Museum guide

September 3rd, 2008

Visiting a museum is a good idea for two guys when they have nothing to do, especially when the guide is a hot lady telling them about sexual exhibits…

On Sunday morning Simon and I drank a bottle of whisky and decided to go out.

- Listen, why don’t we visit a museum? – Simon asked.

- Yeah, it’s a good idea…

We went to the museum, looked around, had a snack a couple of times, even got lost. Then we found ourselves in a small room which was being left by the visitors too quickly and with strange expressions on their faces. Something was wrong with it.

When we entered a young museum guide met us. I could feel that my friend got aroused. She was wearing a light close-fitting sweater which revealed two beautiful breasts and a short skirt that couldn’t hide a nice bottom under it.

- Would you like an excursion? – She asked.

I guess she was bored being alone here. Sure, we decided to go. She took a pointer and began explaining:

- You can see a Chinese collection of erotic items. Here you can see a bowl made of green-stone.

- What’s erotic in it? – Simon asked.

- Look at it more carefully, – the guide advised. – It was created in the fourth century; the shape resembles woman’s genitals.

- Look! She is right! – Simon was amazed. – Did the Chinese fuck this bowl?

- No, of course not! – The girl tried to explain politely. – This bowl was used to collect men’s semen.

To tell you the truth we were astonished by these words. We couldn’t understand the reason for sperm collection and the second thing that seemed strange to us was why all these showpieces were exhibited in the museum. Certainly we tried not to show our feelings and even asked the girl’s name.

- My name is Maria, – she answered. – But it has no connection to the exhibition itself. I’m just a guide here. Let’s continue dear guests… Here you can see an embroidery of the eighteenth century. A naked lady is depicted next to a special vase with scrolls. Do you know what a scroll in the vase or any other container means?

- I think it’s like our coffee table, – Simon tried to follow the conversation.

- Not at all, – Maria objected. – A scroll in a vase is a symbol of a penis in a vagina.

We were just overwhelmed of that shame she was talking about.

- I reckon she is under drugs, – my friend whispered to me, but we didn’t show that and were waiting for what was going to happen next.

- And here there is a wonderful triptych, – the guide continued very excitedly; she didn’t notice our confusion. – Do you see? The central part shows a woman playing the flute. By the way, the Chinese associated performing the fellatio with playing the flute – in the left corner you can see this sexual symbol.

- Incredible!.. Well, I don’t know… – Simon mumbled.

- What did you say? – The girl asked.

- Nothing! It’s Ok! – I tried to change the topic of the conversation. – And what can you say about this guitar?

- This is a four-stringed musical instrument called pipa. According to the Chinese tradition pipa is associated with woman’s genitals. The strings of pipa are presented in the scrolls as vagina entrance, the sound board is a wet depth of a vagina. You should pay attention to the man playing the pipa passionately, touching the strings with fingers and caressing the sound board with a palm…

- She is obsessed with sex! – Simon whispered to me. – Why don’t we fuck her?

I liked the idea. We had to allow her talk more to get aroused. Meanwhile Maria went on telling:

- Our collection of scrolls deserves your attention. The character of the first picture is a young man with plaits who is making love with a nice woman in an arbor hederated with grape plant.

- And who is behind the flower hedge? – Simon wondered.

- That’s a servant-made. She is peeping, – Maria explained. – The Chinese turned up a lot if they were peeped during the coitus.

- I like it, too, – Simon felt shy to confess about that.

- Really? – The guide seemed to be interested.

The next scroll attracted our attention greatly. A very seductive woman was depicted here hanging on a metal rod with her legs widely apart as if she was waiting for a phallus which could penetrate her slit immediately. I was shocked by the way the Chinese featured the pussy of this woman, it was detailed!

- Oh, you’ve evaluated this masterpiece! – Maria was glad. – It’s very rare, the eighteenth century. It is called “A tipsy woman on the rod”

- It’s great! – Simon uttered still looking at the folders of her crotch.

I moved to the next scroll and frankly speaking felt I was turning red. It showed the gang bang with perversions: a man was ramming two women simultaneously, one of them was a servant and served as a stand for another one. I wondered what Maria would say making comments to this picture.

- Can you see this? – She was explaining, – the grape arbor was a traditional place for sexual games in China. The Chinese used to make love in the open air because according to their philosophy while making sex it is useful to absorb the energy of the surrounding environment.

- I am a real fool! – I liked to fuck in dark places! – said Simon.

- Maria decided to pay no attention to this awful prank.

The atmosphere in the room was warming up. It couldn’t be in another way. You can’t look at pictures showing sexual games and discuss them together with a beautiful girl and not be sexed up. I saw Simon’s trousers were bulged in front a lot, I tried to cover myself with a suitcase.
Now we were demonstrated an album depicting sex on a horseback.

- Wow! – Simon exclaimed.

- By the way, it’s really nice, – Maria said quietly and turned red. – Once we tried that in the countryside.

- How can it be… on a horseback?

- Ok, sit down on the bench as if you sat on a horse, – she offered.

- Sit down, I’ll close the door, – my friend remarked.

- I’m sitting with my face to you and press tightly to you with my pussy, – the guide continued accompanying her explanations with the actions.

I immediately felt how aroused she was giving us her little lecture. Her breasts were stuck out, she was perspiring and her slit was wet. I lost my head and pushed my hand into her panties to make sure she was moist. Paying no attention to her weak objections I pulled my cock out of the pants, put her panties aside to clear up the entrance into her cave and we coupled swaying, as if we were really riding a horse that was going very slowly. Our frictions were faster and faster, the bench was squealing under our bodies and Simon was trying to help us, he shook the bench occasionally.

- Take off my clothes, please! – The guide asked with gasping voice.

Simon was quick to come up from the back and pull her sweater and the skirt, then he tore the bra off and finally the panties. My phallus went very deep and leaned against her womb… He wasn’t going to stop after undressing Maria. At first he began caressing her bosom energetically pinching her nipples between his fingers. Then he sat down behind her and put her on him kissing and sucking her wet and half-opened lips.

Someone knocked at the door, we could hear voices but we didn’t stop our rhythmical motions – it was beyond our power. There were no knocks any more, I guess the employees decided there was nobody here.

Meanwhile Simon raised Maria’s butt supporting her elastic buttocks with his large palms and from below he entered her second hole causing a long moaning of pleasure. Now she was moving feeling two stems inside reaching the depth of her woman nature. We were keeping a harmonic simultaneous rhythm and completely forgot about the time. Suddenly a warm sticky semen flowed off Maria’s cunt.

- This is rain called Yin, – she whispered passionately. – A rare woman lives to enjoy this moment!

I felt that pleasure but wasn’t going to stop our game. As if someone ordered us Simon and I exchanged our positions. I liked the sensation of my stiff dick stretching the resilient ring which covered the entrance into a pass that squeezed my persistent knob inside. Maria’s waist was twitching in a crazy tempo but two of our penises restricted her movements. Suddenly Simon started shooting his cum into her eager pussy – I could feel the spurts of semen through the partition between the vagina and the asshole. Her vagina was absorbing the sperm greedily. Its convulsions could be sensed very well. I started exploding at the same moment. Maria pressed my hand each time my cum was bursting out of the knob.

We were sitting enjoying each other and the energy was circulating through our bodies… We didn’t hurry to tear off each other and break the loving knot. Maria was swaying in our hands supporting our arousal by telling us the miraculous things she was able to learn from the Chinese scrolls.

- And you didn’t want to visit the museum!.. – Simon told me when we feeling exhausted were walking home.

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  1. Fuck me Says:

    I wish 2 guys fucked me like this……damn good story……It turned me all horny…..aah….fuck me hard!!!!

  2. bigray Says:

    i had to jackoff after reading this story

  3. Coolness Says:

    After i read this i wanted to suck a cock so hard. i also wanted a huge dick in my ass and pussy. fuck me baby!

  4. loverboy Says:

    omg where are the muesums like this and all the tour guides are old ladies i wissh this would happen

  5. well,well Says:

    phew museums are not all like this

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Museum guide

September 3rd, 2008

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