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My name is Eugenio. I’m 28 years old, actually a tall skinny guy, with long brown hair and a short bristle on my face. I liked drinking beer and spending much time with my friends, most of them are designers and computer developers. My story is about my new job, which changed my entire impression about job rules and principles.

I’d been working for the company for about a year doing system administrator support, fulfilling a part time position. Then they told me they needed me in the office full time. At the same moment I found another job, doing hardware support for some company, this was also a part time position, so from now I had an opportunity to earn more doing quite the same type of job. I liked my new place, after a short interview, which lasted for a few minutes, and my interviewer appeared to be a beautiful woman, I was accepted for employment. Once in a week, on week ends I had to go to my new place and check the hardware. Thus, I’d been doing my moonlighting successfully for quite long period of time.

Once on a weekend I had to go to my new office. It was quite a small building, not much space. My boss turned out to be that interviewer woman, who accepted me for this job. Usually she works only until around 3 o’clock everyday, whereas I work until 5.15 pm; so I was doing my job in my lab, when she walked through the door. She stood there in a very tight white blouse and a tight short skirt and high heels looking very sexy, even at 48 she really looked very hot and fresh! Her very tight firm body, especially her ass – everything was really OK about this milf! She smiled at me and told me she wanted to thank me for all my hard work and told me she was very impressed with my abilities and speed. I said it was no problem and carried on with my work. I was expecting her to leave me at once, but when I turned back towards the door she was still there! I stopped and asked her if she was OK, my boss replied:

“I really want to thank you for your hard work…”

I still hadn’t realized what she was meaning and said it was fine. I think now this was too much for her, so she came into the hardware lab and shut the door behind her.

She pushed me down onto the bench and said she had wanted me since she had first seen me in my interview (about 3 months ago!!!) and that she couldn’t wait anymore! Damn! I finally realized her meaning. Well, she was hot and I thought to myself: Why not? I felt the same way, so I lead her down on the bench and moved over her. I reached down and unzipped my trousers; she slid her skirt up her beautiful tanned thighs, revealing her neatly shaved crotch! I was amazed to find no underwear and was turned on incredibly! She was breathing heavily, being extremely excited, well even more than me! With that I slid my throbbing manhood deep inside her. She was extremely hot and soaking wet, so I slid in with ease. I guessed she hadn’t been pleasured for quite a long time, coz she reached her orgasm twice when I was fucking her!

I pulled out, raised her up with my hands, and slid myself slowly into her virgin asshole (which was also soaking wet) and gave her several more orgasms, before finally shooting my load deep into anal passage! The sensation of my warmth in her backside pushed her over the edge again, causing her cum harder than ever before! I collapsed next to her and she started kissing me over and over again.

After she had caught her breathe, she turned onto her side and said that she had never been satisfied so much before. She was now on the skies. I said jokingly she should put it in my testimonial, if I ever look for some another job. She seemed to be shocked and asked me if I was really attracted to her (actually, her question was reasonable, coz there were a lot of beautiful women in my office, all of them were much younger than her). I replied that I really liked her and told her she looked amazing, she was so beautiful. I also said she looked far younger than she actually was and that I had wanted her since I had started working there. I think she was impressed with my comments, she hardly ever hoped to hear so many kind words about her person.

Anyway this turned her on again, she jumped on my now limp cock immediately and took it all into her mouth. It felt so fucking good in her mouth! Quite immediately and surprisingly, I gained my hard on back again. She took me deep into her throat over and over again, swallowing my whole meat! I was sure I would be able to last long, coz I had already cum, but my orgasm came over me sooner, than I had expected! I shot my seed deep into her throat; she swallowed the whole load easily and quickly. Then she asked me to give her some oral pleasure. I did. I spread her legs wide and started licking her cunt. I ate her pussy, playing with her clit and shoving my tongue deep inside her. Before lone she started quivering with her further orgasm, pushing her squirt all over my face! Her scent was so intoxicating that I was in ecstasy! She told me that I was amazing and that she was going to take my advice. My boss said she was gonna add to my testimonial some more good fucking every day. Then she gave me one more kiss, adjusted herself, gave my cock one last lick and walked out the door.

Now I guess, I’m a lucky guy, and I have a very good and promising job…

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