That was my lucky day!

April 27th, 2008

A guy wins his happy ticket for two to a spa saloon and decides to go there with one of the chicks he picked up on the beach, that’s going to be real hot!

We extend our thanks to the author OSCAR.

Thinking back to about 7 years ago, when I was yet a college student, our class took its annual trip to the Hot Mineral Springs, not far from Vancouver. It was a very nice and quiet place, it seemed like nature itself was blessing this area, green grasses alleys and woody sites, hot pools of streaming water etc. I loved this place. We all loved having fun there, enjoying every day of our trip. That year our new teacher Miss Jenny came with us for the trip.

Everyone in our class thought she was a milf; she had long brown hair, big sexy astonishing tits and a great sexy admirable body. No one had ever seen her in a swim suit before, so when we saw her we couldn’t stop staring. Miss Jenny’s swim suit was just a piece of garments that made her look very slim and we could see her nipples go perky through the material. Her bikini was very thin, when she walked down the alley in her sexy outfit I noticed lots of guys and my classmates gazing on her. They virtually devoured her with excitement, so adorable and desired body!

It was a resort season, so there were lots of street vendors and hawkers, trading fish, vegetables, fruits, souvenirs, juices, drinks, pizza inns, etc. Every year they held a lottery, you should buy a ticket or more, then you will be allowed to join Hot Springs lottery, where they raffled off flyers for a free sauna and spa at the hot pools, you should only put your ticket in a box, and then they draw a winner. Its price was 3 bucks, so I decided to try my luck and bought one, actually I never hoped or expected being a winner, I just wanted to see who happens to be a happy one. Putting my ticket into a lottery box I walked away without thinking of waiting until the end of the show. And my surprise was so great when I learned that my number became a happy one! Bingo??? They said I was a winner of a free pass to sauna and spa for 2 persons, followed by applause of smiling audience and cheerful exclamations, I took my ticket from their main office and stood in hesitation. I wondered whom I should come with.

So I looked around for someone to go, with but all my friends had gone off. Then my searching look fixed on our Miss, she was sun bathing out there, I thought to myself: “what the hell, I should try!” and so I strolled over to her.

“Hey, miss” I said, she opened her eyes and looked at me: “Miss, I’ve just won a free sauna and spa for 2 persons and all my mates are gone somewhere….So I was wonder…”

“I’d love to come, darling” (she called me darling) she said, I smiled, helped her up and we walked down the path to the sauna and spa.

We went into the changing room, I looked, and there were no towels! I scalded and told her I would go and ask some towels for us, but she stopped me saying:

“Oh, don’t be so shy of being naked before me!”

My eyes widened at the thought of being with naked with Miss Jenny in a sauna and my cock stirred exciting. Miss Jenny began to strip down, so did I, but she was naked first. Her body was great, perfect round tits, flat stomach, a horny sexy looking triangle down there, I could jerk off watching this babe for ever and ever! She had firm round thighs and absolutely great ass! My dick was fully erect when I removed my trunks, miss looked down at my cock with a horny smile. My penis was about 10 inches long; miss looked at me and smiled again.

Then we made our way into the sauna, opening the door we felt warm air rush our faces. We sat down in the sauna, on the edge of big round bath, I was already sweating. She was wet too, and then she began rubbing some oil on herself. I watched as she applied it on her tits and thighs, I felt my dick would explode a load right onto her, when I looked down I saw a pre cum on its head, I quickly tried to wipe it away but miss Jenny had already seen. She came over and sat beside me: I felt very nervous. She got some oil and applied it on me, it felt pretty good, she rubbed it down my body over my belly, until she reached the base of my cock! I started when her fingers touched it. After that, still smiling, she got some more oil, wrapped her hands around my cock and began jerking me off. My whole body went wild I couldn’t help myself, so I let out a groan! I looked at her and turned red! Miss looked at me and smiled, with that bent over and licked the head of my wang, then deep throated me in a second. Hell! I never believed this milf would do such things to me! Sure I wanted to fuck her, like most guys from our class, but never dared thinking! Apparently, this was my lucky day! I think she was pro! I could feel her tongue swirling over my shaft, running up and down on my cock, it felt so fucking good! I couldn’t take it any more, I was about to blow my load so I pulled out.

Miss looked at me. I rose up and applied some skin milk onto her round ass. Drops of milk trickled down her lovely but cheeks! Rubbing it all over her ass I then brought her to sit on my face, my mouth lips met with her pussy lips! She arched her back, my tongue was making its way to her entrance” with 2 of my fingers I spread her lips and began to fucking her with my tongue!
“Suck my clit!” I heard! “Suck me there, eat my pussy!” she gasped. I started flicking her red swollen clit, as a result she took up pushing wildly on my face. She continued impaling her pussy onto my tongue until she suddenly she stops and let out a soft cry, she shivered hard and my mouth was filled with hot sweet lady cum!

Miss lay there puffing as if inviting me inside. My cock was still throbbing and I was ready for more, so I position myself in front of miss and grabbed her thighs. She looked up with wide eyes, I rubbed my dick at her pussy hole and then I began to thrust my cock inside her wet cunt slowly. She was letting out tired moans when I pushed my big rod into her. My balls slapped against her ass when I fully entered her: I felt my dick fighting against deep walls of her cock-hungry cunt, her pussy contracted around my thick penis very much! After that I began to ride her like a horse. In and out, in and out my shaft worked on its way in her lovely cunt, she moaned and cried asking me to fuck her harder. Meeting her request I quickened my pace, soon after 5 minutes of such race I felt my balls began to get tight! My dick tightened up and began to jerk, Miss looked at me, she knew what was about to happen! Ahh, experienced bitch! I pulled out and brought my cock to her mouth jacking off vehemently at the same time. My cock’s head turned purple, ready to explode a storm of hot semen! She grabbed my cock to position it over her mouth, in a second my cock shot its load: Oh, God, 2 large spurts of semen splashed onto Miss Jenny face, dropping down her chin. I continued cumming onto her mouth and she swallowed everything I gave her! Finally I collapsed totally worn out. We lay there for some time, and then went to the spa to wash up

Me and Miss Jenny have been good friends ever since.

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  1. Jack Says:

    Its so sexy dear i also want 2 fuck.
    I am so bored my masturbating.
    How can i fuck plz tel me.?

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