April 28th, 2008

The circumstances can make you do things you would never have done, but sometimes you just can’t control the situation and the one who controls it, controls all of you. It’s even more terrifying if he is your boss…

It wasn’t her day. Heidi went out on the street and broke her heel. She made her way through crowds of people in the subway and when finally got to the office she had to go through another nightmare because her boss was displeased with her being late:

“You’re late AGAIN! Ms. Roberts can I see you in my office at 5 pm?”

It was surely not the first time Heidi got late to work. It was the most terrible day for her. She was so nervous thinking boss could fire her. She knocked on her boss’s door at 5. She peeked in. Boss was talking on the phone. He was looking really gloomy.

“Just a moment.” Mr. Griffin said pointing at a small couch at the farthest corner of the room. Heidi sat down on the couch waiting for him to tell her off. In several minutes boss dropped the phone and looked at Heidi closely.

“So, Ms. Roberts…”

“I’m very sorry, Mr. Griffin. I can promise it will never happen again…”

“Enough! I’ve heard it a thousand times before.” Boss came up to her and put his hand on her knee. Heidi shuddered. “You’ll have to work it out.”


“Enough.” Mr. Griffin unzipped his fly and took out his cock. “Suck it!”

Heidi finally realized apologies wouldn’t work this time. She opened up her mouth and sucked on her boss’s penis.

“Good job.” Mr. Griffin patted her hair.

Heidi started licking the dickhead leaving lipstick tracks on the stem. Then she sucked the cock deep, caressing boss’s balls simultaneously. She looked up at her boss and saw him smile.

“Go bitch!” Mr. Griffin pushed his pelvis frontward making Heidi choke on the dick in her throat. Saliva was streaming down the stem. She jerked her head and immediately got a slap on her cheek.

“Don’t do it bitch!”

Heidi licked his cock again. He was about to ejaculate. Trying to please her boss the girl was caressing the dickhead with her tongue. A white gooey cumload hit her throat in several seconds. There was a lot of sperm and she couldn’t drink everything. White streams were flowing on her chin and her white blouse. Mr. Griffin wiped his phallus on her hair.

“Like your new job? You’ll have a lot of it now. See you after hours tomorrow.”

Heidi went to the loo to wash her face and her hair. She burst in tears, she felt humiliated but knew it was her only way not to lose her job.

On waking up next morning Heidi decided to quit. It was the best decision, the most reasonable and appropriate one. She looked out of the window, the weather was fine, it made her even more annoyed. Heidi put on the best business suit she had, though it was the most boring one – a black jacket, a white turtleneck sweater, and a black skirt.

She looked at the skyscraper and thought she really didn’t wanna lose a good job there, but she’d made her mind and was ready to go till the end. No compromise. Heidi went straight to the boss’s office.

“I quit,” she said stepping in the room.

She was about to leave when she heard Mr. Griffin laugh.

“You think everything is so easy? You think you can just leave? No way. Here’s our sex tape here.” He pointed at the computer.

Heidi started though thinking he was bluffing.

“So if you don’t want your friends to see this video you’ll have to do everything I tell you,” Mr. Griffin grinned. “Go back to work now … and see you at 5.”

Heidi was completely devastated. She didn’t know what to do now. She couldn’t let her friends see THAT. There was no other way out for her but to obey. Heidi looked in the mirror and saw a pretty slender girl of 24 with dark hair and blue eyes. She took a deep breath and sat down to work but she couldn’t focus on it. She spent the whole day simply gazing at the screen.

When everyone was going home at 5 she dragged herself to boss’s office. Mr. Griffin was already waiting for her. He was sitting on that damn couch in the farthest corner of the room.

“Ah, welcome slut!” he exclaimed.

Heidi blushed, nobody had ever called her a slut before.

“Why are you wearing this crap? All right, we’ll buy you new clothes. Now dress off.”

Heidi pulled off her outfit monotonously. She had just white panties and a white bra on.

“Dress off.” Griffin repeated.

Heidi was stark naked. Boss came up to her and squeezed her petite breasts.

“Not bad.” He drawled.

His hands were roaming over the girl’s body. His hand slid between her hips and caressed her bush.

“I don’t want to feel the bush ever again. Got it?”

Soon one of his fingers got in the girl’s pussy. Heidi squeezed her muscles instinctively but Mr. Griffin spread her hips wider and started fucking her with a finger. Though Heidi was sick of her boss, her body was really sensitive to the rude caress. She was breathing heavily, her slit was wet. Mr. Griffin surely felt it too, he was pleased.
“You’re a hot bitch! I like such hot sluts.”

He pushed her on the table. She felt the cold surface of the table with her stomach. Mr. Griffin took something from the drawer and lubricated her vulva lips with it. He was rubbing the liquid in her skin. Heidi felt hot in her lower belly, her pussy was leaking. The liquid was some kind of a stimulant, she thought.

Mr. Griffin entered her bosom with his pecker. Her slit was hot and wet. Heidi couldn’t help moaning, her arousal was hard to conceal. Griffin was fucking her with deep measured thrusts. The table was wet with her juices. Heidi was breathing loudly, her boobs were rubbing against the table surface making her nipples hard and puffy.

Griffin’s thrusts became more intensive and deeper. Heidi felt his big round dickhead hit her womb, it made her so hot! She couldn’t help it… Heidi was cumming squeezing her boss’s cock with her muscles. He took his penis out of her vagina and started spurting on her lips.

Heidi was lying still. She couldn’t believe she came on her boss’s cock. She didn’t love him! How could she?

“See you liked it whore?” Griffin said pulling on his pants. “You’ll have time to enjoy my cock.”

Heidi was about to burst in tears. She wanted to go to the loo to wash but Griffin told her not to. His semen and her juices were getting dry on her hips and her pussy. Griffin had a new funny idea struck him.

“A slut must always be wet. Go to the loo and wet your panties, then get back here.”

Heidi didn’t argue.

“What are you waiting for? Put them on!” He cried out when she was back. The panties were warm and wet. “We’ll have a shopping spree tomorrow. Now go home and don’t forget to shave your twat.”

The first thing Heidi did when getting home was taking a shower to wash off all his semen. Then she started shaving her pubis and her vulva lips. Heidi got in bed. She had to admit she enjoyed that fuck and she liked to feel wet panties rub against her lips…

It was morning. Heidi went to work. It was a usual day, nothing special. She went to boss’s office when the clock struck 5. Mr. Griffin said they were going shopping. Griffin bought Heidi a very skimpy tight skirt, fishnet stockings, tiny black panties, and a light white blouse. He also bought her high boots.

They went to a sex shop then. It was awful for Heidi – Mr. Griffin bought a lot of sex toys there – a collar, dildos, a whip, a lot of lubrication tubes and other stuff.

They went to a spa, then to the hair dresser and makeup artist. Heidi had her hair highlighted. There was bright makeup on her face. After that they went to Griffin’s place.

Heidi had to put on her new outfit. She was standing in front of her boss looking like a cheap street slut. Griffin was leering at her slender body.

“Pretty slut.” He concluded. “It’s time to teach you stuff.” He pushed her head to his fly.
Heidi unzipped it and took out the cock, it was still flaccid. She sucked on it licking the big dickhead. There were lipstick tracks on the shaft so Heidi had to lick them off too. Griffin raised her skirt and slapped across her butt cheek. Heidi shrieked. The skirt was raised up to her waist, the blouse was undone, and tiny panties were pulled down to her knees.

Boss took out the stimulant tube and lubricated her lips. He was fondling her lips with the dickhead for a while and then entered her pussy rapidly. Heidi shrieked again. Her panties at her knees didn’t let her spread hips wider so Griffin was literally thrusting his way to her womb. Her vagina was very tight.

Heidi was moaning, she was ashamed of being so naughty but couldn’t help it anyway. It was so gushing wet in her pussy. Griffin turned her round never stopping stuffing her slit with his shaft. Heidi was cumming. Griffin was pinching her nipples. He took his cock out of her stretched vagina and poked it at her tight virgin asshole…

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