Sail Away

May 8th, 2008

A guy who is tired of working goes on vacation and rents a boat to sail the Indian Ocean. He meets a girl in the bar and offers her to join him. That is going to be a hot voyage!

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

I had lived in Germany all my life, I’d been toiling like a slave working as a manager in one of the factories, manufacturing cars. My salary was more than ok and I could afford much for myself, I could buy things that I wanted, I could visit the places I liked and much more. I earned a lot of money and I could spend it all on myself. I divorced my wife and honestly I had too, I spent most of my time on the job, I came home late, I very often had too work nights and weekends so I spent very little time with her.

I don’t know what she needed, but I have her anything she wanted, she never worked a day in her life and she got all the money from me. She could spend my money on things like beauty Salon, jewelry, new cars and stuff like that. I loved her, but one day when I came home earlier that she thought I would, I was shocked to see her with some young guy who was fucking her on our king-size bed, she was moaning lustfully, asking him to fuck her deeper. Can you imagine, I was seeing this with my own eyes! That event ruined all our relations, of course she swore by the name of God that this would never happen again, she was telling me how much she loved me but I was firm in my decision to part and however much she tried to save our marriage, she failed and we divorced.

I had a pretty good lawyer and he made sure that my wife got nothing after the divorce. I kicked her out and started living alone, I absorbed in my work as deep as I could, that lasted for two years and soon I started feeling that I was getting really exhausted, I was 38 years old but I felt like I was 50, I was a workaholic and I couldn’t even tell what that was for, I had no one to care after, all the money that I earned was mine and only mine, and close to my birthday, when I was turning 39 I had around three hundred thousand euros on my bank account. Plus my apartment in the center of Hanover and five brand new cars.

I felt I needed to take a rest, so I just came to my boss and said that I wanted to take a vacation, I also added that it was going to be a long vacation. My boss told me that the company was willing to finance the first month of my vacation, however if I wished to take more than one month, I would have to rely on my own money. Hell! I had a lot of money! I could afford much so I smiled and went out of the office. The next day I bought tickets to Malaysia. I arrived in Kuala-Lumpur at night, from there I headed to Langkawi, it’s a small island – a great tourist attraction, with lots of beautiful places to visit and I would even call it – a paradise on earth. When I arrived I saw smiling faces, lots of fancy restaurants and beautiful hotels. I checked in one of them and went to the restaurant in the evening. The restaurant was located near a bay and I saw lots of yachts nearby. I have always dreamed of taking a trip on a yacht and I could ride it well. After dinner, I approached the owner of a nice boat and asked him how much he wanted for a rent. We arranged on 1 thousand euros per month and I agreed at once. He showed me around and already in the evening I had a nice yacht at my disposition.

I had some beer and went to bed earlier, I fell asleep with a thought of tomorrow, I was going to go into the sea. I had a good sleep and when I woke up I proceeded to the bar. I was having my morning coffee when I noticed a pretty girl walk in the bar, she had a nice, slender body, long les and she was wearing her sexy shorts. I decided to come up to her and start the ball rolling.

“Hi, my name is Allois”, I said and gave her a broad smile.

“I am Melinda”, She answered and smiled back.

“Here on vacation?”, I continued trying to sound as friendly as possible.

“Actually, I am working in one of the hotels, I am earning for the university”, She answered and I understood that she was glad to speak to me.

“How about taking a boat ride?”, I said and smiled friendly.

“A boat trip?”, She asked in an astonished voice.

“Yeah, why not, look out the window, see that?”, I pointed to the boat I rented yesterday.

“That’s a nice boat”, she said and I could feel that she was impressed.

We had coffee together and she agreed to sail with me on condition I would bring her back to the shore in the evening.

In about a few minutes we stepped on the boat and set off on our voyage. I took her to the Andaman sea, far away from the shore, the weather was wonderful and the sky was perfectly clear.

When we were far away from the shore I set the boat drifting and went on the deck with Melinda, she was so fresh and pure in the sun light, she was young and slender and her body was something that I longed for.

“How old are you?”, I asked trying to guess her age in my mind.

“I just turned 19”, she answered with a smile.

I couldn’t help looking at her long, slender legs, they were so hot and I really wanted to see her sweet, teen pussy.

We were looking into each others’ eyes without saying a word and she probably understood what I wanted from her. She smiled and made a step closer to me, I hugged her and gave her a passionate kiss, she didn’t resist and we were kissing each other for about a minute.

“So, do you have a boyfriend?”, I asked tearing myself away from her cherry lips.

“I do, he is in the States, waiting for me to come back”, she answered with a sad smile.

“But I don’t think he’ll wait for me to come, he’s probably found another girl”, she added.

“Well, let’s not make it too sad, you’re a pretty girl and it’s easy for you to get any man”, I said and started rubbing her thighs, she threw her hands around me and pushed me to herself, my dick was rock hard and she felt it against her body.

My hands were traveling all over Melinda’s body and I started taking her clothes off. When I finally got her nude, she took off my pants and took my dick out. Then she kneeled and took it in her mouth. I raised my head up and smelled the fresh, salty ocean air, Melinda was sucking on my cock and she was great at sucking, she was trying to take it deep into her mouth and I could feel her saliva was running down my balls, I closed my eyes and felt how happy I was. I didn’t have to go to work the next day, nor would I have to go there in a week, I was absolutely free and I had a lot of money to live happily for more than three years. Melinda started licking my balls, she even tried to take them all in her mouth, I was on my cloud, I’ve never felt like that before, she was giving me such a great head and it seemed that was the best thing she could do in this life.

Then she exposed my dickhead and started tickling it with her tongue, I was shivering and she was holding me tight by my butt, then she took my dick in her mouth again and it started all over again. I can’t tell how much it lasted but I felt that if she didn’t stop, I was going to cum soon. Of course I wanted to try her teen pussy so I made a gesture for her to rise.

I sat on the verge of the boat and Melinda started mounting my cock, her pussy was already wet cause she got excited from sucking on my cock. Although I felt that her 19 year-old pussy was as tight as it could be, she was mounting my dick slowly and when my cock was fully inside her she stopped and a moan escaped her lips. She started riding my cock and there are no words to describe the feeling that I had when her pussy was going up and down my dick tightly embracing it. Melinda was a great fucker and she was fucking me with such passion that it seemed she was as hungry for a cock as no slut on the face of earth.

In a few minutes I felt an urge to bang her sluttish hole by myself, so I raised her and put her on the deck, then I turned her around and positioned myself behind, I easily penetrated her pussy and started drilling it, I really needed to get that work load of my shoulders so I was relentless. Melinda was screaming like a whore, but the more she screamed the harder I banged her tight pussy.

I was brining myself closer and closer to the strongest orgasm in my life and Melinda’s moans were making me hotter and hotter. When I felt I was on the verge I took my dick out of her pussy and shouted: “I’m CUMMINGGGGG!”, Melinda understood everything and quickly kneeled and her face came right near my dick I started jerking it and that very moment my cum started hitting her face, I was virtually flooding her angel’s face and my sperm dick covering all over her face and her hair with my semen, that was probably the longest and the strongest orgasm in my life, when I stopped jerking my dick, Melinda took it in her mouth and started licking it avidly, not letting a single drop fall on the deck. She’s sucked my balls dry, let my dick go and smiled. The sperm was sparkling on her face and she looked beautiful.

That was a nice beginning of my vacation and I was sure going to see Melinda again. Later I offered Melinda a position of a captain on my boat. She agreed and we had lots of fun together.

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