Work day for 2!

December 26th, 2007

A woman has a handsome male colleague, they are working side by side and they feel they are attracted to each other, the only thing that is stopping the woman from an affair is her husband, but how long can she resist the passion?

He liked his new office and new job as well. It was not huge office right in the Moscow’s downtown, and very convenient and spacious parking lot.

They were just a branch office of a trade international company with a staff of 20 employees, but only a few of them were always in the office. They were 3 security guards, a director and his assistant.

As summer came, the whole tireless activity came to its wane as well and our tasks turned into a daily routine, so they had enough time to get along well with each other.

John was only 28 when he got this new mission; he was supposed to set things going and to enter into cooperation here, in Russia with local firms. This leading position was very promising for a young manager who was full of ambitions and made far going prospects. He always appeared first in his workplace; always skim, fresh and willing to crush obstacles, then, by 5 pm he usually went to some talks.

His assistant was a young lady of 25; Ella, a hot brunette with blue eyes, always had short haircuts what made her look like a bit young for her age. She was married (from time to time he had a glimpse of her husband; he was working in a transport company and often met his wife next to office on his Audi). Ella soon took a responsibility of arranging their office: she ordered their office lunch menus, consulted to John if his help was needed. She had lunches together with John and he appeared to be a true gourmet.

Usually days passed swamped with work and friendly inoffensive slanging match. Ella was spending the time on helping him with numerous documents and forms. She was inclined to flirting with him, but never went beyond the bounds of decency, but he noticed that from the moment he appeared in office she started spending more time on her make up before sitting at her desktop. And lounge business suits only featured her slim petite body.

His desk was set facing her job place, so he could observe her slim legs all the time.

They celebrated his birthday in the office, drinking champagne. He gave them tablefuls of excellent food and delicious appetizers. Happy and tipsy, enjoyed with greetings and presents John was full of optimistic and rosy expectations. Time was passing by, he was not in rush to go on his talks, so when other guests and colleagues went off one by one, they left together. John invited all his staff to the party that would take place in his friend’s restaurant. Conversation soon turned to John’s affection to his friends.

- It looks like he lives without a girlfriend here, in Moscow. Ella said giving a sigh
- I think he is happy with his life! Noted John: or you have any suggestions?

She laughed

- Oh, now! I’m married, happy with my life and… she paused for a second: it would be dishonest to John

Now he laughed

- What a deal! We, married men can hardly guess what married women think of them!
- No-no! She wagged her finger at him: no cheating on! A woman always loses in adultery games! However I have to confess it has some appeals!
- Sure! What do you mean? Appeals? Only now he noticed Ella loaded up and she was in that state when control was lost and excitement grew up
- Well, it’s hard to say right now! Ooo! She said smiling and sitting half-turned. Ella was staring at swaying trees outside of the window. It was very nice to watch her sitting this way.

Unwillingly, he feasted his eye on his breast under tight fitting white top and a black suit on top. Sitting cross legged she definitely forgot her legs were open for his eyes, and his look was examining her body as if he was going to watch what was hidden under the cloth of this woman. Her foot in high heeled shoe was wiggling over the table’s leg and her fingers rubbed her wedding ring absent-mindedly.

For a second a strong desire to own this woman came to his mind! He rubbed his erect cock. One more second and he would make his desire true. But…

- You men are so greedy and nervous! She went on: You never feel calm and patient, when you want IT! And husbands: just a real nuisance! I’ve been married for 3 pervious years and have sex only on weekends, when my husband can have a good sleep, watch his football and then get down to his duties. It’s more than just sex; it’s just a mission he has to fulfill to clear his conscience. It’s like a joke: when a woman puts on nice lingerie and enters a bed room to her husband he starts crying: what the hell, are we gonna see your mom again? we have already seen her this week

They laughed.

- It makes you laugh? Me not! She rose, waggled on her heels stretching her hand to the glasses.
- Let me help… he said hastily and touched her hand by chance;

She turned and went off to lavatory. He followed her and saw she was putting glasses in a dishwashing machine. Approaching her from behind, he embraced Ella’s shoulders. To his surprise this loving wife didn’t resist, quite the opposite she turned to him and they joined their lips in kiss.

- I want you so much, her lips whispered madly: I want you right now… her fingers worked on well on his belt and then suddenly he remained nude.
- Oh, God! You are so handsome! She uttered looking at me: a naked hard on man

He got on his knees and passed his palms down her thighs, and then his hand shoved under her skirt and groped her wet holes. Ella raised her leg, removed her skirt and suit aside, now he could see her standing before him only in her white top and nylon: she didn’t have panties!

- You are so funny!

Raising his head he realized she was enjoying this view, of a naked man standing on his knees before her. Her hands pulled his head to her pussy; she pressed his face to her cunt. John smelled a rich scent of her cunt! He just lowered her nylon and a beautiful view of her wet dripping cunt revealed to his eyes, he started caressing her tenderly so that when she came, her nails stuck into his skin. He rose, turned her back to him and then started impaling her onto his penis. No tenderness and caress ensued now; he was taking her greedily, with full passion, like a beast. When she tried to move a bit he kept her riding his penis and never let her go. When he finally came Ella remained lying on armchair. He took a cigarette and smoked. Ella got over first wave of pleasure, crawled for his legs and settled down the carpet. She joined him smoking too. He enjoyed watching this woman: every woman looked very awesome in first minutes after she came.

By subdued light her hair was shot with raven-black. Long fingers taking a cigarette trembled slightly. Ella rubbed her ring thoughtfully once again.

- Funny… You know, you are my first man except my husband. I mean…
- Girl! He touched her face, caressed her cheek softly. You are a wonderful woman! Most beautiful I ever met!
- Ever? She asked catching his finger
- You doubt?

She opened her mouth and he saw she devoured his flabby cock. She sucked it slowly, then her lips moved back, then up its length and she began to suck on it rhythmically. He felt his cock started, and then it began to grow slowly. Her lips made their way steadily, making him feel hard on once again. He thought this lady knew very well what blowjob was. When he was thinking of it she gave him deepthroat, leaving his penis in there for a while, and then she moved back and spit on his cock. Nobody had deep throated him before, s his cock soon covered with fat saliva of hers.

In a while his penis was about to tear! He looked down and saw a stain on the carpet right under her legs. She was leaking, this bitch was leaking and her wet cunt was longing for his penis. She rose, turned her back to him, removed her top, and setting her elbow against the table put one hand down there and began to rub her clit, waiting for his reaction.

- Come to me, come one: he heard her hoarse voice.

No further words needed. He lowered her nylon with a jerk and pulled her onto his cock. She, setting her hands against the table began to move her ass to him. With his every thrust he penetrated deeper and deeper, thrusting his penis deep in her hole. To evade crying she just shut her mouth.

Suddenly she lost control of her legs, she slipped away, and they both fell onto the carpet. A sound of tearing nylon was heard. She was going to rise when he pushed her down to the floor and, unable to move she just sensed his dick drilling her cave vehemently. It lasted about 15 minutes until they finally came together. One minute passed before she could utter a question:

- What was that?
- I think your nylon tore!
- I thought you were gonna tear my ass! I have never had such sex!

It took them quite long to clean up and adjust. While helping him tie his neck tie he suddenly pulled her up to him, gave her a hug and then kissed. Taking his left hand:

- Your ring? You are ok?
- You are vexed? She put her finger to his lips to stop him say a word: hush! Words spoil everything! Be yourself, and thing will be all right!

After that, taking her handbag and leading to the door she turned around and said:

- Just if you want to know it: it was the best sex in my life! don’t forget to switch light off

The next day, when he came to office Elle gave him a tender and sweet kiss at lips. That proved yesterday’s night was not a dream, and her soft tongue’s thrill said it was just the beginning, it’s not an end.

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3 Responses to “Work day for 2!”

  1. lsaid Says:

    here in Russia! i’m coming! C’est la grande!!!!

  2. Pedro Says:

    what i liked in this story is its funny plot: it features not only Russian life style and being but also the ground of all people! Real stuff!

  3. Naijadude Says:

    Havent even had a threesome in my life. So wanna have one soonest. Fairly good erotic stuff says Naija dude!

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