Right in the parking lot

May 19th, 2008

A guy picks a girl right in the parking lot, she asks him for a ride and he gives her a ride on his cock….

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

I woke up really early as I needed to drive to another town, my boss sent me on a business trip and I was to take part in some discussions. I had a quick breakfast and headed to the parking lot where I parked my car. When I came nearer I saw a chick in the parking lot, I was a bit surprised as it was early morning and there was about an hour left before people would start arriving at the parking lot. Once she saw me, she made several steps towards me and said:

“Hey, Mr. I need to get out of town real quick, can you take me with you?”, she asked me and her tone of voice sounded more like an order.

“Why are you so sure I am driving out of town?”, I asked her in a bit of unfriendly tone because I didn’t like when people ordered me to do something.

“I just need to get out of here, my boyfriend is looking for me, I can’t take the subway cause he got his guys at all the entrances”, she said and I noticed that her voice sounded really desperate.

“We had a scene yesterday and I crushed the bottle on his face, I gotta get out of town, please help me”, she continued.

I started to think that she is way to desperate, a wasn’t a person who helps others for free and I started thinking about what I could get for that. What did I need? I don’t know. But, suddenly I started paying attention to her body, her boobs, her cute face. I felt that it would be a good idea to get my fat cock into her pussy. If she were so desperate then I could try.

“So, young lady, if you are ready to do everything to get out of town, why don’t you suck my cock?”, I said and realized that it was rather bold. I would have never said it under other circumstances but here I just shot it from the shoulder and I even started feeling sorry for that.

“You mean, after that you’ll take me out of town?”, She looked at me with her sad eyes.

Now it was tome for me to be baffled, honestly I thought she would tell me to fuck off after my bold offer but it seemed that she was not surprised and she took it commonly as if I offered her a cup of coffee.

Those thoughts were running down my head and I didn’t notice her approaching to me, when I did, she was already on her knees before me, unzipping my fly.

“Hey, what are you doing??”, I shouted trying to stop her but she didn’t listen to me, she was going to complete what she started and soon my cock jumped out of my pants. We were in the parking lot and we could be seen by other people but it looked like she didn’t care.

I didn’t have time to breathe a word when my cock got into her mouth, she started sucking on it so vehemently and it seemed it was the only thing she’s been longing for. The situation was absurd, I was standing in the middle of the parking lot with a girl on her knees sucking my cock. I must say that the situation itself was turning me on and making me hot like never before. This chick was definitely off her rocker, she was as crazy as you can never imagine and that was a real turn on.

I leaned against the car and tried to relax, I stopped thinking that we were in the middle of the parking lot and chased those thoughts away from my head.

The babe’s tongue was traveling all over my cock, making me hotter and hotter. She really knew how to suck men off and she was a real pro at it. My cock was flooded by her saliva and some of it was running down my balls.

Soon, I felt I was close to cumming, but I didn’t want to cum that quick, I wanted to get into her pussy so I made a gesture for her to stop, then I helped her get on her feet and asked her to turn around. She leaned against the car and stuck her ass out, that was a nice position for penetration.

My cock easily got into her wet cave and I set to drilling her. She started moaning lustfully and I started drilling her harder and harder. Just imagine what I was feeling? I was out on the street and if someone had told me I would be fucking a girl right there, I would have told him that he was crazy and that was next to impossible. Although at that time I didn’t think so, my excitement was higher than my moral values and even if someone saw me, I would still be banging her sweet hole.

I thought I would bang her till I drained my balls but suddenly she asked me to stop and sit right on the ground. She mounted me and started riding my cock. It lasted for about five minutes, I soon felt I was going to cum. I just screamed: “Oh, fuck I’m cumming!” and she immediately got off my cock and started jerking it, her face was right over it. In about a second my body started shrinking and my sperm started hitting her face. That was a really intense orgasm and when I was done I was surprised to see the chick all covered in my cum, she was smiling and the cum was all over her face, her lips and even her hair was in it.

When I came, I finally realized what happened. It was as if I came to senses, I zipped my pants and ran towards my car.

“Hey, Mr. where do you think you’re going”, She cried out jokingly but I was in no mood for joking.

I jumped into my car and started it, she headed towards me but when she was close, I drove back and she started running after my car.

“Hey, stop, you promised to take me with you!”, she was shouting and she probably understood that I wasn’t joking.

“Hey”, she shouted again and I could hear that she was on the verge of crying.

I pushed my gas pedal and my car was taking me farther and farther from the parking lot.

“Fuck off, dirty slut”, I thought and set off on my business trip.

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23 Responses to “Right in the parking lot”

  1. horny bitch Says:

    that was so hott my pussy is sooooo wet

  2. Trond Says:

    Hey Dude, this is some fun! I would also love to try sex somewhere in a public place, I once fucked my girlfriend in the elevator but I was kind on my nerves. The funny thing was that when I came all over her face the doors flung open and three people walked in!

  3. Dairren Says:

    Makes me so hot! I wanna cum right now!

  4. rara Says:

    fuckkkk that was so hott hehe

  5. pseudo Says:

    how i can relate to having the best of times in public. just hope i have more of goodtimes like these; why it is all we have as individuales with goals and souls. thanks to all the instigators for spreading the word about this thug passion let it be know,open for business.

  6. NetSoul Says:

    Take that feels and share with my friends.

  7. SkeTcHY Says:

    Man I wouldnt leave her there i would of taken her to a hotel out of town, with a very comfy bed, if you know what I mean.

  8. Babe Says:

    My cunt is sooo wet! I love sex in open adventurous places!

  9. sadi Says:

    will u sex with meee

  10. sadi Says:

    mis spy like 2 frnd ship with meee???

  11. sadi Says:

    i live in hyd cant…& u???

  12. sadi Says:

    ok mslady tell me u r msn id

  13. sadi Says:


  14. Jambay Dorji Says:

    Hiiii,everybody i want to be your part please join me. Jambay(Amos) From Jalpaiguri and i am student std:12th and me 26 years old thanking you all.

  15. Manku Says:


  16. nalnanban Says:

    That was very unfair. You did not keep your promise. I pity that girl. She was cheated.

  17. r135 Says:


  18. . Says:

    You idiot, take her with you

  19. emily Says:

    I have wet pach on my pants now lol

  20. zaheerpaki2006 Says:

    i m 25 m Lahore, thirsty 4 love….
    call me at 0307-7074686

  21. sexy bitch Says:

    i think it was crap. it was such a short round

  22. Pussy licka Says:

    I would have fucked her brains out after i got her out of town

  23. love not war Says:

    that was horrible she sucked ur ugly dick let u in her pussy and cum on her face and u drive off witout her callin her a slut u the dirty fuckin slut asshole

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