Sweet whoreness

April 30th, 2008

A guy meets a girl on line and decides to see her IRL, she agrees and they have a pretty good time together…

Her name was Shanaja. I met her online. As we communicated it turned out that we went to the same school, so as it usually happens we had a lot of common thing to talk about. We would hang on the phone for hours talking about the good old school days. We talked about all sorts of things.

We were like how great it would be to meet up and to hang out. We talked about relationships and even intimate stuff, you know. She seemed to be a really cute gal so we decided to meet up for sure.

It was going to be a… kind of unusual date. We decided we wanted to spend time together just the two of us. I rented a studio apartment. To be honest it was a bit fucked up to agree for this kind of a date without seeing the potential sex partner… cause I only heard her voice. But yes, there was this sense of adrenaline from not knowing how it would turn out.

I rented the place, got her flowers which I put on the bed. I poured wine into glasses and hitted my way to meet her. We arrange that I would meet her by the business plaza. It was cold. Winter, it was freaking freezing outside. I had to wait for like 15 minutes before she showed up.

Lexus stopped nearby the parking lot and she said it was her brother who gave her a ride. Finally I saw her. She turned out to be a slim blonde. Pretty delicious looking hottie. She totally suited my preferences.

That moment it was like winning Jack-pot and getting this glamorous chick that was totally into me from the talks that we had.

She took my hand and we waited till her brother left. Than we went upstairs where that nice warm bed was waiting for us. Twenty meters walk, up the elevator and we arrived at the place.

Twenty minute late I was already squeezing her against the wall and my hand was in her panties. We moved to the bed and on the way there we were taking each others’ clothes off.

We started with the doggy style and I banged her pussy with my hard dick for like 10 minutes. Than I turned her around and put her legs on my shoulders. Damn, I was digging the hole!

I squeezed and bit her horny turned on nipples, I grabbed her hair and massaged her ass.., hole. She moaned from pleasure and orgasm.

In about half an hour I was fucking her on the table. She was leaning with her back to me and her tits on the table. I fucked her with greed. I fucked her ass; I prepared everything that way that I had lubricant on me. Plus, her juice was flowing in streams… she loved to fuck. Shanaja gave a super blasting blow job and I pressed her face to my pubis and came in her mouth.

She swallowed the entire shot like a real good girl and said it tasted nice and that I could fuck her whenever I wanted.

I was like, what a blessing to pick up a girl like her. She fucks so well, and she’s fucking fancy! When Shanaja came out of the shower she looked depressed. She told me how she was in love with some guy who’s name was Lenny and how he dumped her though he was younger than her. She told me how they met.

He saw her somewhere on the street and picked her up right away. Than they fucked in his car. From that moment he told her he will fuck her whenever he wants to and that she even had to let his friends fuck her in the ass. She said she was so in love with him she can’t say no.

To be honest with you guys, I was fuckin shocked from her testimony. How could this sweet girl turn out to be such a whore-cunt.

Later we met a few more times. But that is a whole different story.

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