Many things can happen to co-workers when they go on a business trip together, they get far away from the workplace and can try to get rid of the stereotypes…

Corporate chat history:

Claudia “Hi! I haven’t had enough sleep today. I’m SOO sleepy!!!”

Neil “Good morning! Shall I come to say ‘Sleep well’ to you?”

Claudia “There are too many people in the office…”

Neil “What a pity!!! I wanna help you fall asleep…” *Kissed*

We again met in the corridor. It wasn’t intentional. Claudia waved her hand at me when we were still far from each other. I waved back.

She is an energetic girl. I like her smell. We stopped to have a short talk. I came up to her much closer than a colleague is allowed. I smelled the odor of her body again. It’s so nice… I wanted to take her in my arms, press to her, kiss her lips, smell her…

Claudia looked at me and approached even closer. It was quite clear we liked each other. We both knew what might happen if we were alone somewhere. The thought of this kind drove me absolutely mad…

It could have happened long ago. The problem is not in my shyness or something like that. Thanks God I can feel when a woman likes and wants me. The problem is in our world full of various conventionalities. I’m married. Claudia isn’t married yet but she has a steady boyfriend. So, for a couple of years we have been living this way…

I noticed my boss was going in our direction. We had to part. We waved our hands to each other and moved to separate departments. I looked at her butt and slender legs…

It was time to start working. Computer, papers, tables… The boss came up to my desk and put a letter that had been sent by someone from our company headquarter. It was an invitation to a study course. Wonderful!!!

A few days away from routine work… I wonder why some people dislike such business trips. I started thinking what I might need and who refer my work tasks to. Ok, the trip would begin next week. What I was to do until that time? This folder I had to give this man and those files – that woman… What the weather was going to be like? Ok, a miracle of computer technologies – the Internet – show me the weather for the next week! No, I couldn’t believe that – it was going to be sunny and warm!!! I am going to a resort!!!

On Monday the next week I was rushing to the bus. I had a bag in one hand and an umbrella in another one. The forecast had been wrong. I was wet through and just a half-way to the bus station. What resort it was going to be…

The bottom part of my trousers got wet and stuck to my feet – terrible sensation. The wind was blowing and trying to snatch the umbrella from me.

“I’ve got to get to the station as soon as possible! And what shall I do with the wet bag? If I put it on my lap I’ll get even more soaked. But if I put it on the floor all the dirt will stick to it. I can’t check it in my luggage as I had some important thing to keep there.”
I came up to the station being wet, cold and angry. I thought of one thing I wanted very much now that would make me feel much better in these circumstances.

“If it comes true I’ll put up with rain, dirt and everything suchlike. I don’t want resort this week, I want Claudia here with me.”

And then it happened. A miracle…

“Claudia!!!” I cried out when saw her buying a ticket.

She turned back looking for me in the station and when saw me she smiled. I ran up to her and opened my mouth but didn’t know what to say – so glad I was!

- Are you invited for a study too? – She asked being surprised to see me there.

- Yeah!!! – I was really happy.

“Yes, yes, yes!!! – I was shouting in my mind – thank you, Lord!!!”

While going in the bus we touched each other’s knees. I can remember nothing more. We talked about something and looked into each other’s eyes. Claudia’s guarded look told me she was afraid of what could happen between us… When you meet each other at work and dream about intimacy it’s quite Ok, but when you are close to that it may be a bit scary. As for me – I made up my mind already and my thoughts were very prosaic: “Will I have an opportunity to buy any condoms?” I didn’t know the city and was going to walk with a nice girl. I couldn’t tell her: “Wait for me here I need to buy something in the drugstore”. She would understand everything and it would look really bad.

We arrived at the hotel and unpacked bags. I looked out of the window in search of some drugstore but could see nothing. The weather was fine now. No wind, no rain. Lots of people were walking slowly. Many young couples, obviously in love, were strolling in the square. Some of them were embracing each other, others holding hands… Some young people were kissing on the benches.

We were in no hurry walking along the path. I was holding Claudia’s hand in mine.

It is not true that time passes irrevocably. I missed such walks when you’re balancing between dream and reality, when you’re unsure of what might happen in the next minute.

I could bring together all my knowledge of women’s psychology but I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to seek for necessary words, I wanted to be here, to feel shy and turn red!

We would touch each other’s shoulders occasionally. We wanted to be closer… My arm went around the girl’s waist. She pressed to me. We started talking just to hear each other.

We sat on the bench. Gardens have their own rules. If you come here you know what will happen. If you come here with a girl your lips will certainly join in the very tender kiss possible.

We were so close to each other looking into each other’s eyes until the last moment. Claudia gave a deep sigh and closed her eyes. I shuddered from delight and touched her lips… The girl moved forward. Her perfume was driving me insane. We pressed to each other and were exploring us in a new, such pleasant way.
It was getting dark and we had to return to the hotel. I hoped to continue what had started between us.

It was easy to buy condoms. We dropped at the supermarket to purchase some food. Then Claudia went out to wait for me while I was paying for our buyings. If you haven’t guessed yet there are plenty of tiny things sold at the cash desk including condoms.

My evening program included shower, dinner and sex. Very simple but so nice. On entering my room I rushed to the shower. Then being wrapped in the towel I started taking out the food we’d bought at the supermarket. I laid the table and opened the wine bottle. Unfortunately we had no glasses and would have to drink wine from coffee cups. I was ready at last.

Knock at the door… “Is it Claudia? I’m still in the towel!! It’s too early to show her my body!”

- Just a minute! I shouted and got dressed quickly.

I opened the door and said “Hi!”

We both understood it was going to happen. We dreamed about it, wanted it to happen as soon as possible but were afraid of something, felt shy…

Claudia took off her shoes and went to the table. When I saw her bare feet stepping on the carpet I decided to act. I came up to her from behind, embraced her shoulders and turned her to me. Her eyes were opened wide. I kissed her. The girl answered, moved closer to me and started stroking my back, shoulders… I touched her midriff and then moved down to her rounded butt. Squeezing them I pressed her to me very close. Claudia didn’t push me away. She pierced her nails into my back and began unbuttoning my shirt quickly.

I remember taking off the bra from my Dream girl. I saw her small breasts that looked pretty similar to flawless balls. Only young girls have such beautiful boobs. Claudia shuddered when my lips embraced her hard nipples. Her body was very responsive to my caress. She was excited and was getting more and more aroused every minute.

She felt a bit shy when I made an attempt to pull her panties down. But when I touched her feet with my lips she surrounded and started enjoying the process. I was in no hurry exploring her slender legs and moving to the most secret spot between her thighs. Claudia gave a deep sigh when I kissed her vulva lips through the panties. One more kiss and my lips began fondling her nether lips tenderly. At the same time my hands were pulling flimsy fabric of her thongs down.

At last we were really together! I felt Claudia’s legs pressing to my hips. I was stroking her arms. We were closer and closer to each other. I touched her breast, gave her French kisses… When we were so close we felt nothing could separate us. We were nude and ready for the main thing…

I penetrated her pussy slowly, just a little… only my head entered. Claudia was too narrow for me and I had to be very careful. I shut my eyes from pleasure and started swaying a bit forward and back to feel her woman’s warmth better. We had to get used to each other, to get ready…

Suddenly the girl, who I had seen only in office wear and used to enjoy the view of her lacy stockings and glossy shoes, embraced me below the waist slightly touching my buttocks. It was a sign! I moved deeper and a wave of enjoyment consumed me. She bent allowing me deeper into her vagina and closed her eyes from new feeling. We lay still for a few seconds. We did what we had been dreaming about…

I started moving. We chose the rhythm and depth we both liked. I was happy – an incredibly beautiful girl was now with me. I could kiss, hug her, even move my cock inside her. I was stroking Claudia’s legs, pressing them to me, being unable to believe it was true. She used to be my pretty colleague and now her body was close to mine, her thighs were widely open and my phallus was working in her passage. This intimacy was long-waited and exciting so much! Oooh! I shot my semen into her in huge spurts and hunched as deep as it was possible. My orgasm was very strong… I sighed and stopped still, feeling exhausted.

Only several minutes later I realized I was too fast to ejaculate. Claudia was silent and smiling but the smile seemed to be fake. I had been too turned on and didn’t wait for my partner’s climax.

“It’s not a problem! I’m not an animal to leave it as it is. Claudia, babe, you’ll get what you want, be sure!”

I smelled the odor of her hair, kissed her ear and touched the neck, then slowly moved to the nipples.

“No, stop it!” I heard when kissed the bottom of her belly for the first time.

I said nothing and continued the caress. I pressed my cheek to her pubis and soon her nice vulva lips spread for my insatiable tongue. The girl moaned. I went deep inside her vagina, kissed the lips, fondled her clit… I felt she was trembling. I was passionate taking much of her flesh into my mouth, plunging my tongue into her, and then I was tender slightly touching her nub and covering my girl’s pussy.
Claudia squeezed my head with her legs – she was near her climax. A few more touches, deep kiss on her opening and it happened! She was coming tumultuously, all her body spasming, wave after wave it consumed her. I crept to kiss her lips and she pressed to me tightly enjoying our closeness.

Then we ate everything I had put on the table, so hungry we were. We were lying and kissing, drinking wine. I noticed that when my goddess was returning to me with a portion of meals in her hands she looked at my cock. She gave a glance and then removed her eyes, then again – as if she felt shy. I recalled her refusing oral caress. Can she be with so many hang-ups? It would be interesting to open this new wonderful world for her. I wasn’t thinking about dissoluteness, it was about real life with all its pleasures. Woman’s body as a whole is an erogenic zone that should be used and stimulated so that the woman could enjoy herself. Claudia was shy and obviously considered that some parts of human body should be hidden. I wanted to demonstrate her that she was gorgeous all over.

I was lying and reflecting about that when the girl pressed to me and touched my penis with her leg as if occasionally. We kissed, hugged and soon my cock was getting rigid again pressing to her legs tighter.

“I’d like to see her in the shower and soap her fabulous body!” I thought.

At the next moment my partner pressed to my cock and it was evident she was enjoying being close to it. She lowered herself on it…

The next day was not so successful in terms of study. We both couldn’t do well being so close to each other. When you know she is thinking about taking everything off and making love non-stop it’s impossible to think about anything else. I knew she wanted to allow me to enjoy her body, to tremble from each my motion… I told her about my idea to take a shower together and she gave her consent with no hesitation.

When the classes were over the organizers of our trip decided to show us around the city. Of course they didn’t know that the city was not interesting for us at all as we knew what would be much more enjoyable for us…

Soon the day was over and we could return to the hotel. I knocked at my girl’s door. Claudia opened it and I lost the power of speech. She was wearing a bright gown with some Japanese pattern. I saw her nice little breasts in the décolleté, bare feet, unbound hair – I didn’t know the goddess lived in this room. Could I, an ordinary mortal, touch her?

The goddess made a step forward and embraced me. When we kissed I understood we wouldn’t stop… Her gown fell on the floor. On the way to the bathroom I dropped my clothes either. We were standing under the shower and Claudia was looking into my eyes like a girl who was in love.

Warm water made our skin sparkling. My palms were sliding over her body, touched her shoulders, returned to the face, neck, approached to the breasts with erected nipples… Claudia opened her mouth and our lips joined in a tender kiss.

Soon we lay into the bath. It was not comfortable for two and I had to put my partner on her back, raise and part her legs. The girl felt embarrassed as she hadn’t expected she could be in such a position before me when the lights were on. But it was late to change anything and I took the initiative. I used my both hands. I squirted some gel onto my palms and started covering her body, very tenderly, with soapy foam.

I explored each toe and finger on her hands and feet, every curve of her body. Then I caressed her neck and moved slowly from the shoulders to her bust. My soapy palms slid easily over Claudia’s breasts. Stiff nipples were playing with my digits being captured or released again. The girl was smiling voluptuously trying to soap my shoulders and arms.

Her neat belly was soon also soapy and my palm slid confidently to her pubis. I added some foam and was making the circles around her clit narrower and narrower. But when the girl closed her eyes getting ready for the main pleasure I moved to another place – the opening of her vagina.

I spread the tiny folders and my fingers rushed inside. At that moment Claudia opened her eyes sharply but the wave of pleasure made her close them again. The girl’s body was bending and twitching in my hands. Claudia was moaning trying to press me to her and push my digits deeper into her. But I kept the control either touching her clit tenderly or sharply hunching inside her body.

At one of those incredible moments I raised the girl’s pelvis higher to have her pussy right in front of my face. If I hadn’t prepared her before she would refuse to be in this position. But she was too aroused and let me do whatever I wanted with her.

I made one more surprise for her – my fingers went lower, touched her crotch and started circling around her anus ring. A couple of touches to her clit and this barrier was ruined either. The girl stopped resisting and allowed me to explore her last secret spot. I knew it was very responsive and could bring so much pleasure to my lady…

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