Brandy and chocolate

January 1st, 2008

When two teachers stay together in college after classes, they have to find a way to entertain themselves, no students around, just the empty building and they by themselves, why not have fun?

The college was empty. Mr. Smith was going to go home. He came into administration room. He saw Valerie there. Valerie Walles taught economics. She was a cute blonde wearing her hair in a bob. She had D-cups, flexible body, and beautiful legs.

- Valerie, you’re still here? You said your husband would come over to drive you home.
- He’s out hunting. He’s having fun. I decided to stay and work some more.
- Listen, I’m not in a hurry either. I’ve got some brandy and a bar of chocolate in my office.
- Well, I don’t know…

The door flung open and they saw the night watchman, Mr. Ferguson.

- Good evening Mrs. Walles, good evening Mr. Smith. Are you gonna stay here for long? I need an hour to get back home to see if my wife is all right, she’s badly sick.

Mr. Smith nodded.

- That’s ok. We have some stuff to do here anyway. We’ll wait for you to return.

Mr. Smith closed the entrance door and went back to the administration room. On his way he came into his office and took brandy and chocolate. Valerie agreed to drink some. Her cheeks began blushing, her eyes started shining brighter. She was definitely in high spirits now.

- It’s so nice. I wish my back didn’t hurt to spoil the whole thing, – she said then.
- I can massage it.

Not waiting for her answer Mr. Smith came up to her from behind and put his hands on her small fragile shoulders.

- You’re doing great, Bob. It’s really nice.
- I used to visit special training. Would you like me to massage your body?
- It would be really great. But, Bob, don’t forget who we are and where we are.
- I promise I won’t.

She took off her blouse.

- Take off the bra too, please. It’s better without the bra.

Valerie looked at him closely, then she took off her lacy brand and lay on her belly. He was massaging her back. He was caressing the back, pinching and pulling the soft skin, slapping his palm across her rips carefully. He was surely trying hard. Seemed she liked it. She liked it a lot. He didn’t mean it but he touched her boobs.

- Be careful, Bob!

He jerked his hand off, but it was always trying to fall on her tits again. He unzipped the fly on her skirt and pulled it off a bit. He saw white lacy panties under the stockings.

- I guess that’s enough. We had a deal, remember? – Valerie noted.
- But I gotta work your lower back.

Bob touched her buttocks now and then.

- I gotta massage your legs too to avoid cellulite. – He added.
- All right, but don’t get too excited.

She let him take off her skirt and her stockings. He was really skilful massaging her body, touching her crotch from time to time. She started but didn’t say a word. That was the thing he needed! He was touching her slit more and more often. Her white panties were wet, she was leaking. “Got you,” he thought.

He started massaging her butt. He was sticking his fingers in her wet slippy flesh. Valerie was silent. Finally, he got his index finger in her vagina and started fucking her with it. She was swaying her pelvis to get more of his finger in her slit. She was moaning. He pulled off her panties and started licking her. Her body got tense, then she relaxed, breathing heavily and loudly. He was fondling not only her pussy but her anus as well. He never stopped fucking her with his tongue. He pulled off his pants and briefs. His dick was rocky hard. He rushed in her cave. It felt terrific. He was kissing her ears and her neck. She was moaning and sighing.

Should he have changed the position? No, she liked it that way. She was squeezing her butt muscles, contracting her vagina muscles as well. She was trying to make him cum. Her vagina was squeezing the cock tight, rubbing its soft walls against it. Valerie climaxed. Bob came too. He took his red dickhead out of her hole. It was covered with white drops. She was still trembling. He sat down on the floor. He was breathing heavily too. His hands hurt. Valerie put on her clothes.

- I know it might sound strange but it’s the first time I’m cheating on my husband for all three years of our marriage. On the other hand, I know he’s cheating on me all the time. So, it’s like it’s my revenge. Bob, I must tell you you’re a great seducer. It was your plan to start with the massage, right?

- I couldn’t miss the chance. Besides your cheating husband can’t control you today.
- OK, I gotta go.
- Let’s wait for Mr. Ferguson to come. I’ll drive you home then.

He looked at her luring body, her perfect shape, her round hips. He wanted her. He had to use his chance. Mr. Smith came up to her. Blood was rushing to his cock, it was getting harder again. He pulled off her panties and threw them on the couch.

- What are you doing?

He pushed her lightly. She had to lie on the table. His hands were under her knees, he spread her hips wide. He saw her well trimmed pussy, a light string of curly bush, and tasty vulva lips. They were red and swollen and let him see her wonderful cave. The dickhead touched her slit. He squeezed his biceps and pulled her hips onto him. The cock entered her dry pussy. He started drilling it again. Her bush was tickling his pubis and scrotum. They climaxed simultaneously.

Mr. Ferguson came back in ten minutes. He was happy, his wife was getting better.

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6 Responses to “Brandy and chocolate”

  1. Warlock Says:

    Teachers are perverted even more than normal people are and you gotta watch out what your siblings are doing there at school.

  2. Susan Says:

    as a teacher I think your observation that all teachers are perverted is wrong..some maybe but what is my experience its all in the mind.

    me I like sex and I have have been made love to at school after hours by staff members and some senior students but is this perversion! I think not it was good sex and a relief from the mad house that is a high school

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Fuckthat was great

  4. kinky. Says:

    oh, boy.

  5. dicks Says:

    if i would hav been in his place i would have inserted my ak47 into it

  6. mohit Says:

    that was fucking if i got a chance then i m there with my 12 inch dick

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