Lady boss

November 8th, 2007

A lot of employees fall in love with their bosses but only a few get something good out of it, read about this guy’s story and see if you like it.

He was trying to catch her eyes, her was devouring her every word. When she was in her office with glass doors, he usually sat in front of her door, looking over some papers, or simply playing with a pencil. She accepted his timid attentions. Now and then he helped her with the work, or gave her a ride home, or opened the door before her and gave her his umbrella when it was raining.
It flattered her to be the gal of his dreams. She was older than he, anyway. Sometimes she didn’t really feel comfortable when his young wife came over to face his indifferent look. The girl was crying in the corner after such visits, she was trying to console her. The poor thing didn’t realize that SHE was the reason of his indifference to his wife. When the girl got it, it was already too late…

He divorced. He was persistent courting his lady boss. She was a pretty lavish woman. One couldn’t say her age when looking at her. It was obvious, she was the queen. She had gorgeous chestnut-colored hair, bright blue eyes with long black lashes, and plump red lips. Her body was still slender and graceful. She was addicted to tanning salons, Jacuzzi and massages, so she looked pretty good. Men were ready to give their life for her when they saw her slender leg stepping on the pavement from her posh car. Nevertheless, she was single. She never married again when her husband died. He was a handsome gorgeous man. There were many guys who wanted to be with her, but as soon as she rejected their attempts to charm her, they gave up and left.
She smiled, patting him on the head. She was amazed at his boldness and impudence. He was just a usual manager. She told him she couldn’t go out with him, unfortunately not, thank you.

She saw him with a bunch of flowers next day. That huge wonderful bunch looked ridiculous against his old jacket and the naïve look. She didn’t even try to look surprised. The thing that really surprised her was his proposal to marry him. It wasn’t funny anymore. She was confused, but anyway she said “no”.

She couldn’t fall asleep that night. She was thinking about him. Oh God, she hadn’t had sex for so long. That young guy was her lover in her dreams. He threw her on the couch and pressed his lips against hers… She suddenly felt a desperate desire to have a man by her side, to be able to press herself against his strong chest, to feel his caress and hard cock. Her hand slipped down under her silk panties and found her wet love button. It was her usual fun when she had insomnia. She even persuaded herself she didn’t need a man, having her frisky fingers. She felt her cheeks blushing, her nipples get harder… She felt so lonely, so unhappy… Tears were flowing down her cheeks, she cupped her knees with her hands, sobbing.

Next day she agreed to go with him to the movie. She didn’t choose going to a restaurant with him, she decided it would be too expensive for him. When they were standing at her house after the movie, he took her hand in his hands and started playing with her fingers. He was blushing, he couldn’t say even a single word, he was only looking at her with incredible tenderness and care. Their lips met, they were kissing each other. She couldn’t even imagine his lips would be so luring. It was a long sweet kiss. Her head was dizzy, she yielded to the temptation to feel his young strong body next to hers. She wanted him, she wanted to feel his caress and love.

She didn’t sleep that night. Her imagination never stopped creating more and more pervert images. She imagined them in her Jacuzzi, he was kissing her legs, and caressing her firm boobs in the warm water…

They were dating for long. They didn’t feel the difference in age and social status. But she couldn’t help wondering how come she let him get so close, get close to her, to the queen. But she forgot all her troubles and doubts when feeling his soft lips and his tongue in her mouth. Then he invited her to his place. She was obviously shocked when she saw his old house. She made herself get up the stairs and open the door. It smelled of food. She saw a big table and his family at it. They’d never had such a VIP guest before. She sat down by the blushing lover. When the dinner was over, they were left alone. She’d been dreaming of that moment for nights, but she was so embarrassed, so shy and indecisive. She stood up from the chair and lit a cigarette.
He showed her to her room. He was looking at her face inquiringly. He made her bed. His dream was about to come true. But he was scared. He was scared to offer her that what he’d been longing to say for so long. He was trying not to think of that moment he would offer her help to dress off, or of the moment he would be hugging her, pulling off her snow-white blouse. He went out of the room. When he returned he saw her with that same damn cigarette in her hands. He came up to her and put it out. He took her by the shoulders. Her face was resting on his chest; she felt his hips were wrapped up in a towel. She hugged him close, cupping her hands round his waist. She didn’t wanna go to that bed, she was blaming herself for getting so far with that flirt. He knelt down and took off her shoes. He was kissing every inch of her body, dressing her off.

He took her in his arms and put her on the bed. She was obedient to his caress. She moved her hips apart and felt his hard dick in her pussy. He was so careful, making her feel really good. The long forgotten sensation made her arch her back and moan. She closed her eyes. He was pinching her nipples, kissing and biting her beautiful neck. He was ramming her, getting deeper and deeper in her flesh. He was enjoying ever moment of the sex. She was filled with incredible sensations, she couldn’t help moaning. She was cumming. She was crying, moaning, trembling with pleasure. She lost the sense of reality. It was sheer bliss. She felt his gentle touch, his kisses on her body. She fell asleep, smiling.

She woke up early in the morning. She dressed up and told him good bye, saying it was their last date.

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  5. BIGVAN17 Says:

    ‘Lady Boss’ was HOTTT!!! Give us more ‘On-the-job’ genre stories: your style is hot & Sexy!!!
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