November 27th, 2007

How about playing games in public? Caressing each other, fondling and kissing each other, brining each other on the verge of orgasm and then stopping, teasing each other? So sexy and exciting!

Abigail had very tasty melons hiding under her dress. She had to wear a bra and it was a bit difficult for Ernie to get to them sometimes. He decided he had to dress her off to get all of her body. His hand slipped under her dress and touched her silk panties. He was very excited. His hand got under the panties.

-You’re so impatient! – Abigail whispered.

She didn’t resist his caress. Moreover, she spread her hips wider to make it easier for him to reach her pussy.

-You’re turning me on… – Ernie said. – I can’t wait anymore…

-What do you want? – She asked him in a frisky manner.

-I wanna get in the street and take you in the nearest dark backstreet.

Her hand in the glove was resting on his knee. She smiled at his words and moved her finger tips along the fly.

-You are really hot, honey! – She exclaimed quietly. – Is it cuz Frank was trying to caress my butt?

Abigail wasn’t absolutely frank describing the dance with Frank. He wasn’t only “trying” to fondle her butt, he was really successful in it. He was caressing her buttocks and her panties that well, that he would remember her forms, her panties and her slit forever. Abigail, in her turn, wasn’t really resistant, she was a sensual woman and she loved to be caressed. Frank was a handsome guy. He was rich, and he wasn’t faithful to his wife. Besides, he was the kind of guy Abigail loved to enchant. She made sure she always had several “victims” in case she wanted to go to a restaurant, or to a theater, or to a club, or to have sex.

She really hoped Ernie was the same type of guy. He surely had some advantages. He wasn’t married and, thus, he could spend all his time and money on her.

-I was really jealous when I saw him feeling up your body. – Ernie said, not really believing his own words. He was trying to persuade Abigail he was serious. – All I was left to do was to go dancing and start caressing you too, for you to forget about him at all. I’m crazy about you, I want you so much… you can see it for yourself.

He wasn’t frank either. It was true that he’d been fondling her while dancing, but he wasn’t that much aroused as he said. He was pleased. The real reason for his arousal was his short adventure with Nicky.

-It’s nice to hear that, honey, – Abigail said.

She smiled again and unzipped his fly. She was still wearing her gloves when touching his balls. He flinched feeling her glove on his hot flesh. When they were going out of the club he covered his neck with a silk scarf but never put on his coat. It was lying on his knee now, covering her hand playing with his scrotum. When his fingers stuck in her small hot snatch, it was her turn to moan lustfully. She spread her hips wider and raised her skirt to give him more space to caress her.

They were really having fun petting each other, but Abigail was anyway in control of the situation, she didn’t wanna their game to go too far. It’s not that she was too shy or too decent to do it. She wasn’t really decent and absolutely not shy. She just didn’t want him to erupt his juices before his cock reached the place it belonged to – her cave. And it was possible only when they came to her house and she lay in her bed.

She felt Ernie breathing heavily, he was getting more and more aroused. She moved her fingers along his small black mustache, then she caressed his cheek and kissed his lips, muffling his moan. He was disappointed she didn’t let him cum. Abigail parted his lips with hers. He was caressing her pussy, making her float in delight. He didn’t let her cum either. He knew she was on the verge of bliss. Her vehement kiss and her hot tongue were begging him not to stop, but he wasn’t paying attention to her desires. Unlike Abigail he didn’t jerk his hand off, his palm was resting on her soft skin, keeping the gal tense, but not letting her climax.

-You’re a torturer! – She whispered, sighing.

She squeezed his hand between her hips, trying to make him continue his caress. She knew perfectly well he wouldn’t buy it, it wasn’t the first time they were playing that game.

They were petting each other in taxi, riding through the city. They were torturing each other, listening to Beethoven, or watching plays in the theatre or when going to movies. The main idea of the game was to stop right before the cumming, making the victim moan in despair. Then when they were not that hot anymore, the “victim” started the game hoping for revenge. Sometime the winner started the game.

Sometimes they made mistakes and stopped the game a bit too late. There were many funny moments they shared. Like once, Abigail cried out in the middle of the ballet performance, or Ernie came in her hand in the movie watching the French film they both really liked.

She looked out of the window. They were close to her house. She wanted to win back, she wanted to get revenged on Ernie right there in the car. Her hand in a glove slid under his coat, he was already ready for her caress. But she had something else on her mind… She took his silk scarf and wrapped it round his pecker.

-Oooo, Abigail what are you doing? – He asked scared.

-You wanna know what I’m doing… – She whispered in his ear, fondling his dick through the scarf.

She kissed him again, a white lock of her hair fell on his face. That gentle touch could become the last drop for him. He was tense, he was about to lose control. He was overwhelmed by arousal and tried to set his hand free, but Abigail was still squeezing it tightly, not letting him get to her slit. She was torturing him with exquisite cruelty.

-Oh yeah, I know what you want, – she hissed scornfully, – but you won’t get it, no way!

Her glorious triumph gave way to scare. She realized she’d crossed the line. Her lover was all tense, arching his back, his legs were trembling. She knew she would feel his wet cum through the scarf and the glove pretty soon. At this very moment the taxi turned to the other road, the engine squeaked and the car stopped. It made the both passengers almost fall on the floor. They arrived at her house.

Ernie whished they spent some more time in the car, he wanted to cum. Abigail stood up from her seat and made him let her go. He kept on sitting, breathing heavily, trying to calm down, there was no way to zip up the fly, as the driver turned to them to say how much they had to pay. Ernie got out of the car, covering his body with the coat. Abigail was standing on the pavement, giggling at his clumsy movements and enjoying her victory.

They came up to her house. Ernie was breathing heavily as if he’d made such a long way to get there. He was holding her by the waist trying to get his fingers to her pussy, but her clothes didn’t let him do it. She decided to use her chance and got her hand under the coat to touch the dickhead. Her touch made him flinch again, she was giggling.

-I won this round, buddy! – She said squeezing her fingers. – You’re so close to the verge that I only gotta squeeze my fingers for you to cum.

-No! – Ernie cried out. His face was red.

-Oh, yes! – She exclaimed. – It’s so easy to make you climax now.

-Abigail, no…

She didn’t hear his last words, she was too inspired by her victory. She thought he just didn’t wanna admit she’d won. Trying to foresee any possible winning back she squeezed his hard-on tight. They had to get in the house first for her to lie in the bed and enjoy her work. Well, soon she had to admit she wasn’t absolutely right. When they were already standing at the door, Ernie couldn’t stand that torture anymore.

He made her let his dick go and grasped her by the shoulders? turning her face to the door. It was so fast and unexpected that she couldn’t adequately react to his actions. He pushed her strongly, it even seemed to her he wanted to hit her head against the door.

-Be quick! Faster! – He moaned. – Help me, honey!

She was so surprised that she didn’t even understand his words. Ernie was so impatient that she was about to lose balance, and she grasped at the doorknob. It was just the position he wanted. He was groaning, raising her dress and pulling down her lily panties.

-No, – Abigail exclaimed. She realized he wasn’t going to kill her but he could easily crumple her dress. – Ernie, it’s stupid, we’re almost in. Just several steps and we’ll be home.

He saw her great buttocks. No wonder all men in the club had been luring at her. But there was no time for fondling, he had to hurry up. He spread her hips forcefully.

-It’s a crazy idea! Leave me alone, I don’t want it! – She said, trying to look at him.

She was holding the doorknob with one hand, while the other was trying to pull her panties up. But it was too late, she was helpless against his strong desire. Her panties were at the level of her knees, her “rapist” could do whatever he wanted. His knee between her hips didn’t let her squeeze her legs.

She was short of breath when his fingers spread her round buttocks, she felt his hard cock. He was holding her waist with one hand and was caressing her belly with the other.

-No! – She cried when he entered her. – It’s stupid! Stop it! – She added offended.

As for Abigail, his attack was really stupid and inappropriate, but as for Ernie it was the most important thing in his life that moment. Abigail’s bright idea to caress him with the silk scarf was a great turn on for him. So he just couldn’t control his emotions anymore… All he had to do was to enter her cave to climax. She was still protesting, when he spurted his semen inside her pussy.

-Unbelievable! – Abigail said angrily when Ernie’s body was trembling in ecstasy.
-I love you, I love you… – he whispered in delight.

Abigail loved kinky games, especially with Ernie. He was as inventive and pervert as she was. Besides, his strength and force were really impressive. She had something to be proud of. Not every woman could cause such a fountain of emotions in men. When Ernie was caressing her stomach it was really hot and arousing for her, though she was still mad at him.

She made a step to a side to set herself free of his shaft. Then she turned at him and hugged him vehemently.

-Abigail, you’re amazing! – He whispered.

Her hand was cupping round his neck, making him lower his head for her to be able to kiss him. Her other hand was resting on his wet dick, letting him know he was forgiven. Ernie was squeezing her buttocks. He was happy. Abigail was kissing him more passionately now, but he didn’t seem to share her emotions. Seemed he was ready to spend the whole night at the threshold.

Later when he was lying in bed with Abigail he was trying to think over everything that had happened. Abigail was adorable. She was lying on her back, caressing his back with her long fingers, he was caressing hard luring nipples of her big boobs. There was no light on, the curtains were drawn back, but it was still pretty dark. But Ernie didn’t need the light to make sure the stomach he was kissing didn’t belong to Nicky, and the wet pubis wasn’t Nicky’s either.
-It’s so hard! – Abigail exclaimed fondling his prick.

Ernie couldn’t help but moan sadly. He wished it were Nicky lying by his side that moment. It’s not that he wasn’t ready to get nasty with Abigail. Who would say “no” to such a tasty gal? He pressed his stomach against hers, she was longing for his caress. Hr was thinking about Nicky while ramming Abigail. He was thinking it were her long legs cupping his waist, it were her heels hitting his back in orgasm. He was trying to assure himself that he was squeezing Nicky’s boobs, that he felt Nicky’s hot lips on his. When cumming he tried to imagine he were cumming inside Nicky’s flesh, and it were her crying and bucking in delight.

Ernie felt disappointment. It was all about his imagination.

-It was very nice, Ernie, – Abigail drawled.

Hardly had she had some rest after the first time, as Ernie started fondling her again. His hot lips were playing with her nipples, his fingers were caressing her hips. His imagination was the force that kept him aroused that night. Abigail was happy to accept his caress, she didn’t know it wasn’t meant for her and it wasn’t her to make him hot. After two more climaxes she fell asleep. She was exhausted and satisfied.

It was somewhere in the middle of the night when she felt somebody waking her up. Something was moving on her belly. She opened her eyes, but it was dark in the room. She was lying on her back, her hips were moved apart, the blanket was lying at her side, her body was opened and nude. She stretched her hand to throw off the thing that woke her up. It was Ernie’s head. He was lying between her hips, fondling her pussy with his tongue.

-What are you doing? – She asked, she didn’t wanna wake up.

-I wanna wake you up, honey, – Ernie replied.

-Stop it Ernie, I’m too tired…

-No, just one more time, it won’t take you long, – he whispered.

-Not now, – she said yawning and tried to push his head away. – Go to sleep and leave me alone.

-I was sleeping but then I saw a dream where I was making love to you. You were wearing a long white nightdress with a big slit on your belly. I started fondling you in my dream. Then I pressed my body against yours and realized I wanted you.

-Mmmm, -she moaned, falling asleep.

Needless to say it was another lie of Ernie’s. He saw Nicky in his dream, it was her small stomach he was caressing though a slit in the nightdress. He woke up trying to overcome the desire. When he woke up he realized that if he’d spent some more time dreaming his body would have found its own way to get rid of the desire, and he would have spotted the bed sheet.

He was trying to calm down. He decided to jerk off a bit, but seemed it wasn’t enough for his hard-on. Nicky was out of reach, but there was beautiful Abigail lying by his side! If he woke her up he would face another “no”. So he preferred to use some other tactics. He wanted to make her hot before she realized what was going on. The fact that she woke up and said “no” to his attempts to get laid with her didn’t really mean much for him, taking into account his condition.
He was taking his time, waiting for her to fall asleep again. He was very slow! Soon his rocky hard dick was touching her bush. He got lower and touched her vulva lips wet with his saliva. Abigail moved in her dream, murmuring something. Ernie thrust in carefully. It was so arousing to touch her body that he stared trembling. Then he saw her trying to turn to aside in order to get rid of the thing that didn’t let her sleep. He stared drilling her faster, balancing on his knees and elbows for his cock and no other part of his body to touch her. He was ramming into her vigorously.

-What… – Abigail whispered waking up.

But it was too late. He ejaculated in her snatch. When she woke up he was already lying by her side, having a break. Slight quiver was the only thing that reminded of the fuck that just happened.

-Ernie, – Abigail said, – I’ve just had such a strange dream. What were you doing to me?

-It’s ok, babe, go back to sleep honey.

He fell asleep, embracing Abigail.

But he woke up soon after the sunrise. He was aroused by her warm body. Abigail woke up feeling somebody fondling her boobs. She’d had enough rest and was ready to have some early morning fun. She was lying with her knees raised up high, not even trying to resist his caress. She was still sleepy; she liked to feel his fingers fondling her lips. She moaned when the fingers touched her love button. She was wet and ready. Then she felt something longer and thicker than fingers getting inside of her flesh. It was entering her pussy.

-It’s so good! – She whispered.

She was caressing his ear lobe with her tongue, while he was packing her hole with his shaft. They both were on the verge of sheer bliss. Abigail kept her eyes closed, she was lying still, trembling with desire and lust. As soon as the arousal petered out she fell asleep again. She was sleeping up till the midday. Her light hair was spread on the pillow. Her big tits with raspberry pink nipples were facing the ceiling. The blanket was lying by her side, crumpled. She hated wearing nightdresses.

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