The girl is so much in love with her boyfriend that she can’t wait getting into bed with him and as soon as they find some privacy they’re going to have the night, they’ll never forget…

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One chilly night my boyfriend and I and a group of friends were having a night out on the town to relax and enjoy ourselves.

We were at a restaurant having dinner; chatting and drinking wine, by this stage we were all tipsy. We had been here for a while and were finishing our dinner and now just chatting and finishing of our bottles of wine. My man looked so sexy and I couldn’t keep my eyes off him and I was just thinking about when we got home.

My boyfriend placed his hand on my knee underneath the table without anyone knowing. Slowly his hand crept up my thigh and under my dress, the feeling of his hand being that close to my sacred place made my whole body tense and heat up, knowing we were in such a public place. I tried to keep a straight face as he lightly caressed the outside of my black lace underwear; I became so horny and excited just from his light touches. All this while he was keeping up the casual friendly conversation with everyone, who were clueless of where his hand was wandering. Suddenly he slipped his fingers under my underwear and started rubbing my hot aroused clit. My heart started beating hard against my chest. I felt a shiver run through his body when he felt how soft and smooth my pussy was, as I had just shaven perfectly for him. Although I didn’t think he’d be feeling my silky smooth lips till later tonight when we were home in our bed alone!

He slipped his hand out and lent over and kissed my neck under my ear and whispered to me “You’re beautiful, I love you.” These words sent shivers down my spine, because I love this man with all my heart. I smiled at him and whispered back in his ear “I love you too. You’ve made me so wet!” I kissed him on his check, squeezed his hand and we went back to enjoying our wine and friends company. Even though I knew all either of us could think about is what was going to happen when we hot home after the night.

We all had a few more glasses of wine and were all feeling very relaxed and ready to keep going, the group of us headed out clubbing at the bars in town for a good night. We shared a few shots and as always we ended up all separated and lost each other.

My partner and I were dirty dancing at a club together on the dance floor squashed between hundreds of people. It was so hot, I had to take my top off, leaving my shoulders and back exposed in my strapless dress. I could tell my man liked what he saw by the look he was giving me.

We ended up in the corner dancing together a bit a way from the crowed, to get away from the heat of everyone. The sexual tension between the two of us was so intense from what happened earlier at the restaurant and the sexual whispers we had been exchanging all night since.

While we were dancing he picked me up and pushed me up against the wall, I wrapped my legs tight around his waist, this move made me so hot, I started kissing him. Our kisses were so passionate, our tongues were softly but intensely intertwining within one another, he tasted so good. I could feel myself tingling and getting hot in my underwear. He was still holding me up on the wall in the corner of the bar as he started kissing down my neck and chest towards my breasts. I was getting so excited just by the thought of what was to come. My nipples got hard instantly with the feel of his tongue so close. I started kissing his ear, softly massaging it with my tongue and nibbling softly. This made him squeeze my arse so tight and push hard against me, I felt this huge hard package press against me as he groaned in my ear and he said he wanted all of me.

I pushed him off me, grabbed his hand and took him out of the bar as fast as I could and down the street to get home so I could feel him deep inside me. He rang us a taxi as I couldn’t stand walking all the way home.

While we were waiting our passionate kissing kept going. I was so wet, I could feel my underwear getting hot and wet from my juices. He must have known because he said- I can’t wait babe, and pushed me behind the fence we were sitting on. I pushed back against him as I really didn’t want to do anything so private in such a public place, but he forced me onto the ground with his incredible strength. He pushed my skirt up and started kissing my inner thighs, he slowly pulled my sexy underwear down to my ankles, he was driving me insane by being slow and teasing me, it was putting me on edge. His tongue licked my clit and I let out an uncontrollable moan of pleasure as he started to suck on my clit and lick my wet hot sweet pussy. I wanted him so bad right that second.

Then a horn beeping snapped me out of it as the taxi was waiting. I couldn’t get my underwear back up as I was quivering of sexual pleasure and was quite tipsy, so I just took them off and jumped into the taxi with my boyfriend.

I couldn’t stand being so incredibly horny and wet and have my boyfriend not touching me. Without me even realizing I had my legs spread in the backseat of this taxi with no underwear on and my fingers playing with myself, feeling the heat from my swollen pussy. My boyfriend looked over and was surprised to see me masturbating and enjoying it so much it made him rock hard. I couldn’t help but moan from the pleasure I was giving myself, I forgot all about being in a taxi.

When we got home I pushed my man onto our bed and undressed him. His cock was hard and hot sticking right up at me. I needed him inside me really bad as I was so worked up. I climbed on top of him and slid his long hard beautiful penis inside me, it went in so easy as my juices were dripping out of me. The pressure of him deep inside me almost made me come. I pushed down as hard as I could to feel him deep inside me. I started to slide up and down his shaft lying on top of him still in my dress and boots. My clit was rubbing against his pelvic bone and the friction was sending me over the edge. I could feel an orgasm building up inside me as I kept riding him harder, my moans got louder and louder in his ear my pussy contracting around him, and as I screamed I let out a full body orgasm and my body was covered in goose bumps and quivering.

I lay there exhausted on top of him, as he flipped me over and pushed his cock deep inside me in and out hard, I was so tight around him. He got off me and started undressing me, until I was lying naked on the bed in front of him to have in anyway he pleased. He took my full breasts into his hands and stared kissing my nipples, the things he was doing was putting me on edge again. I was barely handling all of this. I pulled his body up over my head till his cock was next to my face. I took him into my mouth. Slowly I started liking the head around teasing him with my tongue and my moist mouth. I rolled on top of him and rubbed my hard nipples over his dick. Then I licked the length of his shaft covering it with my saliva and took him deep into my throat as far as my small mouth could, I sucked hard and fast and he started pushing his cock deep into my mouth and he started to tense.

I kissed back up his body and rubbed my wet pussy against his hard penis, this almost sent me into another orgasm. I asked him to take me from behind cause I wanted to feel him deep inside my hot wet horny hole. I got on all fours for him as he entered me from behind standing next to the bed, the head of his penis was hitting my G-spot building an orgasm up inside me. He leant over me and squeezed my left breast squeezing my nipples between his fingers and pushed my body onto the bed. His thrusts from behind were making my clit rub against the bed. I arched my back and as he fucked me hard we both came together moaning loud.

We both collapsed onto the bed in a tangle, hot and tired. We fell asleep naked together snuggling. The next day I woke up rubbing my crotch against his side and was so horny from dreaming about sex. I went down on him and made him rock hard and then straddled him and woke him up from his sexy dream with my loud moans of enjoyment.

He’s the love of my life and we’re going to have the best sex ever for the rest of our lives.

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5 Responses to “The love of my life – The night we couldn’t resist”

  1. Yum Says:

    Hot story!

  2. she she Says:

    boy did this story get me so hot and horny

  3. SXC Says:

    Wow, hot story!

  4. TM Says:

    We need more romantic stories like this damn it!

  5. willycakes Says:

    yeah Hot story certainly got me started off in a fantasy world…

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