High-profile guest

June 24th, 2008

A high-profile guest is staying at the hotel. The manager and the receptionist have to try hard to please him…

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

Daisy walked in the hotel and walked towards the reception desk. That was her workplace. She had been working in a hotel for over three years now, her duties included assigning rooms, giving the keys and processing the guest’s documents.

When she approached her desk, she saw Mr. Richards standing there, waiting for her. There was definitely something he wanted to tell her, why would he be waiting for a receptionist otherwise?

“Hi, Daisy, we’ve got a high-profile guest visiting us today, I want you to be really kind to him”, Mr. Richards began his talk.

Daisy was right, Mr. Richards was waiting for her to say this. And probably that guest was really important for him.

“Ok, I’ll do everything to please him”, Daisy said and smiled.

“You know, it’s kind of a low season now and we have our hotel half-empty, we really need more people to check in”, Mr. Richards continued.

“Oh, yeah, I know that”, Daisy said.

“The guest that will arrive in the afternoon is planning to hold a big conference in our city and there will be around three hundred visitors, if he likes the hotel, they will all check in here”, Mr. Richards said.

“Can you imagine three hundred people staying at the hotel for more than a week? We can survive the low season and earn a lot of money”, Mr. Richards continued but it seemed that he was talking to himself.

He left Daisy at the counter and hurried to the elevator. He probably wanted to check on the suit himself. He needed to make sure everything would be spick and span when the guest arrives.

Around three hours passed when the high-profile guest finally arrived. He was a man of thirty, medium-height, with crew-cut black hair. He was wearing a suit and a tie and one couldn’t even imagine him wearing something casual so important he looked.

Mr. Richards himself hurried to greet the important guest. He exchanged several phrases with him and glanced at Daisy.

“Daisy, go and show the room to our honorable guest”.

“Let’s walk sir”, Daisy said and they walked towards the elevator. Up they went to one of the highest floors where the most expensive and luxurious suits were located.

“Your room number is 777, lucky number and only the most valued guests get to stay here”, Daisy said as she was opening the door.

She entered the room and started saying the routine phrases like: bathroom is here, the hall is there, the fridge is full and whenever you need something just pick up the phone and call the room service, and bla, bla, bla.

It seemed that he wasn’t listening to her. “Where’s the bedroom”, He said and smiled ironically.

“Mm”, Daisy seemed a bit confused, “let me show you, right this way”, she opened the bedroom and felt that he pushed her there, she made a step and sat on the bed.

“Well, I like this bed and now why don’t you show me how well are honorable guests treated in the hotel”, his smile got even more iconic.

“What do you mean? I don’t seem to understand you”, Daisy said and she was sincere.

“Let me get this straight, my company is going to hold a conference and we’re now choosing a hotel to accommodate our guests in, I am the one to select it, so if I walk away now and tell your boss that you’ve been rude to me, you’re going to have real problems, do you want that?”, The high-profile guest said and looked at Daisy.

“Well, what do you want me to do then”, Daisy asked and started to understand what that guest really wanted from her.

“I want you to be really kind to me”, He said and made a step towards Daisy. He took her hand in his and placed it on the bulge on his pants. Daisy understood what she was expected to do and started rubbing it. In no time the bulge got bigger and Daisy unzipped the pants and let out the cock. It was big, covered with thick veins and the precum was glistening on its head. Daisy licked the precum off the head and no sooner had she done it than more appeared.

“Oh, yeah”, The guest moaned and placed his hand on Daisy’s backhead, he then started impaling her on his cock, Daisy understood what he wanted from her and started taking his cock as deep as she could into her mouth. His cock was really big and she couldn’t take it all the way to her mouth, when she got it real deep, her saliva was running all over it, covering his balls and his legs.

“Yeah, babe, suck it, suck well”, He closed his eyes and took Daisy by the head with his two hands, he was now fucking Daisy’s mouth making the upward movements with his buttocks trying to drive his cock deeper and deeper, Daisy was just still with her mouth wide open, when she felt that his cock pushed against her throat she gagged and produced more saliva.

Ten minutes passed when the guest finally got enough of Daisy’s mouth. He took his cock out of Daisy’s pussy and she immediately stood up, he turned her around and bent her, Daisy leaned on the bed and the guest positioned himself behind her.

When he ran his palm over her pussy, he felt that it was all wet, “Wow, you’re leaking bitch”.

He was right, Daisy’s pussy was really wet and leaking, the blowjob got her turned on and she was now dreaming about a fat cock ramming her pussy.

In one mighty thrust the guest penetrated her, Daisy arched her back and moaned. She felt the cock ramming her pussy and she was standing with her legs half-bent and her eyes closed begging for more.

Then she got bolder and pushed the guest on the bed, she mounted his cock and started riding it like a wild cowgirl, she chose the right angle so that his cock would be rubbing the right spots of her vagina. She was riding his cock but she wanted more than that now. She desperately needed to cum, to reach the orgasm she placed her finger on her clit and started rubbing all over it, meanwhile she never stopped riding the big shaft of the guest, In about a few minutes Daisy’s efforts finally paid off and her vagina muscles started shrinking, he screamed and started riding his shaft even faster, losing herself in the waves of an intense orgasm. Her pussy was contracting and Daisy was lost for the world, she wanted more and more of that cock and she kept riding it until she got everything.

“So, you’ve had fun and now it’s my turn”, The guest said and kneeled before Daisy, she was lying on the bed with her eyes closed.

“Open your mouth, bitch”, He said and started jerking his cock.

Daisy didn’t need to be asked twice, she opened her mouth and felt hot gobs of sperm covering all over her face and filling her mouth. She had to swallow several times and when the guest finally came, she took his cock and started rubbing it all over her lips. Her face was all covered in his cum. She didn’t stop stroking his cock until it completely lost its hardness.

Then she stood up and went to the bathroom, she washed her face and came back. The guest was lying in bed.

“So, I think we’ll stay at the hotel and be ready to come and service me every night, but be sure I’m going to leave you a large tip”, he said that and reached for his wallet, he took three hundred dollar bills out of it and put it on the bedside table next to Daisy. “Take it, you earned it”.

“Thank you sir”, She smiled and took the money. She left the room and headed to the desk. She worked in hospitality business and she had to be really hospitable.

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