2 Americans in Tokyo

May 27th, 2008

Two Americans meet and Tokyo and go to the nearest club, they don’t care about the people around and start making out, of course soon they find a hotel room to go on with their wild desires….

We extend our thanks to the author JOHN.

John and Daniela met on the streets of Tokyo on a rainy evening. She was there in Japan with her family and he was an Air Force man stationed at Yokota Air Base. Both had run under a small overhang to escape the rain, and there was in instant attraction between them. Daniela was a 23 year old from the states on a trip with her family, her father was some sort of diplomat and she had decided to come with them at the last minute. She was about 5’ 2” or so with a face and body that could stop traffic. She was wearing a Skirt that extenuated her firm ass and a simple shirt that when wet showed in perfect detail the most faultless set of tits John had ever seen. Girls like this were normally only seen in movies or magazines. John was 5’ 11” and a solid 190 pounds. His broad shoulders and muscular torso had always gotten him plenty of girls, but this girl was exceptional. They started talking and flirting almost instantly. John was careful not to come on too strong, but he had to try to get to know her.

“Want go to a coffee shop and get something to eat?”

It was the best he could come up with on short notice, but it seemed to work just fine. Yea sounds cool, Daniela replied. They talked for a couple of hours about everything, it seemed like there was not subject off bounds, it was as though they were some sort of kindred spirits. The subject that seemed to come up most often was sex, and they seemed to both thrive on the subject matter.

“Hey, John” asked Daniela, “want to see some strippers?”

Her eyes went wide with excitement as she giggled with excitement and she said, that would be hot? They left the coffee shop and headed for Ropungi, a night club district of Tokyo with lots of strip joints. They strolled down the sidewalk looking at the signs in front of buildings, they had pictures of young Asian girls posted on them in sensual poses. Neither could read Japanese, but the message seemed clear enough, “sexy stuff this way”. John and Daniela climbed a narrow dark stairwell up to a club. They weren’t really sure what to expect, but that was part of the excitement. As they entered the club, they entered a hallway and heard this cheesy music coming from a room down a ways. They walked towards the room holding hands with John leading the way. As they entered the room, it was a seedy place, dark with chairs facing a small stage. The audience was made up of a few men.

John and Daniela sat in the back and the few men in the audience seemed too engrossed in the show to even notice them. On stage a young Asian girl, probably from the Philippines danced slowly for the crowd. She had pretty face and a very sexy body. John looked at Daniela ‘s eyes; she seemed to appreciate the female form as much as he did. He looked at her now dry shirt and saw her nipples become erect as she watched. He secretly wished that the shirt was still wet and felt pressure in his crotch. She was getting hot from watching the girl, and he was getting hot watching her. Her nipples seemed to take on a life of their own, god they were so sexy.

Even though she was obviously turned on, and her tits begged to be caressed, he was hesitant to touch. He took a deep breath and reached over, his hand softly cupped under her perfect B cup breast as his fingers fondled her hard nipples. He had hoped for a positive reaction, but this was beyond his wildest dreams. Her body arched in instant ecstasy , her nipples were obviously ultra sensitive. As she relished his expert touch, her hand went to her crotch. She moaned softy as she watched the topless girl gyrate her hips to the music. John looked on in amazement; she was the hottest girl he had ever known in his life. His cock was hard as a rock and beginning to cause him discomfort, so he took a cue from Daniela and decided to pleasure himself also. He took his cock out of his pants and fondled her hot perky tits as he slowly stroked his cock. Daniela took notice of the throbbing cock and her eyes moved back and forth from the stage to the show John was putting on. She massaged her pussy over her panties, surprised at how wet her pussy was. The fabric of her panties soaked through almost immediately. As John Jacked off Daniela noticed the pre-cum that covered the tip of his cock, it was the only thing she loved more than watching sexy naked girls dance. She loved licking up cum. She licked it clean and to her delight more would appear. Soon her licks turned to sucks, long deep sucks that make loud slurping noises. The sucking along with both John and Daniela’s moans finally got them noticed, noticed by the manager of the club. Before either could orgasm, they were told in no uncertain terms to leave. They left the club in a hurry, John still zipping up his pants as they ran out. As they reached the street, both were laughing hysterically but were also extremely turned on. They headed to the nearest Hotel they could find to get a room.

When they got to the room, they fell into a hot kiss, his hands moved over her body, he loved the way she felt. God she was so sexy. John felt his cock pressing so hard against his pants, causing him actual pain. So he took it out and he saw the delight on Daniela’s face as she saw his huge cock in his hand. The head of it was like a mushroom with veins running up the thick shaft. John stroked himself as he watched Daniela striped down to her panties and bra. He pulled her onto the bed and kissed her body as he removed her bra and panties. He took his clothes off too, both totally naked now. They kissed as his hands caressed her perfect tits, so perky so firm with nipples hard. He moved his lips to her nipples and sucked and licked her. She moved her hand to his huge cock and felt the warm pre-cum on the tip, she moved her lips down to the tip and sucked it dry. John moved them into the 69 position and started to eat her hot little shaved pussy.

It was even better than he had dreamed it would be, so sweet, so soft, so wet! His tongue licked her sweet hot pussy concentrating on her hard clit. She moaned with delight as she now sucked his long hard cock. His fingers moved in and out or her tight cunt as he ate it, she went crazy now with excitement, moaning louder and louder as she stroked his dick and sucked it faster and faster. She went into a wild orgasm and squeezed his cock hard and as she did, John lost control. Hot white streams of cum shot of his cock as Daniela screamed in orgasm. After John had shot his hot cum, he looked up to see that Daniela has let the cum spray all over her tits and body, she looked so sexy, breathing so deeply her chest moving up and down. John kissed her and could taste himself on her lips and she tasted herself on his. The tasty kiss got them both hot again. John felt the blood rush back to his cock and this time he wanted to be inside Daniela, he wanted to be part of her.

He moved atop of her and spread her shapely legs. He took his cock in his hand and guided it to her pussy, and with a push the head of his cock slipped into her sweet cunt. She gasped as the huge head penetrated her, she loved how it felt inside her, filling her up. He moved his hips back and forth sliding his cock in and out of her, with each stroke it went in deeper and deeper. She moved her hips to match his and they fell into a perfect rhythm, her hips rising up to meet his as he come down. Soon he was ramming his cock into her sweet little cunt hard and fast. He loved the way her hot tits bounced up and down as he rammed his cock hard and deep inside her. His big cock moving in and out of her completely wet cunt made wet sucking noises. His big balls slapped off of her ass as they fucked wildly, Daniela moaned loudly and soon the moans turned to screams of ecstasy. John grunted like an animal with each thrust of his cock into her. The smells, sounds, and feeling of her hot pussy were all too much and John felt the need to cum. Daniela screamed as she had wild orgasms and John let his cum fill her, his eyes rolled in the back of his head and he collapsed into her arms. They both just lay there, exhausted but so satisfied. After a long moment, John raised his head and said,” What position do you want to do next? She smiled coyly and said, Let’s take a shower and I’ll think about it. They went to the shower…

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2 Responses to “2 Americans in Tokyo”

  1. Merinda Says:

    Wow, this story got my pussy leaking! John! You’re a great author, I want more stories from you, I wish you could bang my holes and I want to feel the hardness in my pussy.

  2. Roy Says:

    Wow great story, damn hot!
    Wish I could be so lucky! Even better was Merinda’s comment,

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