Yoga class

April 24th, 2008

When your girlfriend leaves you, it’s a good idea to shift your mind to something else, so why not try meditation and Yoga especially when the instructor is a hot lady.

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Hi, my name is Seth, I am 26 years. Recently I’ve been feeling rather de-motivated and depressed, my job started getting me down and I wanted to try something new in this life. My girlfriend went to Europe to pursue he studies and I was left all alone. She used to write to me in the first months of her stay there, but as time went by I heard less and less from her and when she spring came I started thinking that she had forgotten about me. I couldn’t get used to the thought that she left me and I first wanted to frown my sorrow in the bottle, I would do that but for my friend Alex, he advised me to enroll in a Yoga and meditation class, he said that meditation helped to get rid of bad thoughts.

I heard about meditation by I never considered it to be really helpful. I thought that it was just for old men who had lots of free time to attend those shitty classes wasting their time. I would have never enrolled in that course but for my girlfriend. The thoughts of her were getting me sick and I couldn’t think of anything else. So, to try to shift my mind to something different I arrived at the appointed time to the Yoga and meditation class. I was greeted by Priya Rai, the instructor who spent five years in India practicing Yoga and absorbing the mysteries of the ancient scholars. Her office was right in her apartment and I was surprised to hear that I was the only student in her group. She told me that all of her students were at the intermediate level and there were absolutely no beginners, that’s why she would have to spend two weeks practicing Yoga and meditation with me before I could start my classes with the rest of the group.

Ms. Priya Rai was a sultry brunette with a nice slender body and lustful eyes. She invited me in the room and brought me a cup of herbal tea, I drank it and felt that I made me calm. She then made a gesture for me to sit on the carpet and we started some stretching. She noticed that I was still a bit tense and asked me what the matter was. I felt that she was really interested in my life and decided to pour my heart out, I told her all about my girlfriend and said how much I missed her. Ms. Priya Rai listened to my story attentively and promised that I would forget about my girlfriend soon. We sat close to each other and she asked me to close my eyes and remember something pleasant in my life. I closed my eyes and the first thing that came to my mind was the memories of my girlfriend sucking on my dick, she was really a great sucker, she would swallow my dick deep up to my balls and her tongue would play with it all the way up and down. I didn’t even notice my dick getting hard and I forgot about Priya Rai’s existence in the room, I was lost in himself and suddenly felt a hand on my groin, I opened his eyes and saw Priya Rai’s hand rubbing all over my groin, his dick was already hard.

“So, you wanna forget all about your girlfriend”, She said to me in a lustful voice, I kept silent and she took it as a sign of agreement. She started unzipping my pants and soon freed my hard cock. I was really as excited as hell. Priya Rai started rubbing her palm all over my cock, then she leaned down and started playing with it using her tongue. I was on my cloud, it felt really great, her wet tongue was running all over my dick, after playing with it she took it into her mouth and started giving me great head, she was trying to swallow my dick as deep as possible and she was a really pro in deepthroating. I lay down on the carpet and started enjoying her mouth working on my dick, I closed my eyes and started realizing that the thoughts of my girlfriend started leaving my head. In about three minutes Priya Rai moved closer to me and sat on my face, I felt her wet pussy on my mouth, she started rubbing her pussy over it and I could feel her love juices flowing all over my face, she was leaking and I could say that she was also very hot. I stuck my tongue out and started licking her clit, she started moaning and when I pushed my tongue into her pussy I felt that this was what she needed, I was fucking her with my tongue, while my finger was massaging her clit. As minutes went by I felt that her moans got louder and louder, I could feel that the orgasm was nearing so I pressed on her clit and thrust my tongue deeper into her pussy, a few gently strokes and I felt my tongue being squeezed by her vagina, she started moaning and crying like a beast, and her pussy was pushing into my mouth, I never stopped rubbing her clit trying to intensify the pleasure.

When she finally stopped cumming she got off my dick and I knew that it was time now to fuck her pussy. She stood doggy fashion and I positioned myself behind her, it was easy to push my dick into her pussy as it was wet and wide after an orgasm, when I penetrated her I enjoyed the warmth and heat inside her pussy, I started moving rhythmically driving my dick deeper and deeper into her hot cunt, she was moaning and crying and my dick never stopped ramming her snatch.

Then I put Priya Rai on her flank side and lay close, I pushed my dick in and started fucking her as fast as I could, my balls were beating against her ass creating a slurping sound, it was really great and I soon felt that my orgasm was nearing. I warned her that I was going to cum and she said that she wanted it all over her face. I immediately took my dick out and stood up, she kneeled and her face was right in front of my cock. I started jerking it and in a few seconds my sperm started shooting out of my dick, Priya Rai had to close her eyes as my sperm started raining all over her face, I hadn’t had sex for about half a year so I had much sperm in my balls, it seemed that I would never stop cumming and Priya Rai’s face was all covered in my cum, it was on her ears, on her hair. When I drained my balls she immediately grabbed my cock and started licking the remaining drops off it. I closed my eyes and realized that I forgot all about my girlfriend. I would sure enroll in a Yoga class, that’s settled.

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  2. Bobby Says:

    I would love to engage in a class like this and I would never miss a single lesson, that’s for sure. I remember I took dancing classes and the instructor was a lady of thirty, I was twenty at that time, I wanted her so much, she was so agile and flexible. I managed to fuck her one day and it was great. Her pussy was wet and warm, I can still feel my dick being squeezed by her vagina. I made her cum three times in a row, the bitch liked it. The story that I’ve read now reminds me of that day. So, I really want to thank the author for such a hot story!

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  6. Fuck Says:

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  7. Apurva Says:

    wellll did u both had sex again after u joined in the classes would like to know more details.

    where are these classes yaar even ill like to join in

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