Lustful Doctor

April 22nd, 2008

A hot and lustful doctor is in her office alone, she is visited by a patient and she decides to have some fun with the young guy….

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

Lauren was sitting alone in her office, there have been no patients since morning and she could completely indulge in her thoughts, she’s been having problems in her family life and her husband was abusing her, instead of romantic dinners under candle light he was missing away with his friends, hitting the local bars, coming home late and drunk. Lauren wanted love, just like any other woman of her age, she was about thirty and her sexual desires were starting to unfold, she wanted sex, she wanted to feel her husband’s dick in her mouth, she wanted to feel it in her pussy, but whenever he came home late from the bar, he would go straight to bed and in a few minutes she could hear him snoring. She understood that he was no longer interested in her and she was a young, hot brunette and she failed to understand why she wasn’t appealing to her husband anymore.

Suddenly she heard a humble knock on the door and in came a really shy guy, he was short and wearing glasses. He was real computer nerd who probably spend most of his time sitting in front of the computer. Lauren looked at him and made a gesture for him to take a seat.

“Hi, my name is Melvin”, the stranger introduced himself.

“So, what are your complaints”, Lauren said and looked at the nerd again.

“I’ve been having headaches recently and I don’t know what the problem could be”, Melvin said and looked at Lauren with hope in her eyes.

Lauren looked at Melvin again and understood what the matter was, he was trapped inside his apartment spending days and nights in front of the computer screen, he didn’t have enough fresh air and sex was just out of the question. Lauren decided to have some fun with that guy.

“So, lie down and I’ll check your pulse”, and he lay on the couch in the doctor’s office. Lauren came up to him and gently took his hand in hers. “You’re so tense and I think you should relax a bit, let’s try a small therapy”. Lauren said and started rubbing her hand over his body.

Melvin closed his eyes and started breathing heavily. Lauren brought her hand closer to his groin and started rubbing over it, soon she felt a bulge in his pants.

“But what are you doing?”, Melvin asked Lauren in a low voice.

“Don’t you like my therapy? If you do then just lay still and let me finish it”. Lauren said in a sweet voice and kept rubbing all over his bulge. In a minute Lauren unzipped his fly and let his cock free, she started running her palm all over it and soon she felt it was ready to explode. She leaned down and took it in her mouth. She was really longing for a hard cock and she didn’t care whose cock it was since her husband was abusing her. Once Melvin’s cock got into her mouth she started sucking on it lustfully trying to squeeze it and make Melvin hotter and hotter. She took it out of her mouth and looked at it, a hard dick was facing her, she spat on it and took it into her mouth again and started running her tongue all over it. Melvin was moaning and his glasses fell from his eyes, he didn’t care, all he wanted was to food that hot doctor with his semen but she didn’t let him do it.

“So, now it’s time for you to try that therapy on me”, Lauren said and lay on the table, she spread her legs wide and opened her pussy.

“Don’t you want to try my pussy? Come on, let your tongue play with it”, she nearly moaned inviting Melvin to action.

Melvin didn’t need to be asked twice, he came up to her and got on his knees, he wasn’t an experienced fucker and Lauren could see this, but that time she needed a cock and she didn’t care who it belonged to.

Meanwhile Melvin brought his time to Lauren’s pussy and started licking it as if he was licking an ice-cream, he was running all over it, Lauren spread her pussy lips with her fingers and Melvin penetrated her with his tongue, Lauren moaned and Melvin started making the upwards movements with his tongue imitating a tiny cock. In a few minutes Melvin took his tongue out and Lauren took him by the head and directed him to her clit. Melvin understood what she wanted and started licking her clit furiously making Lauren moan more and more lustfully, his mouth was all wet with her love juices, but he went deeper and deeper into her pussy as if trying to consume all of her sweet vagina. Lauren took Melvin by the head again and pushed him down to her clit as if wanting him to eat it completely. It all lasted for several minutes until Lauren understood that she wanted more. She made a gesture for Melvin to stop and invited him to lie on the table.

Lauren positioned herself on top of Melvin and started slowly impaling on his dick, her pussy was all wet and his dick was easily sliding in there, when she felt that his dick was completely in she started going up and down, riding it, she bent forward a bit to make his dick rub the upper walls of her vagina and started riding it real fast. She has been wanting a dick for too long and now her dream came true, she had a hard dick in her pussy and she could do whatever she wanted with it, she was like a wild cowboy riding a wild horse, her hair was spread all over her face but Lauren never stopped, she was going up and down the dick brining herself closer to an orgasm. She bent forward again and Melvin’s dick was now rubbing intensely the upper walls of Lauren’s pussy. Suddenly Lauren felt her pussy muscles started shrinking informing her of an upcoming orgasm. She got really mad and started screaming trying to impale herself deeper and deeper onto his cock. She was cumming for over a minute and her orgasm was wild and intense. She’s forgotten when it was last she could have an orgasm. When it all stopped she slowly got off his dick and kneeled down.

“Now, cover me with your cum, I wanna taste it”, she said in a lustful voice.

Melvin came up to Lauren and started jerking his dick, it took him less than three seconds and his dick started shooting streams of sperm that were landing all over Lauren’s face, She opened her mouth wide trying to get as much as possible on her tongue. Melvin was flooding Lauren’s face and mouth and when he was done, Lauren crawled to him and took his dick in her mouth, she started licking the remaining drops off his dick.

When she licked it clean she smiled and the sperm was shining on her face, the day went fine and she could forget about her husband for a while and she would sure make Melvin sign for a repeated visit.

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  1. hotmania Says:

    sexy story

  2. resep masakan nusantara Says:

    its hot too hot

  3. ragam resep masakan Says:

    very good story

  4. kumpulan resep masakan Says:

    make me horny

  5. contoh surat lamaran Says:

    i love this

  6. aneka resep masakan Says:

    the story is hot

  7. aneka resep masakan Says:


  8. gilly Says:

    i love girl point of views!

  9. jo Says:

    really a tasteful incident.
    It is purely a hungry. Definitely one has to fulfill the hungry whenever one has, wherever it is with the consent of the other sex.

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