Angie says good bye

December 11th, 2007

When you are leaving your job you’d better have a good time with some of your colleagues, so that you could bring positive memories to your new job…

I still can’t believe it. Yesterday was my last day at work. I got a new job in another city. My ex-colleagues and I decided to celebrate it in a pub. We were drinking beer, cracking jokes, laughing and having a really good time together. Then I remembered I left some of my stuff in the office and decided to get back in there and take it.

When I stepped in the room I saw my co-worker Angie working after-hours. It was Friday and she had to finish the project. Then she was gonna go to her parents they lived in the suburbs. She used to go there with her husband most of the times, but that time she was gonna go alone. Well, I must confess I’d always felt she was drawn to me, but I preferred “not to notice” it. I loved my wife, and I didn’t wanna have an affair at work cuz everyone would certainly know about it anyway.

We were alone in the office, and Angie said she would miss me when I left. She stood up from her seat and went out of the room, I heard her heels clatter on the floor. Then I heard the door shut. I thought she went home, but then I heard some really quiet sounds in the hall. I looked out of the room and saw her in the hall. She looked really excited, her fingers were fiddling with buttons of her blue satin blouse. In seeing me she started and stepped back. But then she cupped her hands round my neck and whispered in my ear:

-Don’t just leave… I’ve always wanted you… I want you right now… Let me be with you just for this one time…

I didn’t know what to say, I moved my hand down her back, she pushed me backwards, then she got on her knees and undid her blouse and her bra. Her fingers reached for my pants and undid the belt, unzipping the fly and getting my hard cock out of the pants.

-The door…. – I sighed.

-I locked it, – she replied sucking on my dick.

Her cool tongue was sliding up and down my hot pecker, making me lose my breath. My hands were resting on her soft big boobs. I tossed my head backward and moaned. My wife wasn’t a big fan of blowjob and I was always missing such a caress.

In some two minutes I reached for Angie’s skirt. My seducer jumped on her feet and pulled it off, exposing her black lacy stockings and blue panties. She pulled them off too, by the way. Her pussy was well trimmed. I made Angie sit on my lap and started toying with her hot hard love button.

Somebody pulled the locked door. We paused. Somebody knocked.

–Fucking jerks, – Angie whispered.

We decided to sit still and wait till those people behind the door left. Angie was trembling in my hands. I turned her back at me and packed her wet snatch with my rocky hard cock. She brought her knees together and we started ramming each other. I was holding her breasts in my hands and looking at her face in the reflection.

She was crying, her juices were flowing down on my groin, I felt chills running up and down my spine, I felt the dickhead getting heavier, and then I erupted hot semen in her tight bosom. We moaned, and Angie leaned her back on me.

Then she got on her knees and started playing with my prick. Her lips and tongue were insatiable. Soon she made me spurt once again, the cum hit her breasts, and she licked the white drops clean. She was driving me crazy. I wanted more of her. So I asked her to fuck my dick with her tits. She was happy to do it.

Then I turned her around and pressed my shaft at her anus.

-Can I do it? – I asked her.

-Yes, yes, yes, – she moaned.

I took her by the hips and started entering her hole with my stem. She was tossing her head, moaning.

-Relax, – I whispered, – relax for it not to hurt.

My cock was all in her rectum. It was really hot and fantastically tight there. Angie was swaying her butt on my dick, saying it felt great. It was the third time I came that night.

I flung myself in the chair and caressed her butt. She moaned with delight and let me play with her tities. Then I looked at the watch and said it was time for her to go in order not to get late for her bus. She was looking so great, pulling on her clothes. When I saw her pink slit I was ready to drill her again, but then I felt I was totally drained.

I thought my seducer would like to have an affair. But it never happened.

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2 Responses to “Angie says good bye”

  1. Cooltouch180 Says:

    Why una no let the people nucking at the door to come in and may be joined to give Angie double penitration

  2. Anonymous Says:

    What a bull shit? Don’t go crazy júst for some pleasure.just use ur brains.

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