Business trip!

October 13th, 2007

It’s nice to go on a business trip, you can relax, see new places and have a rest from work but it’s so much better when a nice colleague is going along with you.

The story I’m gonna tell you about happened when I was working in a commercial company, dealt with building materials; and the program we were working on was not effective, so our director took a decision to get some new program. I caught on this one not only because it supposed to be much better than previous program, but also it offered a nice opportunity to move on a business trip to the St Petersburg while implementing the project. Only 2 persons out of our stuff could use this chance to get advanced training: system administrator and an accountant. Her name was Vera.

Vera was a very wonderful woman all over the world; she was my 25 years old but looked like a teen, long hair, green eyes, tender silky skin, Vera had some kind of kitty’s grace, charming smile….. She truly embodied the whole beauty of women. She was very kind and tender as well as too authoritative and cruel. She was as inaccessible as the sky, and practically adorable at the same time.

Then, this moment of our departure arrived, I was a bit nervous. We got tickets on the train; there were 2 more women in our car except me and Vera. A casual routine case! The older one looked very attractive and pretty thought she seemed to be 40 or even more. Her neighbor was as old as me. We had quite a calm trip, with no hassles or worries. Only once I managed to see with a corner of my eye her sweet rosy perky nipples under her night attire. This truly turned me on. We arrived on Sunday and it appeared we had a whole long day ahead to spend it well. We left the luggage in a cloakroom and went to see the city. We wanted to see places of interest of this Great Russian city. We found one nice hotel to stay in. The city was great and very interesting, each couple that we met looked so happy and lovely, watching them kissing and passing by nursing made me feel a bit envious, so when going back to the train to station we walked down the streets joining hands like 2 sweet lovers. It took us 4 hours to see the city, then, having taken our luggage went to the hotel where we had 2 single rooms. After making ourselves comfortable we walked back to the streets again to enjoy fresh air of Neva, walks down the quay and famous white nights. A night fell. We stuck up on drinks, hot and cold snack and strolled into her room. We prepared everything; no sooner had a minute passed as we sat very close, touching each other’s knees and shoulders from time to time. We talked sex and private topics, discussed out ex partners, friends, colleagues and neighbors. There was a convertable armchair in the middle of the room, Vera asked me to sit on, after I did she lay onto it. One more drink and I leant over her bent knees, soon I noticed she open her legs. My veins filled with blood; I realized it was time to move on. She pulled her mouth off my cock. She looked so fucking sweet, I looked up at her hairless, pink pussy and I gasped in ecstasy. There was no dark stubble from a razor; she was simply hairless, like a teen. I was amazed at the soft pink lips that approached my face. I took her pussy in my mouth and sucked, while my tongue explored her trembling flesh. I could feel it move around my tongue like a living creature. I flicked my tongue over her clit and she stiffened and moaned the first sound she had made since we started. I licked them and savored her fresh taste and aroma. Every time I licked her pussy it made me a bit hornier. I sucked savagely, making her cry out in pain. I couldn’t help it, she was driving me crazy. She had the most delicious pussy I had ever eaten. And, it was by far the most erotic. But she simply looked at me and impaled herself over my cock. She took my cock in her hand and positioned it just right, then sank down, impaling herself on my long, penis meat. I could never remember my cock being so huge than at this moment. It seemed to sink into her vagina endlessly and easily. Finally she sat with her ass pressed against mine. I could feel my entire throbbing length simply running inside her. It was glorious. It offered so much heat and wet leak. Her pussy muscles moved around my cock, squeezing it minutely as we waited. Finally, as I was about to go out of my mind, she rose up off my crotch and slid her pussy back down again. I was sure my head would explode with the terrible pleasure which waved down my body. The simple act of riding on my cock was causing me to squirm like a virgin guy who had never had sex before. The following movements of Vera were not strong or aggressive, but far harder than anything I had felt before. Her wet pussy was holding my cock in a tight grip. With a terrible pressure it rose my cock all the way up, then slid down and drained it all over again. How was she doing it? I couldn’t believe having sex with our chief accountant! She started riding faster, and then suddenly paused. She sat for a moment, looking down at me, then began turning, while still impaled by my cock.

Once Vera was facing me, but still fully impaled on my cock, she leaned forward, grabbed my ankles and began to ride more quickly. I watched her pussy stretch around my cock. It was very exciting. She began to bounce faster. I clutched Vera’s ass in a grip and held it, as she bounced on my long penis. It was a wonderful fuck. I couldn’t complain, I was getting the best fuck of my life. Why she was doing it, was her business. Vera didn’t say a word while we were having that fun. As she bounced on my cock, I noticed her tight asshole. It looked so damned inviting. I had always liked to fuck an ass, but rarely got the opportunity. She was coming. I could tell by her tension and slight moans. I grabbed Vera’s ass and put her down on top of me. Her cries increased, as did the friction on my cock. I came soon, at the same moment than she did. We both panted and withered, locked in passion. My cock spurted thick cum up into her pussy, while her pussy clenched and drained my shaft. It was so fucking wonderful. Like a distant heartbeat, her pussy clasped and unclasped my pecker, stimulating me almost painfully, as I came inside
her. Ooooo, fuck, she was good. Then I fell back and lay panting. She too pulled off me and turned to look down at me.

- I have now difficult days! We shouldn’t have done it! She smiled

- Don’t go away! I said

- I’ll be back right now!

She ran into lavatory. While she was doing her business, a feeling of flight didn’t miss me. I was flying on my skies, and these thought soon turned me back o again. my cock couldn’t get enough. When she came I thought we should go on…. We rested for a few minutes, and then she crawled closer to me and took my wilted cock into her mouth again. As she sucked quietly, I grew horny as hell knowing that she was tasting her own juices. I could see them coating my cock. She seemed to like them. I looked in her eyes, wondering if she knew what I was thinking. She would know that I adored her fantastic breasts, her tiny tight ass, and her childish pussy. But most of all she would know that I wanted to fuck her in her slender, beautiful ass more than anything. I looked in her eyes wondering if she knew what I thought.

To my amazement, Vera stood, looked down at my body, and sat with her perfect ass over my cock. She guided my penis’s head right into her asshole and sank carefully down, impaling herself. I moaned, it was so fucking sweet! Her ass was so hot and tight around me. She too seemed to be enjoying it. She cried as she began bouncing on my dick. It filled her tiny asshole tightly. Her asshole was stretched thin around my throbbing cock. I could feel the friction of her anus as it rode up and down. I noticed Vera’s fingers going down to her girlish pussy and rotating in them as she rode. I felt so incredible and awesome.

My cock in her ass made a slick, squelching wet sounds. Her ass looked beautiful and unreal as it bounced on my cock. Time seemed to stand still. A burning glow started deep inside of my loins. Suddenly I gasped and grabbed her shapely ass, driving it down on my cock. I came with a roar and uttered curses. I held Vera’s ass in a grip, while my cock emptied its load into her sweet ass. She wiggled and moaned, then fell silent, panting and limp.

When I woke up I couldn’t believe my eyes. Most wonderful and beautiful woman was lying with me, and I was dying for singing songs for her! She was sleeping like an angel, sweet, cute and amazing! She was like my dream come true. I closed my eyes and opened back again, the sight hadn’t gone, it remained by my side. I understood we would have lots of night like this one ahead, but was ignorant about how long it would last. I kissed her lips, Vera opened her eyes and smiled for me lovely….

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  1. Willson Says:

    Wow, so dirty! Instead of thinking of work this guy fucked the shit out of this babe! I guess his boss is not going to be happy about it! But I’d do the same if I were in his shoes!

  2. antony Says:

    nice ………..

  3. antony Says:


  4. Porn King Says:

    That was very good. But if I may say so myself i think that one paragraph should have been cut up into multiple paragraghs. I almost stopped reading because of that

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