Fixing a printer

April 23rd, 2008

A pretty girl asks her co-worker to fix her printer, he comes for help but he also decides to fix her wet pussy that is longing for a fat cock…

I’m Alex. And I’m now working in a web design studio, as a chief designer. You know, Adobe programs are my best friends, coz when I’m sitting in front of a computer doing my fav job, I’m totally absorbed in work and nothing can disturb me. I said nothing? Except one thing! This thing had been materialized in female formsJ. I see you don’t understand what I mean, so read this. Let me start from explaining the girl I work with. She is amazing and sexy; she is being so every day. This girl is a brunette; she has a great ass which I would watch all work day, perfect breasts that I would squeeze for hours :). Don’t think I’m a pervert, but this chick has been graced by a wonderful shaped body and I know everyone would be happy to have sex with her.

So she is our office manager and sometimes she helps me with sending correspondence to our customers. Once a day when she asked me to help her with printer that wouldn’t work. So I came up into her office: there she was bending over showing her G-string partially sticking out. I could not help myself –I just went up behind her and said: “Hey, girl. You have so amazing body!” I then put one of my fingers between her legs and slid it all the way around back up to her ass. I told her I wanted to fuck her, she just turned looked over her shoulder and gave a sexy wink. So I had been watching her walk around all day, I got really horny time after time. Every time she would walk next to me, wiggling her hips and turning her ass to me, 2 or times she would approach close to me and rub her ass up against my cock. So finally I left my room and made my way out to the corridor. So I went to the closet room (a very private room that most worker changed into a clothing space, sort of cloakroom). She followed right after me: I didn’t even have to signal to her. She rushed in while I was looking around outside the door, I shut the door. When I turned around she had already removed her top standing in her black bra. I told her I was gonna fuck her brains out, as she had never been screwed before. I walked over and put my hands onto her breasts, I couldn’t help myself: I pulled her bra down a bit and started biting and sucking her nipples. I could hear her soft moans and could tell she was aching for more.

There was a desk near the wall, so I pulled her pants off admiring the view of her round ass cheeks in G strings. Then I picked her up and put her on top of the desk, next I started eating out her already wet pussy. When I was nursing her hot wet cunt she took off her bra and started playing with her nipples. I finally stopped licking her pussy, took off my pants and my hard 9 inch cock sprang out of my trunks, she opened her eyes in amazement and exclaimed: “I had no idea you are so big there!” I didn’t say a word, just took off my shirt and trunks, and told her she was gonna have it deep inside her. She started playing with it at first, so I told her to suck it off so that I would slide it smoothly inside of her. When I said this she got on her knees and began giving me head. I could feel the head of my cock reaching the back of her throat when she was gagging. Finally she gave me last mouthful of saliva, moistened my hard cock and told me she was ready. I started very slowly, inserting my way in, now I was all the way inside her hot wet juicy pussy. She said it felt so good and so much bigger than any other man she had ever been fucked, it made me feel hornier, I started pumping faster. I pressed her right to the desk and wouldn’t stop pumping her. I told her I had to fuck that sweet ass of hers, she pondered for some time and then nodded her approval saying I had to be very slow, coz it was very big. I promised her I would penetrate slowly. When I entered in, I paused so that she might feel it now. Then I began sliding into her perfect round ass, it felt as if her ass was clenching my cock and it felt so good! I wanted to cum but I had to hold back to enjoy nice anal penetration. I think this bitch knew what the hell anal fuck was, coz her ass didn’t resist my advance. I was all the way in her ass and started fucking her.

After about 5 or 6 minutes I told her I was gonna fuck her wet cunt again until I cum. She said it was OK, but she wanted me to pull out when I cum, however I said I wanted to cum right inside of her pussy, nowhere else. She soon agreed but said if she got pregnant I would have to pay her money for abortion. I started ramming her pussy and she was breathing heavy. I was just going faster and faster, her pussy walls started squeezing my cock and she told me she was cumming. I could feel it was getting so much warmer, I told her I would slow down and let her juices flow. However she didn’t like this idea, she wanted to go on and started backing her arse to me harder. I felt I was almost there. It was very close! When I moaned and uttered: “I’m gonna cum!” She replied: “Don’t stop, fill me with your hot cum”. I was cumming spurt after spurt, I could get over after some 5 spurts and it was still shooting out. When I pulled out I grabbed my cock and started pumping it at her face and her breasts. She then grabbed my rod and started sucking it dry. Finally we got dressed, I opened the door, looked out making sure nobody was outside the door. I returned to my room, she got back to her office as if nothing had happened.

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