A young pretty girl is dreaming of becoming a model, she arranges with the photographer to take pictures of her, but it’s going to be more than a regular photoset…

She wanted to invite a photographer. Not just a normal photographer. She had plenty of casual photos… But recently she discovered a website where a lot of amateur girls posted their nude pictures.

She got so excited by this idea she really wanted to have her own portfolio. And perhaps, it was more of a feeling she wanted to experience. How does it feel like to be in front of the camera absolutely naked.

She was sure pics would turn out really well. Blonde, mod style short haircut, blue eyes, petite size, slim, what else? All she needed was the right photographer. One of her girlfriends advised her to contact some guy she knew. She said he was very qualified plus he never hits or harasses the models.

Moreover, there been stories when girls would actually hit on him and try to seduce him but he would never let anything like this happen. A real professional.

That was the guy she needed! She didn’t want to pose naked for sex. Just for the sake of beautiful photos.

And so for the X day she got herself new lacy lingerie. Black. She also got herself black fishnet stockings that were supposed to be held by the g-string and took out her really high-heel shoes. When she put it on altogether – it looked a million dollars!

“I want you!” she screamed to her own reflection in the mirror and had a wild laugh. She put on a black skirt that was getting to her knees but had deep slits on the sides. On top she put on a short sleeve shirt. It was tight on her breast highlighting the height and the fullness of her tities. Two upper buttons on her shirt were loosened up and if she would bend to the front just a little she could see her tits tightened in lace.

She was so satisfied with her hot looks. The last touch was the red lipstick called the Red Sinner and a drop of Pure Poison by Dior on her cleavage and one behind her left ear.

Right that moment rang the bell. She opened the door and saw this huge brunet guy.

“You… you’re so big! And so handsome, gosh!”

She was like what the hell I don’t want to pose in front of this old fucker!

He went inside and started setting up the camera and the light. He was like:

“So, are you gonna be doing the full nude? Is this what you gonna wear for the first few intro shots? Let’s move over here to the sofa… It has a better light near the window.”

He started moving stuff around and looked very serious. She started getting nervous cause she couldn’t imagine herself getting naked in front of him. He noticed that and told her not to worry, that she will do just fine.

“Relax, really…”

“Do you want a drink?

“Sure, okay. If this will make you feel more confident sure, why not.”

As she was walking to the kitchen he looked at her and checked her ass out. “She’s hot. If I met her in the club I would definitely hook up with her.”- He thought to himself. And when he thought of her taking her clothes off in front of him he felt sweet warmth down in his pants.

“It’s your job man…nothing more!” and made himself stop thinking about her hot booties. He had a rule of his own to never get into bed with models and he has never broken that rule.

She came back with two glasses of wine and passed one to him.

“To the successful and noted photographer and the hottest amateur model!” she drank the whole glass in a few sips. He had a little sip and asked her…

“Have you got any slow music?”

“Sure, I do. Enigma?…”

“That’ll do.”

And the music filled the room with a totally different feeling.

“Is this one okay?” she asked him and her eyes were shining and her cheeks turned a bit ruby from being a bit nervous.

“I think you’re very photogenic.” – he said.

“Well, we’ll see” – and she had a laugh – “So, what am I supposed to do?”

“Anything you like. Just right here on the sofa.”

The couch was lit with soft and bright lamps that he brought along with him.

“You can dance if you like” – he said and took his camera.

She was giggling and slowly began to move along with the music.

“Do you want me to strip?” – She asked him in a sluttish tone of voice.

“Yeah, oh, yeah, I see you know how to do it!”

She felt turned on and she liked it. The fact that he was looking at her dancing was so pleasing and sweet. He started clicking the camera and she was smiling and moving her hips from side to side.

“C’mon, girl. Do it well. Touch yourself. Caress your tit” – she was listening to his voice and followed all the instructions. She touched her hips, her bum and squeezed her tits. She felt her nipples getting hard through the lace and fingered them.

Music, camera, lights made her feel like a real porn star. She turned left and right and with her back to the camera. In the slit of her skirt he saw a line of her skin on top of the fishnet stoking. He captured that moment on the film.

She went on squeezing her tits harder and harder and her tities were becoming heavier and she felt this photo session was turning her on.

“Take off your shirt. Let me see your tits, girl.”

She liked his commanding voice, the way he talked to her. She took it off and it fell down on the floor. She was before him in her bra and her fingers were teasing those perky tits and nipples underneath the bra. He could see her nipples.

“Now take off your skirt and don’t stop!” He clicked again and again and he liked more and more this photo shoot and the sexy confident girl in front of him. He liked that she was feeling pleasure from his words, the way he talked and the way he looked at her. He had to make effort to keep his fighter down in his pants.

She began to pull up her skirt more and more showing her slim legs in fishnet stocking. She liked teasing him and she knew she looked hot. She turned with her back to him and showed him her bum. He came really close up to her bum to capture it but she suddenly pulled down her skirt and started breathing hard. She began to dance and caressed her bum and her breasts.

“Take it off, babe. I want to see your… your entire body.”

She unzipped her skirt and it started coming off as she slowly moved it down from her waist, then her hips…And there she was… dancing in her panties and bra. Her left hand was busy inside her bra, she was probably playing with her nipple while her right hand was on her bum.

She felt her arousal going up the scale, it’s started getting really naughty and hot in there and a bit more and she would start flowing her juice. She wanted the guy to see the rest of her. She looked on his zipper and noticed a bump in his pants.

“He wants me!” –those thoughts made her head spin and she put her hands on her pussy and started caressing herself.

“Take off your bra, I want to see your tits. Show me how you squeeze your nipples.

“All right.”- and she started taking it off. She turned with her back and smiled.

“You wanna see my tits> You wanna see them?”

And she turned around and pulled up her arms. Her tits swung and bra fell down on the floor. He finally saw those pink nipples and she started playing with them with her wet fingers.

“You like it?”

“Damn, girl! You got killer boobs!”

And he continued taking photos of her.

“You like licking your fingers?”

“Yeah… and not only fingers,” – and she looked down on him.

He was feeling his dick getting harder and harder.

“What else do you like licking?” – he said that and got freaked out from such question.

But she didn’t notice his embarrassment…

“Well, I like dicks,” – she said it like some kinda cat – “I like sucking cock, big ones especially. I like putting dick on my lips and then lick the dickhead. Ouch, its so salty…” – and she moved her pink tongue all over upper lip.

He imagined her taking his dick into her nouth and felt that soon his dick will jump out from his pants.

“Also I like taking it inside my mouth while its still really small and soft and to feel how it gets bigger and bigger filling my mouth… and to feel it pulsing against my tongue. Her fingers went inside her panties and he could see them moving right to the sweet place of delight…

“I’m so…. wet.” She caressed her pussy and realized she has never felt so horny in her life. Her knees got weak and she sat down on the couch.

“Move your legs apart, bunny. Let me capture your wet pussy. Let me see it.”

She was lying and her legs were wide apart. She moved the string of her panties and he saw her pussy lips so pink and swallowed from the turn on.

“Taking ‘em off, girl.”

His voice was quavering and he wanted to put down the camera and put his mouth all over the tasty body. He wanted to feel her clit, lick that sweet pussy, to stick his finger inside so that she would scream from pleasure.

She took off her panties and lied down. She wanted him to see how impudent and insolent she was. He asked her to continue touching herself. She moved her hands right to the center of pleasure. Her fingers touched pussy and she moved them round and around.

She moved her finger lower to the whole inserted it inside. It slipped out. It was so wet in there her finger slipped down to the rose between her but-cheeks. Her other hand was still playing with her clit.

He came really close-up and took pictures of her flowing pussy. She moaned from the pleasure she was giving herself. She closed her eyes and completely entered the whole new different world.

He stared at her and realized that if he doesn’t do anything right now he won’t be able to control himself anymore and would take the shameless girl right where she was. His hand went down on his pants and he took out his hard dick. He squeezed it. From his prolonged sigh she opened her eyes.

She looked at him and then at the thing he was holding in his hand.

“Oooh—“ – that was all she could say.

And in her head she thought “its so huge, I want it!”

But he got her the wrong way. He said:

“No, no. Just… Don’t think anything, I just need to calm myself down. I won’t touch you.”

But he saw that she didn’t mind at all so he continued jacking off.

She was staring at him now. She kept on masturbating. Her hands didn’t stop fucking her pussy and her anal. That felt fantastic!

“You got you finger in your bum, girl? You like the feeling?”

“Oh, yeah…” – she mumbled and didn’t take her eyes of his dick. Huge dick.

“Will you let me fuck you in there?”

“Yes. I want a big cock up in my ass.”

“Will you let me stick it inside you?”

“I want you… I want you in my ass.”

She turned around with her bum sticking out for him. It was totally wet fron the juices.

He couldn’t keep himself any longer. He wanted her so much like he never wanted any other woman. He pulled his hand to put down the camera.

“No, I want you to take a picture of your dick inside my anal.” – she stopped him.

“Yeah, babe! Just give me… give it to me.”

He took his dickhead to the sweet ass and it moved towards him. His friend went inside her ass in a few moves.

“Oh, no…” – he couldn’t keep himself from that moan. It felt so right in her slippery soft tight ass. He went deeper and deeper.

“C’mon. I want it all inside!”

And he shoved in the rest of his dick inside that girl. He went back and forth and she went crazy from the motion.

“Girl, you’re so fuckin’ wet, aren’t you? I love fucking you. Don’t stop touching your pussy.” – he was whispering to her ear.

“I’m gonna take a picture of us…” he stopped for a second and got out just half way. But she moved her ass towards him realizing that now she was the one fucking him. Her fingers kept on playing on her pussy. The went inside it.

“I can’t take it anymore… I’m gonna cum!” – she curved and her back straightened up like cat’s. She couldn’t keep anymore.

“Fuck me! Fuck me more and faster! Give it to me and cum inside my ass! Aaaa-hhh…”

She began to cum. The waves of bliss took over her body again and again, but something inside her was either getting weak or getting stronger. He felt his dick getting gripped in a vice. He couldn’t move as easily as he could before. And there it was… all of his body exploded in orgasm…

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