May 18th, 2009

This guy is having the time of his life at a party, he picks up two gorgeous girls and fucks the shit out of them, they love every minutes of it and there’s nothing his cock likes better…

After having drunk some beer, in a good mood, I and some friend of mine made our steps to one girl. The door opened and there appeared some cutie: cheerful, warm-tempered, we examined her whole body, every piece of her, those nice nipples, tender swan neck, slapped her ass, and came in. There were other 4 sweet goodies waiting for us, we introduced ourselves in a very noble and gentle manner of medieval knights. The fun went on, we were drinking beer, listening to the music, watching babes around us, and they made it on purpose making us turn on, their twists and bends made me mad, the knobs placed irresistible burden on jeans, it was like volcanic eruption, when you are still not burst but anyway, it makes you hard-on so that you are losing your mind. I was dreaming of putting these bitches down, and ramming them hard right on that red carpet one by one, changing places and eating them piece after piece.

From the left, from the right some sun tanned female bodies were dancing, filling the whole room with their sweet flesh aroma, we filled our desire with some more drink, noon was gonna come back home, time was flying by like some enigmatic tale man, reminding of the dawn that was still on the way and the night that was still in full swing. Drunk guys, smoking grass and getting wild, it was only one room flat there, but we didn’t care on how 8 people could find enough space to settle in.

While lying on the bed with 2 sexy but drunk babes I couldn’t hold my erection long, what choice I had, there was hardly anyone who might believe that strong guy could stay calm and cold seeing these 2 sexy chicks beside! I was stroking their asses, both babes were uttering moans, I saw them getting excited with every minute, and naughty hands reached down to those sweet pleasure knobs… they rubbed their backs to my body from both sides, nice slim shapes and virgin like tits…

As for kisses, hot passionate kisses, I was kissing one girl while used my fingers to caress another one, removing her panties aside I entered her private world, she was licking and uttering sounds, her tears of passion waved my body, my cock was tearing my underwear willing to get out, continuing fondling them both I was either granting my kisses to them both… try some, my fingers were glistening with that sweet juice from fields of lust and pleasure, and there they disappeared in 2 marvelous mouths of my partners, they sucked me hot, like 2 snakes who could bite me any second, this feeling made me turn on… that was enough, having settled one of them on her back I put my cock in her hole!

My dick was thrashing in there like some crazy beast, it was drilling her hole hard, vehemently, she was squeezing it so tight instead that I could hardly move, and she was absorbing me as deep as possible, loving me getting inside her long! I pulled her girlfriend and said: “Kiss her!” and they joined their lips in a long kiss…tongue made their wild circles around one another, hands were passing bodies searching for delight that was hidden in the most secretive site of these bodies… this girl started stroking my partner, she was stroking her tits, flicking nipples, then she began masturbating, nursing her beaver softly, stroking that nice sexy tight ass and revealing vagina lips to show her sweet adorable clit! And there my babe flew in a wind of climax, her orgasm was so powerful that caught her on its wings and she flew away… take it easy, my babe, I reached to her girlfriend and my cock disappeared deep in her mouth, grabbing her by hair I pulled her mouth the way I wanted she suck me, her tongue was making those mad things with my cock that all men love, it was so sweet and divine, she was sucking me while her girlfriend was lying beside and looking at us with languishing eyes… when I came in her mouth, she cleaned my dick entirely, and swallowed it all. The world was over, it was not enough to fit those feelings that filled me inside…

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