A hood of pleasure!

February 20th, 2010

This guy goes to a popular tourist destination and finds a hot chick for himself, he takes her outdoors and fucks the shit out of her, she is a great sucker and he loves the way her tongue runs along his cock…

Hi, buddies! My name is Barak! I’m 36, I live the way I love and I have got a small business on the Western coast, and I believe that I’m a pretty good man. But as mot people I have my own merits and demerits, although I think that advantages prevail. You know, I am weak and hot about young, cute teens, or girls of specific age. Don’t think of me as a pervert or something like that, I just got a weakness for younger girls, and I definitely prefer younger pussies rather than older or mature ones.

One wonderful summer night I happened to have a vacation in St. Tropez. Saint Tropez! Oh, Yeahh, sure, let me just show you around this wonderful place! Saint Tropez is a beautiful and well known familiar place to stay on the French Rivera, located on the same coast, juts in one of the most beautiful gulf in the world, along the French Riviera. Saint Tropez is an excellent place which is neighboring with other well famed European resorts like Cannes, Nice, Monaco. Saint Tropez is surrounded by endless white sandy beaches and a sunny climate. Saint Tropez is known as a playground for the rich and Hollywood elite. The travelers from all over the world come to this paradise for work or in search of adventures, unloading their pockets on expensive drinks in any of the abundant and stylish nightclubs. Celebrity watching is also popular. On the whole, Saint Tropez is upscale, and expensive, but nevertheless, a fun city to enjoy. Saint Tropez is well known fro its beaches first of all. Saint Tropez offers miles of sand. The Plage de Tahiti, 2.5 miles southeast of town, is the best in the area. If swimwear is making you feel restricted, head east to La Moutte, a naturiste beach, and get rid of your cloths. Many of the beaches near Saint Tropez are nudist beaches.

St Tropez is a fantastic destination to live it up, party like a rock star, and sun on the beach. If you’re worried about money, spend the day on a St Tropez holiday, then move on to Nice for the night, to avoid an expensive night in the hotel you may use of a train out of town.

I was spending a load of time outdoors, enjoying the history sites and other places of interest of this great old city. So, once sitting in the park and drinking some beer I met one babe. No sooner had a taken a drink of my beer as she approached me, so nice petite cutie of 22 – 24, her name was Michelle, a typical French name, so I called her Michelle, she wanted to get to know me, so I didn’t mind, and we went for a walk across its sight seeing sites. All this time she kept talking about everything I was interested in, trying to answer my every question, moreover, I managed to present a silver necklace to her; we also had a dinner in some nice restaurant.

Time passed by, thought it was late the street life was on the air in full swing, streets and parks were full of passers by, night was shining with late lights of casinos, cafes, shops etc… it was hot, it was not dark because as you know, this city is famed by its white nights, it was about 11 pm but I seemed the air was shone like an evening light. The night turned to be very heat, my babe was wearing short skirt and light top. Her body was sexy and she was rather desirable.

Michelle was leading me around some alley, on the Eastern side of the city, saying that she had some surprise for me, after we turned somewhere, we appeared into some very dark block where I couldn’t see any soul, but some noises of slurping and smacking resounded in this pitch darkness from time to time… I was really fucking astonished to see some girl, a teen; she was half nude and giving head to some guy! On our arrival they started and recoiled, but Michelle said it was Ok and asked them to go on. After that she pressed me to the wall, got down her knees, unzipped my jeans, lowered it, took my cock out and set to sucking me off. The only thing I managed to see was that near by teen girl’s face, covered with…cum! After that my head began to swim, as Michelle’s tongue was doing just incredible things to my pecker. I relaxed, calming down the surrounding silence was sometimes broken by slurping of 2 sucking babes. It lasted for about 10 minutes when suddenly from my left there came 3 persons, 2 guys and one teen like girl who was wiping her lips and mouth. She looked like having got fucked by these 2 studs! What the…. It seemed like I turned into some fucking bitch block! But my thoughts were interrupted by Michelle’s voice:
“Tell me when you are ready to cum, OK?” she set to jerking me off, what lasted fro the next 5 minutes and then she got back to sucking me again.

Meantime, another in its turn orgy began, those 2 babes swapped places and now the blowjob girl was getting fucked by 2 guys, only moans were heard in this absolutely incredible and wild silence. I turned on with every minute, thought I couldn’t see properly what the hell was going on out there I could really hear it and the whole atmosphere was gonna tense… soon I whispered: “Here it comes…” at this moment Michelle rose, removed her panties, looked at me close and said:

“Listen, if you wanna come, do it inside me, OK? Please, keep in mind, I don’t have any troubles with my health, so it’s OK.” She offered me to come inside her!

There is hardly any guy who doesn’t understand me! What choice I had! I grasped her and slowly impaled onto my penis… I fucked her and came soon, it was something unbelievable…. I came inside this bitch!

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  1. marty Says:

    no she would have to finish me in her mouth unless she had a rubber

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