A present for birthday!

March 27th, 2009

What is the best present you can get for your boss’ birthday? Two female colleagues come up with a great idea and it goes without saying that their boss and his cock are gonna love every second of it!

Hi! Best regards to you, guys, from me and Tatyana! Today is Friday, the end of this work week, the last work day in this week. Yesterday we had a party, some small noisy mess, and today everyone is sick and feels really bad. Although Tatyana is still walking around the office smiling, she is the only one who seems to have had a gorgeous time yesterday! Perhaps she was lucky, and got something that I could be jealous of! Anyway, this day began as it was supposed to be, me and Tatyana set to filing the correspondence from the yesterday’s morning, as usual.

Our boss was still late. And there suddenly Tommy jumped out of his table, grabbed 2 other colleagues and rushed out of the office saying: “Damn! Almost forgot!” Tatyana and I exchanged surprised glances, though we were the only women in our staff among 4 men. Having not guessed the reason for Tommy’s excitement we carried on with our job. About an hour passed when our guys returned with a load of packs: champagne, beer bottles, candies, salads, flowers, fruits, whisky etc.

There we tumbled to the meaning of al that bustles: our boss, Mister Thompson had a birthday! Oh, my God! And we had no present, not a single gift fro this nice and warm-hearted person who had always been kind to his staff. He helped Tatyana obtain some very expensive medicines for her ill mother, as for me I was given an increment in salary when he found out that I had to send some money to support my sister who lived in poverty. So, it was not a good thing to stay with no present on this wonderful day. Tatyana said to Tommy by stealth: “Tommy, listen, we had no present for Mister Thompson, I wish we had, but we forgot about that”

“It’s all right, girls!” he said. We have everything it needs. Don’t worry… he nodded at one of the packs. We threw ourselves on his neck kissing him at cheeks.

“What’s there?”

“A surprise! You gonna give this present later” he astonished us both a lot.

“But when? How could we give a present we haven’t even seen?”

“The only thing I can say” he went on:” is that our boss is fond of those gadgets in the pack! I’m sure he will like it” though, devoured by an anxiety and curiosity we had to got down back to the job. Other guys: Luckas and Paul put the packs far in the drawers, as it was still early to begin the banquette, and our Field Chief manager could arrive at any moment at that.

In a half an hour Mister Thompson, as large as a life, appeared in the office. Tatyana managed to put a china vase on his desk with a bunch of flowers. Having agreed to begin the party late in the evening we all set to the work unanimously. Noticing all the festive arrangements Mister Thompson became cheerful noticeably and wandered about the office humming some funny song. Everything comes to its end, so did the day. Out workings hours were over, at bout 6 pm our men started composing a big table out of the office desks, Luckas was engaged with preparing the drinks whereas Tatyana and me set to lay the table itself with all the dishes.
Finally all arrangements finished and everybody sat at the table. Tommy took the floor; he offered a good toast for Mister Thompson’s health, wishing him joy, every success and happiness. He turned to be short-spoken, we took the drink with an appetizer; then the youths spoke, proposing next toasts and presenting him a… scarf from the men! I and Tatyana looked at one another surprised. It could be a joke, I looked around, but they meant business. Then everybody got to eating. After a while everyone was under the weather, and then our turn came to congratulate Mister Thompson. Our speech was full of the fire and fury. We presented him that pack which was bought by Tommy for us. Boss unwrapped the pack and… there were some porn DVD in the pack: everyone grew dumb with astonishment! I glimpsed at Tommy with a corner of my eye: he stood still; apparently Tommy confused the pack with another one.

“Thanks you, girls!” Mister Thompson uttered quietly.

“You are welcome!” we replied after a stupid pause. And then he burst out laughing, everybody roared with laughter, and the atmosphere had become less tense.

Everyone made merry and having a riotous time till the evening. By about 8 pm Tatyana and I loaded up. Guys recalled the stupid moment with those porn movies what made us flip from time to time. At one of those moments Tatyana exclaimed: “we have already tried all, which is in the porn”

A silence ensued. Tommy looked at us and asked:

“So, did you enjoy?”

“Yeahh,” and that was like a signal! Tommy’s hand shoved under my skirt, and Paul seemed to feel up Tatyana’s breast. I couldn’t do anything at that moment, it started so unexpectedly. And 5 minutes later it was late: Mister Thompson rose and locked the door. I fooled him wit my gaze feeling Tommy’s hand stroking my wet panties, Tatyana moaned. In a 5 minute….

…I and Tatyana were put right on the table among the dead soldiers and rest of the meal. Didn’t remember who, may be Paul fucked Tatyana while she was engaged with a blow job sucking Mister Thompson’s cock. I watched all this lying close to her and being fucked in ass by Tommy while Luckas was coming on my face. Tatyana expanded in a few minutes, moaning, it seemed to excite Paul so much that he came in her pussy with a shout.

She barely arched with a climax influx that spread all over her body. Putting her with a belly on the table our boss set to ramming her asshole. She started; my ass had already been burning with a fire, Tommy went on fucking me hard, causing me to moan like a slut…. soon he came in my ass, releasing the rest of his sperm in my backdoors with thrusts, that was enough for me I stretched out on the table with a orgasm yell. There a roar of boss coming in Tatyana’s mouth was heard near by.
The sperm poured down on the table surface from our faces and asses.
After that Mister Thompson said that we should round it off as the security men were supposed to appear any moment. We rose and made our way to the lavatory, as the Lady’s room was far we entered the men’s room. There were 2 security officers, likely going round: they were doing the deed. Seeing us they stopped erasing nature stupefied. One of them turned hard-on at once. I grinned seeing their reaction.
While washing up and washing the lower parts, they started at us, enjoying the secretiveness of this female ritual. No sooner had I finished my wash up as a strong thrust made me bend down and lean my hands against the wall. I obeyed, so was Tatyana by my side, the security guys wanted their share as well and I felt a big cock penetrating deep in my hole. It hurt…
I got accustomed with a number of aggressive thrusts, as for Tatyana she got worked up to her utmost. She seemed not to have climax yet, so she waved her ass in time with the pace, snatching the wall with the nails, and masturbating her clit with a hand. My fucker took his cock out of my pussy and pushed it in my asshole with a jerk. That was unforgettable. Our loud moans were heard by the colleagues, who entered the lavatory: Tommy and Luckas. I noticed a big knob on Tommy’s pants.

We got fucked in all the holes 11 pm, men took over each other one by one: whether it was Mister Thompson, or Tommy or other guys, including security men, fucking us hard with the short respites. We turned to be the dirty horny sluts; I had never been fucked like that. To short, we had aches and pains all over by this time, saying good bye to the younger guys, and congratulating Mister Thompson again we decided to go home.

Tommy suggested giving us a ride back home. One of the security officers joined us too. My hood was located far from the office, a 30 minute drive, within this time I managed to get tons of pulsing orgasms, it was dark when Tommy asked me to ride on his cock on the front of the car. I unzipped his fly and impaled myself onto his big manhood! On the back seats the officer and Tatyana were having fun: Tatyana was shouting and moaning loudly. Brad, the officer, fucked her hard, putting his cock both in her pussy and the ass as well. No sooner had she switched on with his cock down there as he took it out and put into another hole. Tatyana was wet and leaking totally, her body was convulsing furiously.

Before we reached our hood, Tatyana and me fell asleep exhausted, and we were put on the back seat. I woke up with a bright light: opened my eyes and looked around. I found myself in some vast crowded room, where a lot of guys loitered about. Watching us both awaked, they rushed to us, removing their underwear at the same time. Cant’ say how many men there were, but we were fucked many times, and this furious fuck session continued the whole night! I couldn’t even recall the sequence of events! Someone was stroking my tits, I was never left alone, and someone was always fucking me in the pussy and ass. I hardly managed to suck all the cocks hanging before my face. Thus, no words left to describe all that mess.

Then I saw Tommy, it appeared that we were brought not to my house, but to the hostel where Brad lived with his friends. There a lot of guys gathered in a few minutes, the rumors that 2 drunk fallen sluts came to the area had spread around. Then somebody turned the music on, all the guys were drinking beer or something. The absolute silence fell only by the morning.

People were sleeping everywhere, in all available places. We were covered with dried stains of sperm all over. Tatyana and I were lying between Tommy and Brad, in hugs. At 8:30 am Tommy woke us up and summoned to the work. When we arrived, Mister Thompson looked a bit sad and pity about us, he let us lie on the couch in the office, covered me and Tatyana with blankets and said that we both needed rest and sleep.

Happy and tired, we dozed off at once. Having slept fro about a half of the day we were woken up by our boss.

“Girls, that’s enough of sleeping! Mind your duties!”

Well, I had pain all over. Lean, tired, but…happy. So was Tatyana, she was wrinkling with pain while walking. Now I knew that I was not gonna have only one man with me, I really got into threesome and gang bangs. When we entered the lavatory with Tatyana I poked out my ass, slid 3 fingers inside and said:

“You see these 2 fingers! It used to be only one to get inside!”
Having returned the office we approached our boss and asked him:
“Mister Thompson, when the next birthday party is supposed to be?” men looked at us understandingly and smiled.

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