April 5th, 2010

Two friends decide to get a girl drunk and push their horny cocks into her willing pussy, I am sure, we’ve all been there, done that, haven’t you every tried to get a girl wasted and then fuck her?

It happened in summer 3 years ago when I was in the country. The day was hot. I woke up early and started watching TV.

Suddenly my mobile rang. It was my friend calling.

- Hi! – I greeted him.

- Bill, hi! Listen, I’ve got a nice idea. Let’s meet near the shop right now, – Andrew offered.

I got dressed reluctantly and in 5 minutes was near the shop. Andrew was waiting for me already.

- Why so long? – He asked me unexpectedly.

- I need to get dressed… – I replied. – What’s the idea you told me about?

- Do you remember Helena who came here last year for summer?

- I do. What’s about her?

- She’s coming at half past three today.

- And what’s the idea?

- If she comes today in the afternoon, in the evening she’ll go out. We have a few hundred bucks, do you remember?

- Sure.

- So, let’s buy lots of strong drinks, make her drunk and fuck Helena. What do you think?

- I like the idea but she’s unlikely to drink with us.

- Don’t be afraid, I’ll persuade her.

- What time shall we meet?

- I think she’ll go out about 7, so, come here at 7 too.

- Ok, I’ll bring the money.

We parted. I had plenty of thoughts in my head: How it was going to happen? What would we do if she didn’t agree? Or became pregnant?

A knock at the door stopped my reflection.

- Who’s there? – I asked.

- This is Andrew, open the door!

I opened the door and saw two black heavy bags in Andrew’s hands.

- Here are the drinks, – he put the bags on the floor.

- Why did you buy so many of them? – I was surprised.

- There aren’t too many, just right for the three of us. See you at 7 near the shop…

- Ok, I’ll be there.

The day seemed to last for too long. When it was 6.45 I put on the most expensive jeans I had, sneakers and a blazer.

I came up to the shop but found nobody there. Five minutes later Bill and Helena approached.

- Hi, Helena!

- Hi, Bill! – She kissed me on the cheek.

- So, shall we go? – I asked.

- Sure.

We went in the lake’s direction. There were two benches. We put our drinks on one of the benches and sat on the other. Beer was to start from. Andrew opened the bottle skillfully and made a sip.

- The beer’s good! – Andrew said. – And it’s cheap.

I made a big gulp. The beer was really good despite the price we’d bought it at. We talked about what had happened to all of us during this year while we were apart.

I rose and made a few steps away to have a cigarette. At this moment Andrew came up to me and whispered into my ear:

- Look, she’s already very tipsy, let’s begin?

- No, we need to wait for 15 minutes more to make sure she’s drunk.

We returned to the bench and looked at Helena. She seemed to be very drunk. I whispered into Andrew’s ear:

- You were right, it’s time…

- Yeah…

We sat on both sides from her. I put my hand under her blouse and began stroking her back tenderly. Andrew was massaging her big boobs. I unhooked her bra and soon her blouse was off. I began caressing her nice breasts, stiff nipples whilst Andrew was kissing her lips passionately. She was moaning quietly. I put my hand into her trousers and felt she was moist. I told my friend about that.
Then I pulled her jeans off and saw her red transparent panties. I took them off as well. She spread her legs moaning loudly. My tongue touched her clit and she shuddered.

I started sliding my tongue over her wet clit. She was very excited. I felt I couldn’t restrain myself anymore. I took my jeans off, got my big phallus out and penetrated the girl sharply.

I felt the walls of her vagina wrapped my cock pleasantly. She screamed from the pain and I got amazed by the fact she’d been a virgin.

I was fucking her wildly feeling no compassion to her and enjoying every moment. She soon felt enjoyment as well and arched her back and pierced her nails into my shoulders.

It lasted for about 10 minutes. She climaxed twice. A hot wave of orgasm consumed me and a huge spurt of semen gushed into her passage. I collapsed on the ground exhausted.

Andrew was the next. He entered easily as the pussy was wet and full of my cum. He had a quick orgasm.

We kept on drilling into Helena for two more hours and arrived home when it was late at night.

Since that evening our dates got more frequent and we needed no alcohol anymore to get warmed up. I must confess that this summer was the best in my life.

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