Meeting the phallus

October 4th, 2007

The chick finds a dildo which belongs to her female friend, she starts exploring it and it’s real fun when her friend comes with a nice gentleman it gets even more interesting…

It’d been several weeks since Allen moved up to town. All this time she’d been living with her friend Vendie. Allen was looking for an apartment to rent, but she wasn’t very willing to move out from her friend’s. Vendie’s way of life was very attractive and luring. Now and then merry handsome guys came over to her to drink a cup of coffee, or she was flirting with somebody over the phone, winking at Allen, or she came back home in early hours of the morning filling the room with fragrances of expensive perfume, light smell of cigarettes, and exquisite fumes of foreign wines. Allen couldn’t fully understand her friend’s way of life, really. From time to time she found strange things in different places.

Expensive foreign magazines were among them. They were full of beautiful pictures of nude men and women engaged in different obscene things that made Allen screw up her eyes at first. Opened boxes of “things”. “Things” was Vendie’s usual name for condoms. Once Allen managed to find a dildo in one of the drawers. It was huge and reminded her of that of a bull. Allen knew what she was talking about, as she’d spent her whole life at the farm.

What a nice souvenir, Allen thought, patting the rubber toy on her hand. It was tense and smelled of flowers. She searched the drawer and found a tube of aromatic vaseline, and another dildo but of a smaller size. So that’s not a souvenir, she said to herself in delight. She also found a large magazine in the same drawer.

She began turning its pages over. She was still impressed by her discoveries. On one of the pics she saw a naked girl drilling her bosom with such a dildo. She couldn’t stop looking at the photo. The model’s pose was very provocative. It was difficult for Allen to understand how a girl could be straddling in front of the camera LIKE THAT. The thought was turning her on. Who was the photographer? It was definitely a young man, she concluded.

She tried to sit the same way as the model in the magazine. She had to unbutton her gown to do that. And her panties were not really necessary. She pulled them off, blushing and compared herself with the woman on the pic. She had to admit that her own legs were more beautiful than those of the model, but the model had her pussy well trimmed, unlike Allen, and that was a huge disadvantage. The model’s snatch looked so tasty. Allen was absorbed in that unusual completion with the magazine model, so she decided to reproduce the pic in all its details.

She touched her sensitive clit with her finger and began caressing it, feeling her vagina getting wetter of her juices. Then she reached for the smaller dildo and began to lubricate it with the aromatic Vaseline. She was so excited that she could hardly breathe. As soon as she moved the dildo close to her half opened snatch, it slid inside her flesh with some strange sound that reminded her of a kiss. Oh, she sighed, spreading her hips wider and watching herself in the mirror. She started getting the dildo out of her pussy, but sweet convulsions deep inside her bosom made her get it back in again. It slid inside easily. Allen tossed her head back. The dildo was moving inside her so smoothly that she could hardly feel it. Her hand found the other dildo that was lying on the table. She decided to try it too.

She couldn’t enter her vagina with it at once. But when it was finally inside her flesh she couldn’t stop moaning with pleasure. It seemed to be pressing at all her walls simultaneously. Its penetration made her fidget on the couch. She forgot all about the picture in the magazine, she was all seized by lust. Her movements became abrupt; her hand was squeezing the toy tight, accelerating the tempo. She never forgot to fondle and squeeze the dildo too, as if it were a real dick of a handsome man. When she squeezed her fingers again she heard a click and immediately felt the dickhead getting swollen in her vagina. The feeling was really wonderful. Seemed it would never stop, the dildo was getting larger in size, making Allen think she would surely face some problems getting it out of her snatch.

All of a sudden she heard the front door open. She was as swift as a cat getting things in order. She threw her panties under the couch, put the magazine at its place, put on her gown covering the dildo that was squeezed tight between her legs. The door to the room flung open and she saw Vendie and a man get into the room. The man wasn’t very young, he had a beard and an expensive suit. They didn’t see her at once as they were absorbed in a conversation. The man looked at her just two or three times, staring at her slender legs.

-Yes, Vendie, it’s gonna be a very special program for rich people. So we need good performers.

Vendie was moving to and fro round the room. She was surely flirting with the man.

-So you offer me to take part in it? – She asked the man, holding a cigarette in her hand and swaying her hips.

-Of course! I’m sure you’re the one we need. – The man stretched himself.

Allen was silent, trying not to move. The dildo was still stretching her snatch, she was on the verge of cumming. In spite of all this, she realized they were talking about some new super-show. And as much as she understood foreign performers would also take part in it, and Vendie was gonna star there too. The man was one of the organizers of the show.

-I’ll make us some coffee, – Vendie said, going out of the room.

-I don’t think we’ve met… – The man turned to Allen. – Alfred, nice to meet you.

He shook her hand.

Allen stretched forward, feeling the dildo arousing waves of irresistible desire inside her. She couldn’t help moaning. Alfred looked at her in surprise.

-I didn’t know girls reacted to me like this! – He tried to joke. – It’s just that you’re oversensitive. We need such girls in our show!

Allen was blushing, fidgeting on the couch. In less than a second she regretted she did that, as the dildo began moving inside her too. Second after second, it was more and more difficult for her to control her emotions. It was also very arousing that the man sitting in front of her sort of was taking part in fucking her, though he was just talking to her, that’s all. The talk was rather provocative. Alfred was telling her about episodes of the upcoming show. One of them was devoted to dildos. It was Allen’s last drop. She squeezed her legs and the gown, which wasn’t fully buttoned and now was exposing her hips. She could no longer fight the crying. She leaned on the couch and arched her back.

-Wow! – She heard Alfred’s crying in delight.

She felt his warm skilful fingers between her legs.

-Take it out, – Allen moaned.

-Take your time, -the man said quietly, giggling. – So chick you don’t know how to use it? I can teach you if you do something for me too.

-Please, take it out, Vendie is about to return. – Allen asked him.

-It will cost you a blow job. – Alfred replied, unzipping his pants.

Allen saw a throbbing dickhead before her face. There was nothing else she could do but to suck into it. She was apparently not so good at sucking, as Alfred slapped her slightly across the buttocks and said:

-Work your tongue!

Allen had to obey. At this very moment the door opened. Vendie stepped into the room holding a tray in her hand. In seeing them on the couch, she sighed:

-Smart girl! You’re not wasting your time!

While Vendie was laying the table pretending not to notice them, Alfred came. It was Allen’s first time to swallow sperm. She liked the taste. Being a real gentleman, Alfred, pushed some button on the dildo and took it out of the girl’s cunt. Allen ran out of the room, blushing.

-The girl is nice, but inexperienced, – Alfred, winked at Vendie. – Why not give her a role in our show.

-I’ll work with her, – Vendie promised.

-I’ll be happy to check her knowledge later, – Alfred laughed, sipping coffee.

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