Have you ever had fantasies you wanted to cum true? If you are married you can share them with your wife and may be she’ll be the one to realize them…

Part I and II in brief.

Once I noticed my wife reading something on the screen of our home computer. She was so interested that didn’t see I was looking at her. Later I managed to find out what made her so exited.

We used some of those fantasies but sometimes we added our own details to them. Our sexual fantasies were the following:

Part I: Fantasy #1 Sex with a few men at the same time.
Fantasy #2 Sex with BDSM elements.
Part II: Fantasy #3 Sex with a woman.
Fantasy #4 Sex in a public place.

Fantasy #5 Sex with a stranger

“Psychological explanation: You are obsessed with a dream about sex with a mysterious stranger. He notices you in a bar, says a couple of witty phrases to you, pays a few compliments and then takes you to the hotel where you make love long and beautifully without asking the names of each other.”

- Does it mean you dream of fucking with just any stranger?

- Not just any stranger… With a man I like…

“You probably dream about a romance with no consequences like in movies. A mysterious stranger is someone who you can relax entirely with and not think about how obscene you act in bed. It allows you to enjoy the process without feeling pangs of conscience in the morning”.

- Relax entirely and not think about how obscene you act in bed… Just pure enjoyment without feeling pangs of conscience…

- Why not?

“Your actions: Put up a similar act with your constant partner. Agree to meet at a certain time at a certain place, for instance near a hotel where he has to book a room for a night. Pretend that you see each other for the first time. Flirt, laugh and tease each other. Let him treat you with martini.”

- Why martini? Can’t we use champagne?

- Sure, we can.

“Then saying nothing to each other you should go to the hotel. When you remain alone imagine that it will be your first and the last night with this man. You’ll never see each other again. It will make you more relaxed in your sexy desires. Feel free and frank, do what you’ve always wanted to do but have never dared to try. In the morning wake up a bit earlier than your partner and disappear leaving him your scarf and aroma of your French perfume”.

- Is it romantic?! Fuck the whole night and then part forever…

I booked a room at a hotel for a night. We met as if occasionally (actually we had agreed beforehand).

- What are you doing tonight?

- I’m doing everything!!!

- Oh, it gives me hope. Would you like to drink something?

- Sure, thank you.

We went to a bar nearby and drank some cocktails. It was rather dark inside and I had a chance to stroke her knees moving higher and higher.

- You’ve got nice legs!

- And what do you have for me?..

- A big cock.

We exchanged a couple of phases of this kind and went to dance. My hand was a bit lower than her waist touching the butt. Bar visitors giggled quietly looking at me pawing my partner’s ass. And I felt she had no panties…

- Don’t you have anything under your skirt?
- I’ve left my panties at work, hung them on the back of my chair. I have just stockings on. While I was walking the wind blew and my skirt pulled up. The men were so happy to see me with nothing up there.

- Stop, you’ve hung your panties on the back of your chair? Why did you do that?

- For men to see I was ready to fuck. If we have no panties on the back of the chair it means we have monthlies.

- You’re crazy!!! What do you do at work?

- Why are you so angry? It’s just a fantasy…

- And is it true that the wind blew your skirt up and men stared at your pussy?

- Of course not, I’ve already told you that it’s just my fantasy.

- Anyway it’s thoughtless to leave the panties at work, now you are accessible for everyone.

She got aroused either from my caress or the conversation and led me back to the table. Soon we paid for our meals and left the bar. At the hotel the receptionist gave us the key and looked at my girl. We went up by lift and entered the room. I locked the room, helped my “woman for one night only” take off her coat. Then I took off my jacket, approached to my “stranger” from the back, pulled her skirt up and saw her bare butt and stockings that I loved so much.

- Now my hand will caress it instead of the wind…

Her vagina was exposed and my finger penetrated it easily. My second hand was pawing my girl’s breast. She moaned. I was persistent and kept on fondling her until she came. Then I took her in my arms and carried into the bedroom. I put her onto the bed and began undressing her. I did it slowly caressing her more and more revealing body. Her shoes were the first to be taken off.

Stroking her soles and ankles I made up my mind not to pull her stockings off. After that I caressed her belly, thighs and pubis. I added kisses to my strokes. The “stranger” was melting in my hands. I took off her blouse and was enjoying the view of her lacy bra. I wanted it to be on her now. I put her on her back and my lips touched her pussy. I felt the clit with my lips and tongue and started caressing it tenderly. Then the girl was positioned in a doggy fashion and I licked her crotch. Usually my wife washed her lower parts thoroughly before sex but this time she smelled wildly for she’d been on her way home and met a man she decided to give away to. I fondled her anus and made even an attempt to push the tip of my tongue into it. Vainly… My wife said:

- Fie! Stop it!

- Remain in this position.

- Okay…

I got undressed and thrust my cock between her wet vulva lips. She shuddered and moved towards me. When we both climaxed I said:

- Now be relaxed and sincere. Let me do whatever I want to do with you.

I got two dildos from the packet I’d brought with me. One of them went into her pussy and the second into her anus, I’d spread it with gel beforehand.

We’d never used the “toys” from sex-shops before but for the ones for BDSM fantasies. But the “stranger” I was today knew nothing about the experience of his new girlfriend; he just wanted to fuck her nicely.

The girl agreed to do everything and seemed to be satisfied with it. But suddenly she smiled slyly and made me lie on my back. She took my balls into her palm, squeezed them a bit and started masturbating my shaft. She made me ejaculate drinking part of the semen and the other part she spread over her belly and breast. Then we went to the shower.

After the shower we went to the restaurant and later returned to our room. The “stranger” “wheedled” me into buying a bottle of champagne and candies. We drank it, ate the candies and fell asleep. I just crashed out…

I woke up late with a terrible headache and a strange sensation in my butt. A condom was stuck out of it!!! The girl had left. Some money, her panties with French perfume smell (but I remembered she had no panties on that evening!!!) and a note:

“Sorry, I’ve got no scarf. But these panties are for you. You’ll like them more than the scarf, believe me. I hadn’t left them at work, I’d brought them for you. The condom is also for you to memorize this night. I hope your hole doesn’t hurt very much. Yes, it is too narrow, it needs developing. Somebody will fuck you with a bigger strap-on. I felt sorry for your ass and rammed it with a very thin one. You’ll be drilled into the asshole constantly now. You got aroused so much!!! I’ve filmed everything. You’ll be able to find your photos and contact details in the Internet. This small change is for you to pay for a bus home. Bye!”

I rushed to my jacket and found out my wallet had disappeared.

“What on earth is going on?!”

I went home. My wife was waiting for me having prepared breakfast.

- Was it a joke?

- We’d agreed to put up the act. What’s the problem? I added a speeping pill into your champagne while you were in the toilet, “stole” money and left my panties instead of a scarf. I guess you wouldn’t call the police to search for me with the help of my panties’ smell.

- Why did you put the condom into my butt?

- I’ve noticed that you get sexed up a lot when I touch your ass and decided to play with it. I rammed your nice ass yesterday.

- The fact you touch my ass during sex is not important now. It’s just my erogenic spot. Why did you put it in without my permission?

- Well, that’s all right. I didn’t fuck you. I just pushed the condom inside. Nothing really happened. If I’d done it you’d have felt pain in your hole. Does it hurt?

- No. Why did you write I would like your panties more than the scarf?

- It’s a game… Lying and insulting to say goodbye to you. As if I’d screwed you and left dirty panties for you to remember me. With a condom in your butt to add to all that.

- Why do you say dirty? You didn’t wear them yesterday.

- I’d brought the dirty ones from home and sprayed some perfume over them.

- Did you really film everything?

- I’m not going to upload your photos into the Internet. I had no camera.

Fantasy with a woman can be dangerous!

I pouted at her for a few days. But women are crafty. They know we like eating. And not only eating… Delicious meals, blow jobs between meals and soon I didn’t feel offended. We kept on practicing the fantasies.

Fantasy #6 Role plays

“Psychological explanation: Taking off the clothes while dancing is a dream of every woman because the ability to throw off the garments beautifully increases the sexual appeal. Besides, the idea of remaining nude in front of plenty of aroused men makes many women excited.”

- So, do you want to remain nude before plenty of aroused men?

- You’ll be the only one to look at me but I’ll envision plenty of men. I think the idea is interesting.

“Many strippers confess that having worked many months as a stripper they still get aroused dancing before the clients. It gives the feeling of sexual power but at the same time you feel like a submissive slave either.

Your actions: In fact a woman enjoys feeling herself as a queen and a whore simultaneously. It’s a normal combination of sexual power and sexual submissiveness.”

- Do you really want to be a whore?

- You take just separate words from the context. I wish to be a queen and a whore.

- Ok…

“This fantasy is easy to realize and it can bring changes into your intimate life. And it isn’t dangerous for you either physically or emotionally. You can learn professional strip dancing in a dancing school and then perform it for your husband wearing sexy lacy lingerie, stockings and high-heeled shoes. He will be delightful!!!”

- Will I attend professional strip dancing class?

- No, we’ll go together, I’ll watch you there.

I found a school of professional dancing and we went there.

I’ve always liked dancing and I enjoyed the dancing classes a lot. We were trained the basics of men and women’s striptease. Still attending the classes we decided to organize striptease at home.

Sweetie put on the sexiest lacy lingerie, stockings and high-heeled shoes. When she was performing I was helping her taking her bra and other things from her hands and “played” with her fingers. When she reached the climax of the dance I put a hundred dollars into her stocking (that was the rule we’d set beforehand) and my darling took of her thongs though they didn’t actually hide anything. At this moment I took my “stripper” in my arms and put her onto the bed. I didn’t take of her stockings or shoes. We made love for an hour or so!!! It was fantastic! And we continued trying our sexual fantasies.

Fantasy #6 Part II A call girl

“Psychological explanation: You got tired of romance and want just sex. Traditionally women are concerned on sex based on feelings. However, you dream of concentrating on your physical feelings only, no emotions.

You are confident about your partner and ready to explore your sensual part which had always been sidelined. Besides, you’re curious to try new sensations. If you reveal this side of yourself maybe your partner will demonstrate you something absolutely unexpected!”

- Do you want sex with no feelings based on?

- Sometimes yes.

“Your actions: If you have such dreams you’re ready to try a new sexual image and explore new territories. The majority of men will react enthusiastically to this fantasy and your partner is not an exception, only if he isn’t too religious.”

- Are you too religious? I guess, no…

- Yeah, I want to explore new territories.

“Offer your partner to watch a film about prostitutes and then practice the techniques you’ve seen with him. Don’t forget about the appropriate clothing and don’t be afraid to seem too vulgar or lustful. You’ll do it with your partner not in public!”

According to our agreement I called her when she was at work:

- Hi! Let’s start. Ma’am, I’d like a girl! Aha… Okay. This is my address. Yes, take off your panties at work. I want you to feel like a hooker who is going to meet her client. Don’t wash your lower parts. Probably some of your male colleagues will feel your natural smell. I want it to make you excited.

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