Meeting the Swiss girls

May 13th, 2008

A lucky guy meets two Swiss girls and they invite him to the hotel where they are staying. It’s gonna be a hot night!

Evening. About 11 p.m. I was talking to my friend I hadn’t seen for ages. We were standing near the supermarket and I noticed 2 pretty girls were examining us with their laughing-playing looks. Then (as far as I got) they took some decision and headed to our direction.

As they came closer I took a chance to estimate them. They both were of about the same height 5.6 ft, one of them was blond, and the other one was brunet. Their nice shapes were seen through their tops. The same I could tell about their short skirts on their butts. I should mention that I prefer mature women!

- “Can you help us?” – asked the brunet girl when they came up to us. – “We’re from Geneva, Switzerland and we’re lost here a bit. Can you tell us where Radisson Hotel is? Cause we just were walking here and now can’t find it.”

My friend started giving them directions on how to get to the point and I couldn’t hold myself from examining their hot bodies. Brunet girl had such plump E-sized breasts that I felt the sudden desire to squeeze them hard. The blonde girl wasn’t of that figure-sort, but she had plump big lips and big frightened-doe-blue eyes. After they knew where to go we parted. I and my old friend went to get a hack to find some bar to talk and brink to our friendship.

I’m not going to describe our following talks. There was nothing interesting!

The most interesting began later. I was walking along the park path after the global talks with the bosom. I was quite tipsy. The lane was lighted perfectly. I breathed in the smell of trees, leaves round the path and suddenly I heard…

- “Help!!! Help!!!” – There was the girl’s call and the sound of running steps.

I do not scare easily and when I’m drunk I feel myself both as a hero of an action movie and a fearless macho. I rushed to the help-callings and… almost burst into laugh!… I thought there some maniacs-murderers were raping some local “porn star”, but in fact I saw an 18-year-robber caught my Geneva girls menacing them with something. One his-ass-kick and that unaccomplished “maniac” vanished.

The girls were crying. I tried to come them down a bit. Finally I was getting tired of it and offered to lead them to their hotel. We were walking along the empty roads (it was probably 2 a.m.) chattering, laughing. They told me that the brunet one was Helga, and the blonde one was Greta. From time to time I touch their hands or sides as if by chance and they laughed in their return.

We reached the point and they get whispering discussing something. I didn’t know what was going on but I felt myself pretty confused just standing there and watching their whisperings.

But here Helga turned her pretty face to me and said:

- “Would you like to come up for a cup of coffee?” – The playful smile shone on her lips.

“That’s so late to hail a taxi!” – I was thinking at that moment.

- “I think I can come just for a second in order to call a short!” – I agreed.

We entered their suit. It’s pretty nice, though typical for the hotel. The girls ordered 3 cups of coffee. To be honest I was so tired I didn’t want any coffee I just wanted to get home and fall asleep in my bachelor bed.

Greta went to the bathroom to get ready to sleep; she was as tired as I. We were talking to Helga, she was so sweet.

“Where on earth is my cab, I wonder?” – I said in wonder suddenly. And only now I got the fact that I forgot to call it!

“Oh, please, stay with us! We won’t bother you! I’m going to go to bed. If you want you may take a shower. I’ll make a bed for you. Please… Stay here…”

She looked so open-hearted, that I thought it would be unpleasant to refuse her proposal. I decided to accept her invitation because of several reasons: first of all I didn’t call a cab, that’s why it would take me about 20 minutes to wait for it if I called it otherwise, then I was tired, I wanted to sleep terribly.

- “Ok, in this case, if you don’t mind of cause, I want to take a shower.” – I said smiling.

Helga looked happy.

I washed myself and now I was ready to sleep. I step out of the bathroom trying to find the bed Helga promised to make for me. But here I heard the calm voice from the bedroom.

- “Come here! You’ll sleep with us! Didn’t you get that it is a king-size bed suit?” – Helga almost whispered.

I lay between the girls. Helga turned off the light. Greta was already sleeping. In about 5 minutes I put my hand around the waist of Helga just by chance. There is no reaction in her return. Here I felt my dick was getting hard. The desire over flew me as if it was my first sex.

I moved closer to her and hugged her plumpy breasts from the rear squeezing them bit by bit. I felt her nipples becoming strong, that was so exiting! I kept squeezing her breasts and started tenderly kissing her ear. Helga was getting excited. I felt it by her hot breath and hardly hold in moans. She turned her face to mine and I kissed her tenderly, slowly at first. Her lips were so sweet, soft and hot! Oh, what a pleasure was to kiss them. I put her on her back and found her panties under the blanket with my finger. My finger was closer and closer to her small hole… here it was… it was wet round it already… my finger was entering her… it was so much wet, hot and tight in there. Here she was whispering to me:

- “Let’s go to the bath, please!!!”

I’m not to be asked twice. I almost jumped out of the bed and we slipped into the bathroom soundlessly! I was afraid Greta could awake and spoil our mystery but everything was ok. We were in the bathroom already… I grabbed her to the waist and pulled her to me close… I was kissing her lips, her neck, her tits… that was so tempting… my palms was already squeezing them… here I turned her back to me and moved apart her panties with my finger… I took my dick out and pressed it to her lower lips… I moved my member to and froe over them and… entered her slowly from the rear as deep as I could. That was fantastic!!!! I set fucking her slowly, tenderly and then feeling my upcoming orgasm I sped up… now I was fucking her hole like mad… her moans were commixed with the champing sounds of her vagina. That was the sort of special music! Here she suddenly arced her back, cried out and went limb in my arms.

- “That’s so good!!! I don’t feel my legs… I feel so good!!!” – She murmured. She came.

I took my dick out of her and lied her down on the floor. I set down next to her. Helga was mumbling that love things that are pretty typical for such situations. But I didn’t come! My dick was still hard on!

- “Damn! She’ll be in this condition for about half an hour! What to do? I want to fuck!” – I was thinking to myself.

I stood up quickly and opened the door, I just wanted to take the cigarettes but here I ran against the second girl. Greta was standing behind the door. Her hand was under her panties working furiously in there. It seemed she saw no one at this moment. I grabbed her and rushed into the bedroom… I almost threw her onto the bed, tore away her panties and thrust my dick inside her wet, tight vagina… her hole was squelching… I was ramming her furiously hard. That looked perfect I think: her red face with eyes closed, with lip bitten was groaning to the rhythm of my fucking movements. Her breasts were jumping under the jersey, her lower lips were moving apart from my force… all that just merged into one picture in my mind and I was almost burning in all that with great pleasure… here I felt all my body was getting strained and here the powerful orgasm overflowing me in a flash. I felt I was falling somewhere down and flying at the same time. The last thing I remember I took my dick out of Greta and covered her belly with my sperm.

I awoke the next morning with those two girls by my sides! The following marathon fuck was just awesome… but I’ll tell you about it next time. See you!

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  2. doc Says:

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