When your wife is away you can have a lot of fun especially when your neighbors are pretty chicks who are hanging around with nothing to do…

The telephone rang loudly and persistently. You cursed aloud, turned the shower off and leaped out the bath for the hallway, where the telephone was. You snatched it:

- Hello?

You heard a pleasant woman’s voice:

- This is Kira. Can I talk to your wife?

- Why? – You asked roughly.

- You see, she ordered something for me in a shop, and I just wanted to ask if it came.

Water trickled down your naked body right to the carpet. Staring at this small pool around your legs, you murmured something with irritation, but you were not understood:

- Can you repeat please? There was some noise and I couldn’t get you.

- All the better! – You muttered, but here you felt ashamed for your rudeness. That was not that woman’s fault that you were out of sorts.

- Sorry, what did you say? – She repeated again.

You noticed that she was confused.

- Nothing, please, forget it. I’ve been just taking a shower you called. And the carpet, I standing at, is wet now.

- Oh, I’m very sorry!

- No, that’s ok.

Now there were some calming notes in your voice:

- Probably, my wife is out. She had to leave this morning unexpectedly. Can I help you somehow?

- I don’t know. – replied Kira. – Have you already glanced over the mail? I am to receive a small package.

- Wait a minute, I‘ll run over it right now on the kitchen.

- Thank you very much.

You splashed to the kitchen and found several letters there, but no any small package. You reported that result to the woman.

- Perhaps, it’ll come tomorrow, – she said quietly, as if she was thinking about something, – could you please be so kind and say when exactly you are expecting your wife.

- Probably on Tuesday. Tell me the character of your package and the telephone number. I’ll call you as soon as it comes.

- Don’t get me wrong, but it’ll be better if I call you myself. – Her voice sounded hesitating. – Well, you see, it is something personal in it and I don’t want to tell about it. Can I call you one more time tomorrow?

- If you want, why not? – You nodded. – But not at 6 a.m., ok? It’ll be Saturday…

- Agree, – laughed Kira. – And one more request, don’t open the package, please.

- But how can I guess that it is addressed to you?

- The sender is the goods distribution company. Absolutely definite firm, do you understand me?

- No I don’t understand anything, – you muttered.

- I just want to ask you not to unclose the package until I call you. Then I’ll be able to tell you if it is for me or for your wife. Can you do this favour for me?

- Ok, in this case, call me tomorrow afternoon and I’ll tell you.

- Have you got angry?

- Oh, no, it brings me much pleasure… – you made acid remarks.

- However, you’ve got angry. – said Kira. – But if you knew the content of the package you would understand me.

- But I don’t know it…

- That is the point. Otherwise you would not only understand me but might blame me. And I don’t want that.

- What sort of devilry is this?

Now you didn’t understand completely anything. Somebody rang the doorbell and you broke off the talk.

- Sorry somebody is ringing the doorbell…

- Well, if that is so I wish you to have real fun. – Replied Kira.

- Why should I? – You asked in some kind of perplexity.

- Why? But you are a grass widower now. – She laughed.

You hardly tried to control yourself and not to say her something like: “Dumb bunny!” The talk was over. The cheerful mood you awoke with had gone to hell. This telephone talk with that mad turned you into irritated state. Now you were ready to take it out on somebody who was ringing the doorbell. You slipped on your dressing gown hastily and throw the door open.

- Hi! – There was standing a dazzling beauty in front of you. It was the gorgeous blond from the next flat.

You immediately noticed her short gown. Apparently she was naked under it. Only here you got that Monica (that was her name) held out the coffee cup:

- Can you borrow me some sugar.

Your bed mood immediately blew off. You invited Monica in gallantly.

- Welcome! I have stocks of sugar.

The lady entered the hallway and waited for you until you were closing the door. Moreover she managed to demonstrate her woman’s charm when you’d turned to her: now her gown seemed even shorter then before with an outright low cut. All these made you admirably estimate the slim figure of the guest.

You saw a lot of each other in the elevator, talked some nonsense but always felt the mutual attraction. You had some strange feeling toward her and suspected that she also wasn’t indifferent to you. Ultimately in your 39 you were a quite interesting man!

- Are you also alone tonight? – You asked her and took the coffee cup from her hand.

- Why are you asking that? Are you alone either?

- Yes, my wife had decided to make me a grass widower for couple of days.

- Oh, in that case we can have coffee together. – Offered Monica. She knew pretty well that you would be along for several days (she knew that from your wife when the last was leaving).

That was the true reason for her visit. Pending the interesting evening she was in your apartment. All circumstances appeared to be ideal. Anyway both of you were dressed only in the gowns.

You coughed:

- Well, let’s try. I prepare sugar and milk and you – coffee. Agree?

- Agree. And where? May be it is better in my flat?

- Perfectly!

You entered Monica’s territory loaded with sugar and milk. At once you felt cozy here like at home. The room you were at, served both the living room and bedroom. There was playing a pleasant calm music and the room was in a shade. Monica didn’t change the gown while she was preparing the trolley.

- Take a seat, please. – She said and pointed to the chair. – Coffee is already done.

You followed her offer and started to look over the place while Monica was on the kitchen. You liked that everything there harmonized with each other. It created the warm and intimate atmosphere.

- What are you? – You asked.

- I’m a kindergarten teacher.

Monica came to you:

- Your coffee. – She said and put the cup on the trolley.

- Thank you.

You were keeping silent for some moments. You tasted coffee.

- Wow, it’s so hot. Hot but tasty. – You laughed shyly and added – Tell me, do you have a lot of work there?

- Not really. I like my work. Sometimes I make some money on the side, as a governess.

- Really? – You asked surprisingly.

- Why? – Monica laughed.

- Well, usually everybody wants to relax at the evening. Everybody but you.

- This job is well paid.

- Isn’t it dangerous?

- What do you mean?

- Well, such beautiful young lady, and possibly together with a man-owner alone in an apartment.

Monica laughed again:

- Oh, that. Yes, sometimes such ticklish situations happen.

- How much ticklish?

- Very ticklish. Sometimes they feel up my breasts, sometimes get their hands under my skirt. Everything happens. Once the head of one family meet me in his birthday suit. Another one undressed when I was already seating in the living room. He entered the room, stood in front of me and started to masturbate.

- Oh, – you didn’t expect such frank confession. – And you? What did you do?

- Nothing. I was just watched him smiling.

- And nothing more? – You specified.

- He was not to my liking.

- Ok, and if you liked him?

- Well, in that case I could help him.

- Hm- m, – you mumbled.

- Are you shocked? – Monica laughed.

- Shocked? Oh, no, I’m surprised soon.

Monica made herself comfortable and crossed her legs. The gown drew up and bared her legs.

- You see, most of them are inoffensive men. They need just a small adventure. So to say, to distract from the routine everyday life, to feel up a little, to neck a bit, to lick. And if I like a man why should I resist him? Moreover my fee rises thanks to it.

Saying that she observed your reaction with interest. She liked you that were why she became more outright.

- Of course, some of them want really to fuck me!

You coughed:

- How do you react on this?

- If I like a man, I say him “yes”. But if I don’t like, I just leave. That’s all.

You nodded silently and kept glancing at Monica’s thighs. You wanted her. Her beauty and frankness bewitched you.

- Are you naked under the gown? – You asked hoarsely. Your tongue stuck to the throat in excitement.
Monica’s eyes sparkled with desire. The wave of excitement flashed inside her. She enjoyed the situation and slowly nodded in reply.

- Yes, I’m absolutely naked under the gown.

- And if I don’t believe, what to do? – You asked.

- Check it! – whispered Monica.

The room filled with passionate expectation. You came to Monica and implemented her offer. You stiffened with excitement for several seconds, gazing at her naked smooth thighs, her plump breasts. Her nipples hardened as if they were feeling your gaze.

- Really! – You hardly forced that from you. You lowered the look. Her body was slim with very thin waist. You saw mop of black hear that thinned out as they grew lower and finally lost between the tanned hams. With every second your eyes filled with voluptuousness.

- And what is between them? – You asked hoarsely pointing at her thighs.

- My nest! – replied Monica breathlessly. – Do you want to see it?

- Yes!!!

Monica slowly moved her legs apart, discovering her pussy. Under the influence of your passionately sparkling eyes she felt creepy all over. She pulled her legs up to her body and parted them wider.

- You are so beautiful!!! – You whispered. At the same time your hand touched her slit as if it was magnetized, pressed the wet pussy and tenderly fiddled with her lips.

- You… you drives me mad… – she moaned calmly. She smoothly began to move her pelvis in order to get into the same rhythm with your finger.

- Oh, I’m so hot already… I all want… – she whispered again. – I can stand it any more!

Monica’s pubis hair, swollen a little up lips, widely open slit – all that captivated you. Her faint moans awoke the passionate desire to possess that young diva. You kept fondling her already excited sexual organs. She completely lost any control over herself. The longer you teased her with your finger play the louder she breathed. Her breath gradually turned into moans and then into passionate cries. Her pelvis movements became more frequent. Monica felt terribly pleasant tickling between the thighs.

- Wait… Please, wait… – she said hardly breathing. She pulled you closer to the bench and applying little efforts she laid you down. Then she threw open you gown and stiffened for a moment observing your hard on dick that stuck up like a candle.

- Kiss me, – she groaned with excitement.

Then she lied down the way you faced her source of pleasure and took your cock inside her mouth at the same time. In her right hand Monica played with your testicles of the hairy scrotum and simultaneously inserted your lance into her mouth. Then she started a play with her tongue, accompanying it by kisses and sucking. You couldn’t hold the wild and sweet moans.

Your long coarse tongue started working on her slit. It artfully penetrated inside. She had never experienced such a great pleasure from licking her treasure. The tongue tip produced its play sped up and it seemed that it was created especially for that girlish vagina. The tongue entered her and then out again. You kissed her widely planted apart thighs, her nest that was wet with love juice. You brought Monica to the condition that she couldn’t suppress her voluptuous screams. You kissed her intimate place with merciless passion reveling in her charming aroma; trifled with her clit and tenderly moved apart the lips of her love grotto at the same time. Monica perceived nothing else but that wild pleasure. She stopped the play with your pecker and only yelled as the pleasure went through all her body.

- Enter me… fuck me! – She groaned and you immediately threw at her.

Every your cell felt her smooth young skin. You felt that Monica’s hands found your dick and tenderly pulled it toward her nest. Two times she passed it over the wet slit and then smoothly impaled herself on it. You breathed heavily and frequently. Monica moaned and you screamed together. You felt the moisture, the warmth of her vagina. It was so hot. You pushed your cock inside Monica’s volcano. It fucked her and its movements were fast, powerful and even a little rough but very passionate. She was young so was her vagina and you felt yourself young too. She fucked excellently making the synchronic movement together with you. That was a pure delight. That was so wonderful to feel under your body absolutely naked 18 years old girl; to penetrate into her bosom as far as it could go; to feel her narrow and so elastic slit; to enter it; to feel shivering of her body!

- Oh-oh-oh… I… I’m coming… yeah-yeah… y-e-a-h! – She moaned stammering.

You were in the seventh heaven. You heard her bawl and your pecker convulsionary release from its charge. Monica came simultaneously with you. Her body was shaking in ecstasy. That was only the beginning of the evening.

You left her only at dawn and slept forenoon. It was Saturday but the last night with Monica couldn’t be repeated tonight unfortunately because she left for her parents and was going to back only at Sunday evening. Nevertheless you agreed to spend that night together.

You took a shower, had breakfast and went to the study to read a bit. There was laying a small package wrapped into the packing paper on the table. And your wife’s note next to it: “Honey, This package is for Kira – the young pretty woman who lives one floor up. You know her. She asked me to make one order for her. She made me to vow silence. I think she has problems with her husband. Perhaps, he leaves her alone too often. In order to satisfy your curiosity (otherwise you’ll open the package) I inform you that Kira ordered so called “pleasure balls” vie me. Please, give the package to her and don’t show that you know its content. By the way, she likes you…”

You read the letter one more time. “Pleasure Balls!” They are placed inside vagina. Who would ever have thought! That dark-haired, not very tall woman who lived one level up always made an impression of a very shy creature, though she was pretty attractive. Probably she looked of high breeding. She was very slim, beautiful face, long dark hair. And she likes me? That’s something new. But she even never looked in my direction. Or she did? Strictly speaking, I also like her and even every much…” You glanced on the watch: “Should I wait for her call or come to see her? Or maybe I’ll open the door naked when she comes to take the package. I think I can get something here if Kira’s husband leaves her often.”

Having reflected a little in that manner you decided to trust the fortune. You took the shower one more time as there was a terrible heat outside and put on your comfortable home cloths. In couple of minutes the telephone rang.

- Hello, it’s me again. I called you yesterday evening. Do you remember me?

- Sure! Your remark about “the grass widower” settled in my mind.

- Well, how was it?

- What “how was it”?

- Did you do that?

- Such an approach of yours, I must say! How much do you want to know?

She laughed instead of reply.

- Aha, does it mean that you are not curious? – You asked.

- Yes, that has nothing to do with me!

- It sounds ambiguous. – You said and smiled ironically.

- What do you mean?

- Well, you can also know something!

The silence reigned. At first Kira wanted to protest and say that he misunderstood her. But then another idea came to her mind. At least you didn’t know whom you were speaking with (she thought). Consequently, she could yield to your hints, why not?! And aloud:

- Every woman wants to know something, so does every man.

- Oh – la – la! – You laughed. – You are not as shy as I thought. For sure! My wife was right.

- Your wife?

- Yes, my wife. She wrote to me a note that you were waiting for the package and that I should give it you. Are you surprised?

- Do you… know who I am?

- Of course. If your telephone had stood at the same line with mine, and if the ceiling had been transparent I could have looked under your skirt. Of course if you were not in the trousers.

That was the direct hit! The silence reigned again. You could hear her excited breath.

- Do you know the content of the package? – Asked Kira in a low voice.

- No! – You lied. – I’ll leave it with you now. In two minutes I’m at your door.

- I… I don’t know…

You broke off the talk, went out of the flat holding her package and lifted up to the next level. You appeared in front of Kira’s door and rang the doorbell without any hesitation. Kira opened the door:

- Come in quickly, I don’t want somebody rumor about us.

- Why should they rumor?

- You are along, so am I. People quickly invent something.

You nodded and entered the apartment. She walked ahead of you several meters and you managed to examine her. In her 30-s she looked beautiful. Her white light dress showed her slim figure to the best advantage: the thin waist, perfect thighs, not very big but plump buttocks and of cause her breasts! You saw them from a side. They looked petite and pointed up. Yes, she was a mature woman.

Kira invited you to the living room. You looked around.

- It’s very cosy here, – you resumed.

- Can I ask you? – paying no attention to your words. – My husband shouldn’t know about this package.

- Oh, don’t be afraid I’ll be tight-lipped. Is there anything bad inside the package?

The neighbour shook her head:

- I’m sorry, I haven’t even offered to a seat. Would you like some beer?

You nodded you head, took a seat and Kira vanished to the kitchen. When Kira came back you already turned on the radio set and the room filled with pleasant lyrical sounds. Without saying a word Kira gave you the glass of beer and set on the front chair.
- When your husband is to arrive? – You asked breaking the silence.

- On Monday or on Tuesday.

- Is he a manager, isn’t he?

- Yes, he is a manager.

- Are you often along?

- Yes.

You drank beer and Kira tried to adjust to the new situation. You – the man of her dream was sitting next to her. She didn’t know why, but she always saw only your face in her erotic dreams. And here you were in her apartment. There wasn’t a single soul around you. She wasn’t surprised that your presence excited her.

You put the glass on the table and offered her the package:

- This is for you.

- Thank you. Do I owe you something?

- I don’t know. Is there any check?

- Do you want to get money right now?

- You can give them to my wife.

You looked at each other silently and then Kira asked you:

- Don’t you really know its content?

You looked at her for some moments and then replied:

- Is it so important?

- It means you know.

Kira blushed to the roots of her hair.

- You should understand me… I’m not bad… I’m just…

- You are just a normal woman. – You finished her thought. – Moreover, you are very beautiful woman.
Kira blushed again.

- Can you keep this secret?

- Who do you take me for? Do you think I am a tattler? – You laughed and stood up deciding to go home, as it wasn’t nice to take Kira’s situation as a pretext.

But when she wanted to pass by you in order to see you to the door, you put your one hand around her waist not saying anything and started dancing with her. You cuddled her up to you.

This tender dance seemed to last an eternity. Lyrical music filled the place. Kira felt the wetness between her thighs. The excitement was gradually seizing her. Slight rubbing pressure of your leg between her legs awoke her desire. Though she was trying not to loose her head, she couldn’t resist that exciting gentle rubbing of her intimate place. And “why should she resist?” she thought. It was so fascinating! Kira didn’t doubt that you were doing it on purpose. She felt your hard on dick on her right thigh, it bulged out from your trousers. She gave up. You felt yourself like a swine. However the desire was bigger than the remorse. You knew that Kira had already felt your erect pecker. And the fact that she didn’t broke off the dance pushed you further. You cuddled her up tightly. She didn’t resist. Her excitement increased. She imagined that you wanted to fuck her and her heart was near to jump out with desire. She felt also that you cuddled her up tightly. Your bodies joined into one and made smooth movements in time with lyric music.

Kira enjoyed the bliss and closed her eyes. You kept holding tight this tempting woman. Your hands were fondling the back of your dance partner and finally stopped at her buttocks. You pressed them to you and not meeting any resistance you carefully pulled her dress up and put your hands at the same place again.

Your hands passed in her tight panties and pressed to her naked buttocks that were moving up and down to the music. You pushed the middle finger of your right hand between her nates, simultaneously pulled off her left buttock and started to fondle her asshole by the finger-pad. As before Kira didn’t resist you, on the contrary, she snuggled up to you even tighter. You led her to the sofa and finally you fell on it.

- I… I… – you heard her whispering in to your ear. You slowly raised her white dress revealing her tanned thighs. – You shouldn’t tell to anyone about this package content… please!… – she attempted to stutter, as if she was yield to you only because of this.

In reality she desperately wanted you. Your hands were firing on her naked hams. She was ready for everything and only tried to find the reason that could excuse her behavior. She had never been unfaithful to her husband before. And that was to happen with you! She accepted that.

- You are so gorgeous. – You said trying to prolong the words. – I want to caress you everywhere!

You shivered with the rising excitement that increased when you began to lift the dress and fondle her thigh skin. Your hand touched her panties. There was seen the mount of Venus. You tenderly caressed it with you finger.

Kira knew that that was a dangerous game but the lust grew progressively. She felt your finger-tap touch there and her legs moved apart as by themselves. Kira was too hot to think clearly. She lifted her pelvis a little when you were pulling her panties down. She also didn’t resist when you parted her thighs by force in order to get the access to her slit.

Everything that was opened to your sight between Kira’s legs looked completely unusual. Her intimate place appeared to be fresh and girlish. Having seen the trembling pink flesh you even swallowed your saliva. Her lower lips were widely opened with the excitement and revealed the convulsive lovely slit, filled with glimmering wetness. Curled black hair surrounded it.

You were in some kind of stupor and couldn’t shift your gaze from that slick wet hole exhaling sweet aroma! That was a true hypnotic influence. You were looking at that much brining pleasure slit, it was so close to you. And how beautiful Kira was lying!!! Her eyes were closed, the dress was up, the lower part of her belly was naked, and legs were moved apart. You could hardly contain yourself. Your mouth rushed forward and pressed Kira’s charming hole. She ardently screamed as she felt lips at first and then your tongue there. The sped up movements of your tongue tip overwhelmed her. Being beside herself she tore off the dress and yield to that lustful play.

- Yeah… oh-oh, yeah… keep doing it… kiss me… fondle my nest… a-a-a!…

It seemed that all other words vanished from her memory. You felt going crazy. Kira’s nudity, perfect body and exciting yells stopped you for a moment. You were all eyes at her nice breasts, her biscuit nipples. You greedily nestled to this miracle of art caressing it by your hands, feeling it by the fingers, covering with kisses this striking illustration of overflowing woman’s passion. Then again you pressed your lips against her flickering pussy inhaling the divine aroma coming from Kira’s depths; you toyed with her source of pleasure. You drank her thick juice, penetrating deep into her sweet vagina and trifling with her clit. You drought Kira to the state that she couldn’t keep the ecstasy inside any more. She started moving her pelvis up and then burst with voluptuous yell:

- A-a-a… oh-oh-oh… I’m coming… I’m coming! – she held nothing back to the burning feelings that made her young body coil and shake as if there was volcanic eruption inside her.

Kira’s body was extremely tense: she tried to part her legs wider and up the pelvis even more in order to be pressed by your lips tighter. It seemed to her that the ecstasy would never end. And finally being drained of all energy and strength she remained lying motionless. Everything you’d done with her she didn’t get for a long time. Her husband took her roughly (if he did), quickly fucked her and fell asleep. Two minutes up and down and he finished, but not she. And today Kira experienced passion, pleasure and satisfaction all together.

You turned her to the belly to fondle her buttocks and she readily obeyed. You began toying with her anus hole. Kira immediately felt that the excitement rushed again. Now she wanted you to fuck her properly. She pulled her ass toward your hand’s play. Her breath became heaver.

- I… I… I beg you, fuck me… fuck me! – That was all she could force out of her.

You had never met a woman in your life that could yield to you to the last drop and in that moment you wouldn’t change Kira for some else in the world. She seemed a woman-dream came true; she was eager to realize your eternal desire. You started to undress quickly.

Your dick powerfully jumped out for freedom. Having seen it Kira thought that she was dreaming, because she had never seen in her life such a huge fucking instrument, big scrotum and she involuntary thought if that cudgel like cock didn’t tear her tender vagina. However keen desire to fuck overflew her. Almost reverently and took your respect worthy organ of pleasure with her gentle fingers and kissed it, placing a path up and down by her tongue and fondling your swollen testicles. You couldn’t hold an ardent moan.

Gingerly, as if it was an expansive doll, you put the woman on the sofa again. Having moved apart her easily yielded thighs you caressed her gorgeous breasts a little and only after that you knelt between her legs and pressed your pecker against her pulsating nest. You carefully moved your pelvis toward and felt that the inlet of love took the dickhead tightly enveloping the swollen edge of your instrument. The pecker thrust inside in one push. Kira passionately groaned. At first it seemed to her that your cock was tearing her to pieces but at the same time she felt an unbelievable delight of voluptuousness. She moaned quietly. You were seized by the tightness of her cave. Lust and nothing but lust captured every your cell. Kira eagerly threw her body toward you showing that she wanted to feel the whole length of your pecker. And you started smooth pushes. You couldn’t believe if it was true: that shy Kira was lying under you, you were fucking her and that was exactly what she wanted. You thrust your penis to her cave and reached its bottom.

Overflowing with love heat, Kira loudly groaned and made up movements of the pelvis passionately receiving every shove. She wanted to experience everything fully. She clearly felt that the thick dickhead met the hindrance inside her at every thrust and it drove her to ecstasy. Her movements turned to the continuous fit of passion and the moans into yell.

You lost your head with enjoyment that seized you entire creature. You stuck your gigantic instrument into Kira’s hot vagina, then took it out and thrust deep again. Kira was getting everything you could give her. With every push your hairy scrotum hit against Kira’s hot moving nates. She was wildly coiling under you body.

Her broken breath became louder, her furious shoves toward you indicated of her complete loss of control. It seemed to her that now (right now) she was going to die with pleasure, to decompose molecules and fascinating powerful orgasm came. It made her body twitch all over, yell with overfilling voluptuousness and quieten down.

Then she took your scrotum into her hands and started fondling it tenderly as if she wanted to help you to find your expiation.
The groan escaped your lips. Kira’s play with your testicles was so excited that your body strained itself. You felt the gathering of semen in the scrotum and it forced you to speed up. Kira moaned to the rhythm of your pushes. She had never experienced it before. Without any pause the ecstasy came again and she couldn’t stand it any longer. She gave wild and piercing shriek.
A-a-a… Faster… faster… I’m coming… now… n-o-w!!!… a-a-a…!

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  1. Jenya Stud Says:

    I have a really hot neighbor girl living next door. She is so fucking sweet and nice, i am really fond of her. once i fortuned t have sex with her, but it happened only once, unfortunately! this is a very true live story! Enjoyed it

  2. shettykhan Says:

    what a fantastic one, she should be give more men so that
    she becomes more voileance while fucking.

  3. AZA^MATURE Says:

    Yeah, guys, when your wife is away you gotta find some work for your dick and the best way is to fuck your next-door neighbor.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    Why is the English so BAD in most of these stories? It makes them very hard to read

  5. HOT Says:

    I think the authors get so excited that cannot write easily!

  6. longly guy Says:

    horny meeeeeee, if only it was true.
    or i could experince this while i am single.

    I had my dictionary while reading, that help to give my dickhead /instrument/ pecker thrust a brake. LoL!!!!!

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