Sex loan. Part 1

May 9th, 2008

A married lady can’t forget her ex lover, she remembers the hot and passionate sex they used to have and feels sorry for her husband who can’t satisfy her in bed. This lady decides to make her dream come true but for this, she needs to take a loan from a credit union…

Chloe was standing in front of the mirror enjoying her body. Tiny thongs didn’t hide much of her young, 39-year-old body. Chloe had long black hair, big tits with really dark nipples, an almost perfectly flat stomach, and a well trimmed pussy seen through her snow-white panties. Her pussy was tight, Chloe knew it well. She turned round to see her big butt (she called it “a butt”, her Jose would call it a “fat ass”.) she became sad thinking about him, she went on with dressing up.

She was married for 12 years now. Her husband, Andrew, worked as a coach for a school basketball team. He was a tall blonde and had cute curly locks. “I’m happy!!!” Chloe tried to persuade herself. But every time she thought of the things that took place 13 years ago she realized she wasn’t.

That time, 13 years ago, Chloe was a spunky and vigorous 26-year-old girl who lived her life in full and enjoyed all possible adventures she could take part in. She lived in a small town, so there were not so many adventures to enjoy, it was pretty boring there.

She met Jose in the club. He was a beautiful Hispanic who made her crazy about his strong touch and passionate kisses. They spent the night together…

He took her to a motel room, put her on the table, raised her skirt and pulled off her panties. He sucked on her juicy young slit. His playful tongue made her shiver though she didn’t cum. Jose was tossing off her clit and licking her vagina. Then he suddenly rushed inside her bosom. Chloe felt something giant inside her body… She moaned. Jose came in about five minutes.

He turned her life upside down for the next 6 months. They saw each other every single day. His dick became a vitally necessary thing for Chloe. It was a huge, a bit crooked stem that got hard and ready every time Chloe took off Jose’s pants. She sucked on it, caressing it with her small tongue. She had to open her mouth wide as his cock was really big for her.

Anyways, she felt comfortable because Jose was always really gentle, he was patting her hair while she was sucking him off. He showed her how exactly he wanted her to caress his prick. When giving him head, Chloe’s pussy got really wet and hot, the girl was burning with desire to feel his huge phallus in her tight snatch.

Suddenly he would take his cock out of her mouth, squeeze her boobies. The usual thing was that he asked her to get on her knees, press her head against her hands and raise her butt up high. He entered her gushing twat and fucked it for about 10 minutes non-stop.

Jose taught her a lot of different stuff. Just by looking at his face Chloe knew what exactly he wanted her to do: to ride his dick and get on her fours in front of him. It was really rare that he screwed her in a classical position, then he raised her legs up to her head. Chloe liked this position more than others because Jose’s dark red dickhead had the fullest access to her womb making her cum faster and more often. Jose would always tell her to shave her pussy.

“A woman must have a shaven twat!” Jose said with his sexy accent tossing off her clit. “A man must see her leaking slit, see it’s ready for penetration…”

Chloe nodded, spreading her legs wider, hoping the caress wound never stop.

Jose always came inside her body, more often inside her throat. Before cumming he took his stem out of her gushing stretched vagina and poked it at her mouth. Chloe would open up her mouth wide waiting for a white cumload to hit her throat. She would pinch her big nipples and wait to swallow his semen and lick his dick clean after that. She loved this part of the show.

They usually met in motels. Sometimes when going on a picnic they stopped somewhere in the middle of the highway for a quickie. He raised her skirt, threw off her panties and fucked her, fucked her non-stop. They got home at night, her knees hurt, her pussy hurt too. Sometimes when the weather was bad they had sex in her apartment when her roommate was out. Jose would fuck her hard and long on her bed and on the floor in the hall.

It was a great turn on for her to feel adrenalin because of running a risk to get caught. She enjoyed every second of feeling his big member ram her tight pussy.

She looked at her watch. No time for dreaming, time to get dressed and go. She put on her favorite suit that fit her round butt like a glove. Her blouse had a medium cleavage that gave a nice perspective of her tits. Makeup stressed her sensual lips, blue eyes, and black eyebrows.

“Almost perfect.” Chloe thought looking at her own reflection.

She took her black purse and went out of the apartment. When going downstairs she remembered the end of that story.

She moved to another town soon. Her colleague was a nice guy. Andrew was really popular with girls. He was a tall blonde. He fell in love with Chloe after their first night together. He was amazed what a wonderful and experienced lover she was. He was enchanted by her beauty and her body. She didn’t mind, though she didn’t really love him much. They married in several months.

Chloe looked in the rear view mirror. She looked great. She couldn’t say she wasn’t satisfied with her life. They had a good house, good cars, good life. Andrew loved her with all his heart. Chloe almost persuaded herself she loved him too. But… she was dissatisfied with her sex life. Sex was an important part of her life but Andrew couldn’t give her as much pleasure as Jose used to give. She stopped shaving her pussy, though her husband liked to lick her bushy snatch sometimes. “Jose could satisfy me, but he didn’t love me, and Andrew loves me,” Chloe thought while her hubby was licking her clit. She made herself believe she loved her husband and he loved her.

She was going to work and she didn’t know her life was about to change rapidly and provide her with the thing she’d been missing for so many years.

Her managerial work didn’t keep her busy all day. It was boring. When Chloe was browsing websites she came across a useful website. It was about loans. Chloe’d been looking for a proper credit union to take out a loan. Chloe had several dreams she wanted to realize so she needed a loan to help her do it. She hit the place right after work.

A big muscular guy showed her to the office. Chloe looked round. The office was small but cozy. Chloe didn’t know for how long she had to wait. All of a sudden the door flung open and she saw a girl walking out of the boss’s office. It was an assistant, Chloe thought. The girl had short blonde hair, a short skirt, and a blue blouse. He breasts were big but anyway smaller that Chloe’s. Chloe smiled at this thought. The girl said Chloe could come in.

“How do you do Mrs. Jenkins? Sit down, please. My name is Jonathan Reynolds. Coffee?”
A young man was sitting behind the computer staring at Chloe’s body. Chloe told him about her plans to take out a loan. She was a bit too coquettish than she usually but she wanted to make the guy like her and help her dreams come true.

“So you need a loan…” The young man drawled.

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