Teens camping

June 2nd, 2009

Two teen babes are camping in nature, they meet up a family and decide to get to know the men better. It’s gonna be a hot night in nature, believe me…

We extend our thanks to the author Betty.

It was a beautiful day in Florida, not too warm and yet sunny, I was happy since I was going to go on a camping trip with Becky and her family. Becky and I had been friends since forever. I was 18 and had started my periods three years ago. Becky’s father, Andy, who had been my first lover for over 3 years now, was also with us and I was excited to once again be with him.

We went to the campgrounds and parked the RV and started to set up. It was almost dusk by the time we were done, dinner was done and all was peaceful and quiet. We all sat by the fire, the neighboring campers had joined us as well; they were a family of 4 – father, mother and 2 sons. After a few beers, of which I had some too, thanks to Andy, the little ones and the moms went to the RV to sleep. Becky and I insisted on staying up late. The neighbor, Justin was around 30 and getting a little drunk. Becky and I started to giggle at what he was saying, Andy moved closer to our blanket and was joining in our laughter.

I suddenly felt a cold hand on my knee and looked at Andy and he winked. I winked back because I knew what was coming; Andy and I had had such rendezvous too many times, now not to know each other well. He moved closer to me and put his hand around me feeling my breasts under the t-shirt, his hands were cold and my nipples hardened at the response. He continued to circle my nipples as we giggled. He shifted me so I was lying on my side and sipping from his bottle of beer, his hands moving the t-shirt up further to reveal my behind to his hands. Justin, by then was on another level of drunk. Andy moved me slowly and I felt his hard cock near my anus. I looked back and he smiled handing me the beer bottle, “you will love this one”. A slight pressure and he was in, I was shocked for a couple of minutes then moved back on his cock. I could barely hear Justin and somehow knew Becky was sleeping while gently and firmly moving back and forth on his cock. Sooner than usual I heard Andy moaning softly and soon was cumming inside me, I turned looked at him and he whispered, ” soon.. Your turn.”

I cuddled with him and was soon sleeping. I woke up soon after, a little disoriented and heard some sounds. I turned towards the roaring fire, noting someone must have added more wood and saw Andy and Justin doing a double penetration with Becky. Fascinated, I looked on and saw Justin looking towards me and smiling, “want to join us, sugar” I smiled back looking at Andy and the now groaning and cumming Becky and said, “When is my turn” Andy laughed pulling out from Beck’s pussy and I noted he was still hard. He said, “Come here, pumpkin.” By the time I reached them – a few seconds – Becky was cumming and fingering her pussy. Justin smiled and said to Andy, “you had her ass before, get her pussy now.” They both entered me with Justin under me and Andy on top, he started kissing and licking my boobs, all the time his cock touching and teasing my pussy. He entered me and soon in seconds they had a rhythm going. I was in heaven; it had always been a fantasy of mine. I looked over at Becky wondering what she must be thinking and then she moved over and started to lick my clit and Andy’s cock as it thrust in and out of me.

THAT was the best cum ever!! From then on, to date, Andy, Becky and I have always got together – just for old times’ sake – Anyone out there wanting to be Justin

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14 Responses to “Teens camping”

  1. Jossy Says:

    Hi, Sebbygirl: It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
    You have a pair of beautiful boobs there and how I love to
    meet with you. I also live here in Enugu. Regards.

  2. Ben Says:

    So your mates dad did his daughter with a randomguy?

  3. LovesFellatio Says:

    Yep!! That was some fuck too!!

  4. …. Says:

    You are a sick fuck and this story is nasty! Andy and becky? Tell andy he’s a pervert and should burn in hell. Why would you put this on the Internet? If you or anybody gets off on this shit they are fucking digusting! YOU AND YOUR ANDY ARE FREAKS! Andy should go to jail

  5. To ….. Says:

    AND you are not a freak for reading this ….. LOL!! Grow up! and stay in your judgmental world.

  6. phil Says:

    hi great story u really got me hard. and i would love to maybe see some pics if possible thx

  7. nast_yhm Says:

    Excuse me…is my English good or I am stupid…after almost starting to warm up with this story and hardly waiting to hear for more…suddenly I was all down and discusted from the whole of it…Andy and Becky…come on you must be a freak by having such fantazies…feel so stupid I read it anyway…

  8. looking for some fun Says:

    I’m a young girl, 18 and leave to college in two weeks. I don’t know if I could be Justin, but I would certainly be a good addition to the group. ;)

  9. Dick Says:

    Hay looking for some fun u can come join my group email me at [email protected]

  10. Thomas Says:

    Hai if u want more dp contact me [email protected]

  11. SexManiac Says:

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  12. bobo Says:


  13. Sev Says:

    5 inch long!That’s a mass destruction!
    Good story,short tough.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Really enjoyed it

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