was it… my head couldn’t think anymore. My penis thought for me, instead.

I freed the tit from the bra cup and started kissing it, tickling it with my tongue and sucking on the hard nipple. Soon the driver’s voice interrupted us:

- “We’ve arrived to the destination point, lovers!”

I got so pissed off at him for interrupting that cuddling. I was thinking to myself why did we arrive so soon? I wanted it to go on and on and on… Samantha had that magnetizing smile when I helped her to get out from the taxi… She stopped for a second but than started walking towards the door. She looked unconfident… That made me scream:

- “Mrs. Parker! Samantha!!! Hold on. Wait! May I talk to you?”

I wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do, because I thought her family was at home that would be a stupid thing to do. But I didn’t want to leave it that way. She didn’t even turn around to my words. I dropped the money to the taxi driver and ran after her.

Right by the door I jumped on her like a wild animal. I pushed her against the wall and kissed her lips, licked her cheeks, rubbed my face against her neck and forced my tongue inside her mouth. She sucked on it… and pulled out her tongue for me. Her hands went up to my neck and she relaxed. I met no resistance…

All of a sudden she pushed me away and said:

- “You are crazy! Stop it! What are we doing right on my porch?! Neighbors might see us! Come on in…for a drink…”

I was like “wow”!!! That is it! But perhaps she wanted me to have a drink with her and go. She looked like she wanted me to leave her alone! Samantha liked to control everything as far as I know and even now she wanted to take control of the situation. So, to find out what was her plan I said:

- “You know, Mrs. Parker, I better get going… It’s late and your family is not going to like that! If you know what I mean…I’m afraid it ….”

She laughed and said:

- “Come on in, you silly boy! There’s no one at the house except us. Everyone is gone to the ski resort; otherwise I wouldn’t offer you to come in.”

My hint worked out! And as soon as we stepped inside I grabbed her and showered her with kisses. She was smiling…I was taking her clothes off. Until she said:

- “Stop, please stop…let’s get a drink. I am thirsty. What do you think about champagne?”

We went to the guestroom and she gave me a bottle to open. We drank some. The lights were nice and gloomy… the room was all in the blue lights… I made a sip of champagne, came closer to her and kissed her lips. I poured it inside her mouth. We started kissing and taking off each others’ clothes.

In a moment I felt her hand on my penis. She gently rubbed it and her hand went up and down. I was looking in her eyes and was touching her pussy. She was dry in there and I decided to fix it. I had to take it slow…

Samantha’s breasts filled up with desire…sure it wasn’t as breasts of a young woman but it still had that charming attraction.
Those big brown nipples were sticking out to the sides and were calling me. Her soft tongue and big lips were all over my neck. I fell for her tits and kept on working on her pussy. I tickled and licked her nipples while my hand was raging by her flesh spot. I would softly press her clitoris, than my fingers would go inside her fourchette. But I couldn’t go in any further so I spitted on my fingers and rubbed my hand on her nympha.

She moaned and smiled in pleasure. It became wet between her legs and my fingers easily went in. She took a deep and languorous breath…

My thumb was lightly caressing her clit while my forefinger and ring finger were working her inside trying to go deeper and deeper.
One of her hands was pressing my head tighter to the breast that I was kissing and another hand was squeezing her nipple. She threw back her head so I had that view of bliss on her pretty face with her wet lips half open. “I wish those lips would suck on my dick…” I thought to myself while she was going up to the top of felicity.

I felt her reaching orgasm when she pulled me tighter and her hand was pushing and massaging the tit. Soon she made a loud moan and her body shivered a few times…that was it! The wave of orgasm went through her body.

She put her arms around me and her vagina muscles squeezed my hand like it didn’t want to let it go. I felt her juices flowing down my fingers. She was squirting.

In a minute or so she relaxed and stretched out on the couch. I kissed her neck and her breast and my hand caressed her belly. She was breathing deep and looked happily satisfied. I wanted to go on and as if she read my mind…she opened her eyes and slowly went down to my dick. On the way there she kissed my chest and my abs. It seemed forever…

She was touching me so softly I felt I could cum just when she would put her hand on my dick.

And so she went down to my dick. Her lips were kissing my body all around the dick. She kissed my abs, hips, and her tongue touched my balls. Than she took my dick inside her mouth all the way down to the root.

She was so gentle with my boy! The end of her tongue was licking while her lips were embracing my gun… again and again the circle of her lips went up and down. Her mouth was wet and hot I couldn’t handle myself anymore.

I was lying on my back and was ready to shoot in that gentle fondling mouth. But she made a sudden move! She took my legs and pulled them up. She opened them wide and I was in the pose of a woman giving a birth! She took my dick in her hand and started licking my anus! I never felt this way before. I was never attracted to men and it seemed a bit gay to me. It was so unusual I felt SUPER!

Her tongue was trying to sneak inside and her hand was playing with my pulsing dick… She moistured my anal hole with her spit and I felt her finger going in there! Oh, boy! This woman is fucking my ass with a finger! I would probably revolt but I was so flattered and it felt so pleasing and she did it so softly that I couldn’t resist.

And she took my dick in her mouth again! She continued playing her finger inside my ass and intensively moved up and down. Oh, that was one of a kind feeling! I‘ve never felt so good! I’ve never cum as wild! Her lips stayed still on my dick until she swallowed all of it. She licked it off as if she was calming me down. She licked it like ice-cream… I shuddered a few times and my dick got soft. She happily smiled and lied down next to me. She put her head on my shoulder and something clicked in my head!

It was that click that comes back to men after we cum. It was like recovery of insight! I looked at her and saw not that attractive business lady but an old witch! How could I go for flabby wrinkled breasts?!!! Damn! Those huge flaccid buttocks?!!! Oh, holy… her fuckin wrinkled face?!!! She was a total witch! Those cheeks that have been grown flabby, that double chin, those brown spot from the old age pigmentation all over her neck and shoulders!

The worse was down on her toes! Those terrible joints that were sticking out on the sides of the big toes! And toe-nails were in white shit from the old people’s fungus! I started feeling sick. She was stinking sweat and sperm and she was trying to kiss me! Oh, I felt awfully sick!

But I couldn’t just push her away and go. I said I needed to go to the bathroom and got up. I rabidly washed myself out trying to wash away all of Samantha from my skin. My consciousness was torturing me! My integrity was saying “but you felt so good with her!” I was answering myself “What could I do? I was so drunk! I don’t want to go back to her! I don’t want to lie down next to her. I don’t want her to touch me!” I think a lot of men felt that way at least ones in their life.

I was almost puking from the thought of what happened. “She’s so ugly! What is going to happen now? How will I continue working in the same office with her?”

When I got out from the bathroom I saw her standing in the kitchen. She was wearing rob and was smocking a cigarette with her head down. I came in to the kitchen. She looked at me so sad and said:

- “You can leave right away, if you want. Or you can sleep upstairs in the empty room. Whatever you want.”

I left right away. I felt myself a complete shit. I still feel this way sometimes. We still work in the same office and have to see each other almost everyday. It’s weird she seems attractive again, but the memories of that night make me throw those thoughts away, far away.

It’s difficult for me to imagine what she thinks about me, but I feel myself a complete asshole!

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3 Responses to “Mrs. Parker or simply Samantha”

  1. Alan Says:

    Beggars can’t be choosers

    Loser’s weeper’s

    You really made her day

    Pity that you are such a shit

  2. dj hot Says:

    i feel that a guy in the story is really a bullshit. And whoever does so. He felt so happy with her and then when he saw her aged skin he got away.. is it the skin that makes a man loose his urge for sex? i hate such people.

  3. da silva Says:


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