Administrative assistant

September 21st, 2007

When you are too tired to work, you need some rest, right? And who can give you a better relaxation than a nice, female assistant who is willing to suck and drain your cock and give you all of her pussy.

She came into the room, and closed the door behind. Why is that? She was holding a tray with a steaming cup of coffee and a cigar for me. She would ask for something, I thought.

She was dressed as usual, but her usual garment was always sort of provocative. She was wearing a short pleat skirt that was only long enough to cover her panties and butt. She was also wearing stiletto heels and an almost-transparent blouse. Her body was perfect and her face was beautiful. She had very big beautiful eyes, plump lips, and blushing cheeks. And what does this Miss Perfection want from me today?!

She put the tray on the table, then walked around it and sat on the edge, making me face her hips. She took the cigar from the tray and gave it to me. She took a lighter and lit the cigar. I liked the game she was playing! I was obedient doing things she told me to do. I was smoking the cigar, puffing thick smoke in the air. Then I sipped the coffee she brought for me. I liked it not knowing it was just the beginning…

Kristin, that was her name, turned my chair the way for me to see her. She bent down to unzip my pants. Seeing I was very much surprised she said:

-Everything will be fine, Mr. Stone.

I didn’t know what to answer. Her composure made me calm down, I decided to relax and enjoy. When she was through with the fly she pulled down my trousers, getting her hand under my underwear. She found the cock that was getting harder of her touch. After jerking the dick in the pants she took the edge of them in her teeth and began pulling them off me. Then she helped herself with the hands. My phallus was facing her. She wasn’t surprised at its size, though I had always considered it to be huge. She took the stem in her hand and exposed the head. I was close to ecstasy seeing her manipulations with my knob, when she said calmly:

-Drink coffee and smoke, Mr. Stone. It will be even better this way.

I was relaxed, smoking and watching her. She was looking right into my eyes, licking the dickhead and jerking the shaft with the hand. Suddenly she paused and kissed the hole right on the end of the head, then she licked it several times by the tip of her tongue. Getting lower she smelled it with her nose, and licked the foreskin, being apparently glad.

I was sipping coffee, smoking. I couldn’t stop staring at her. It was bliss. Kristin was great; it was obvious she knew how to make a man cum of her tongue and lips. She was very slow, gently caressing the most precious part of the man’s body.

The head was inside her mouth now. She was sucking and licking it at the same time. Her small palm was moving along the stem of a huge knob, making it swell even more. She let the dick head out of her mouth and I saw her smile, again. Her eyes were shining frisky. She took the head in her fingers, fondling it. Her nails were playing with my balls, it made me tremble with delight. While her palm was still busy with the head, she began licking my penis, trying to cover it all with caress and miss no single millimeter. She was getting lower and lower, I felt her lips on my testicles. She helped herself with a hand and sucked one of them in her mouth. It filled her mouth. She was sucking and licking it with her tongue. She did the same thing with the second ball.

She looked at me lecherously. She took the balls’ skin in her teeth and began to pull it. When she felt the pleasure was giving way to pain, she let it go. I took a deep breath, drank some more coffee. Meantime, Kristin was actively jerking the pecker wit her both hands, looking at it sort of grinning. Then she directed it in her mouth trying to swallow it as deep as she could. She wasn’t successful in it – the prick was too huge. Then she began moving her mouth up and down the stem so fast, sucking so vehemently, that I saw dimples on her cheeks. Her tongue was tireless too, I felt like cumming.

When she squeezed my balls painfully and sucked in, I came right into her throat. The orgasm was long, there was much semen, but she swallowed all of it, not letting even a single drop fall. When I was drained, Kristin let the cock free, but began kissing its head and stem with her lips. Seemed she tried to warm it with her breath.

When I regained consciousness and finally asked her why she’d done this to me, her answer perplexed me a lot. She sat on my knees, cupped her hands around my neck, and kissed me on the lips passionately. She answered she only wanted to make me happy, seeing how gloomy I was since the very morning. I don’t believe in miracles, I must say, so I asked her again. In stead of answering she laughed, saying she didn’t want anything from me.

Well, taking into account her previous actions I was very aroused, so I said I wanted to fuck her. I guess she felt my dick getting harder, pressing against her leg. Kristin replied there was nothing wrong about it. She stood up, leaning against the table. She stuck out her butt and arched her back. I realized it was my lucky day. Still sitting in the armchair I raised her skirt. Her tender, round and petite ass made me crazy. I saw a string of thong between her buttocks. Her thong exposed everything I could just dream of seeing.

I did it unconsciously, but I licked her buttocks with my tongue, it sent shivers down her spine. I felt she was trembling. I kissed her between her buttocks. She got wet in no time. I inhaled her smell, my prick was rocky hard. Sitting behind her, I began licking her pussy. She was moaning, tossing her head back, closing her eyes. Licking her vulva lips I found her clit and focused my attention on it, sucking and licking it. My nose got into her pussy, I was sort of fucking her with it. My hands were fondling her butt and hips. She was hot too, looking for my dick.

I stood up from the chair and directed my hot shaft into her gashing pussy. It got in smoothly and easily. I was thrusting, trying to make her feel pure pleasure. Judging by her leaking snatch and moaning I figured out I was doing everything right. Guess she was tired of that same position, so I decided to try something new. I put her on the table, placed her legs on my shoulders, and entered her again. The girl was very sexy and hot. She was fingering herself with her small hands, masturbating her clit, sucking her own love juices off her fingers. Sometimes it seemed I was just a supplemental way for her to get pleasure.

I changed the pose again. I was sitting on a leather couch, she was sitting on me. I could suck her nipples. She was swaying her hips, rubbing her love button against my hairy pubis. I felt my dick squeezed tight by her vagina muscles. She was trembling in orgasm. More and more waves of it were flowing over her. She was scratching my back and biting my ear, she was jumping on my cock, moaning and crying with delight. When her seemed-to-be-endless orgasm was finally through, she opened her wonderful eyes and kissed me on the lips gently. She was kissing me, whispering “babe”, soon we were kissing deeply, our hands were caressing each other’s body.

Suddenly she stopped and looked at me, asking:

-You haven’t come yet, right?! We’re gonna get it right now.

Though I said no, she stood up and turned her back at me. Suddenly she impaled her butt on my dick. Wow! How could my huge phallus get in such a small ass?! Kristin took my hands and put them on her breasts. She was swaying her butt. My cock felt very tight and, thus, very painful inside her. The pain was pang and sweet at once. We both liked it. I came in several minute of such swaying and thrusting. I came spurting semen in the butt of that wonderful girl. The gobs of sperm seemed to lift her up a bit. She felt orgasm too, though it wasn’t as strong as mine.

We kept on sitting that way for a while, unable to get up. When I could think clearly again I began kissing her back and neck, caressing the belly of my super girl.

-You’re a great, marvelous lover, – she whispered in my ear, and kissed it.

She stood up finally. My pecker hurt. My own sperm flew out of her butt on my pubis. She took up the initiative and grasped a napkin from the tray, wiping everything dry. She was very careful doing it. Then she kissed me and my dick good bye and went out of the room. I remained sitting on the couch. Yap. I was too tired to work, but my assistant definitely made me feel good and cheered me up.

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  1. bfhbitchfromhell Says:

    suck my pussy jerk

  2. c2x5 Says:

    Just wow, I wish I could have an assistant like her!

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