Sweet dark chocolate

June 11th, 2008

When you are young, it is easy to fall in love. A nineteen year old babe finds her true love and she can’t be any happier…

Hi, I’m Crystal and I just turned nineteen. Just like all the girls I am at the peak of my horniness. My boyfriend calls me Crysty cause he thinks it’s sexier. My hair is short blond; I got average boobs and a smoking ass. I had tons of guys who wanted to get in my panties but I only let the best guys to play with me. I lost my virginity with my classmate. It hurt and I didn’t like it much but I always hoped I will meet the right guy. And it happened at the end of August. I met HIM!

Bryan is a tall brunet, and he’s not like good looking he’s handsome! He’s got perfect features. His ideal eyebrows and huge brown eyes were his best assets. He has the best lips in the world. That day me and my girlfriends were sitting at the restaurant and as son as he came in the three of us stopped breathing. Honestly, I never had seen anyone better looking than him. Kerry was like let’s invite him over to our table. We had to get to meet that guy no matter what!

He looked at us and all I could do was just smile. My girlfriends weren’t as shy as me and they waved him saying “Hey! May be you would join us? It’s nicer her on the patio.” He agreed! I couldn’t believe that he would seat next to me. Kerry and Martha were all over him just to get in a bed with him. They were laughing at anything he said, even if it wasn’t funny. They asked him all kinds of questions and all I could do was look at him. I didn’t count on anything more than just looking at Bryan.

It started getting dark and we had to get going. Bryan got up and offered to take me home. I was so shocked! Why me? Why did he choose me? Why didn’t he want to take home this tall slim brunet Kerry or sexy rogue Martha. I was shocked and felt a little embarrassed for reacting that way. I said “sure, that would be lovely!”. My girlfriends were really mad, I could tell. They went home alone and I… this is how I met my first real love.

That went on really fast. He would come over to see me every other day. That day I knew he was gonna come by. He brought a box of dark chocolates. I like plain dark chocolate. We went to the kitchen and had champagne with chocolate. It tasted so good. Bryan picked me up and put me sitting on his lap. He put his hands on my waist and I looked into his beautiful eyes… unconsciously I said “Bryan, I love you.”

Half a second later I wanted to kill myself. I realized what I said. I thought he would push me away and think I was really stupid. I thought he would freak out and say something like he had to go or whatever. I read somewhere in the girls magazine that guys don’t like it when girls make the first move whether it’s ‘I love you’, ‘I want to marry you’ or ‘I want to have a baby’. I expected him to freak out. Those thoughts flashed in my head within few seconds and I wanted to get up and leave. But Bryan stopped me. He kissed my lips with passion and force even. I didn’t expect him to react this way. I never dreamed of kissing Bryan. He was over the top of my dreams.

“I love you too sweetheart.” – those were his words. We kissed in the kitchen till my parents got home.

The last week of summer holidays I had to go to my grandma’s. Bryan told me he would love to come with me if that was okay with her. I said she wouldn’t mind at all and we went together. I was the happiest girl in the entire world and couldn’t wait to show him that chateau with vineyard, moat and forest. We made out in the forest and hayloft. Once we even fell asleep on the hay. When we woke up the sun was already shining and it smelled so fresh and sweet. Our feet were wet from the dew and we ran into the house to warm up. My grandma was cooking hot chocolate and that was exactly what we needed. She had some old recipe and she never puts sweets or milk in chocolate, she says real chocolate must be dark and plain.

She poured us two cups and said it is much better than coffee and that it is real aphrodisiac. We went to my room and decided to warm up on the sun. I took Bryan’s hand as we sat on the terrace. I took off my top and my bra, it was too hot. He asked me if I was going to sit like this just in my panties and nothing else on.

I said “yeah, it’s hot. What’s wrong with that?” he was like “but you are making me really horny and I want you. Now!”

He took my hand and said “If you will walk around like this you will drive me nuts. I am so turned on right now and I can’t keep myself anymore. I want you.” His smile was cunning yet sexier than ever.

“Okay, I want many things in this life! So?”

“You’re torturing me! I don’t want to become an impotent.”

Bryan came really close to me and kissed my lips. He stuck his tongue inside my wet hot mouth and that turned me on. He put me down on my bed and kissed me all over. Bryan put his hand on my tit.

“Bryan… I can’t…”

“Why, sweety? What’s wrong?”

“Well, I already have had sex before but… hum,… I didn’t like it so much…”

“You will like it this time, babe. With me… Trust me. Do you trust me?”

“I do.”

And I trusted him. I was a bit shy from such a cool guy. I felt weird cause he was better than me, you know. In everything, I couldn’t accept the fact that I deserved him.

“Crystal, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’m just a bit shy.”

“Silly girl, don’t be shy. I love you and you can’t be shy in front of me. I need you the way you are.”

He kissed me again. He took down my panties and took off his clothes. I must mention he has a huge one. It was much bigger than the one I had before.

Bryan’s dick was sticking out leaning on my belly and that was making me melt. Bryan made every inch of my body swell from lust and desire for that dick. He got me to the point that I was ready to do anything he wanted. My love was kissing my lips and then he kissed my pussy. He licked my crotch like no one else has ever done it before. He sucked on my perky nipples and I wasn’t shy anymore. I wanted him inside me and I told him to take me.

He turned me around and kissed my gorgeous ass. Bryan inserted his dick inside my flowing vagina and that was the best thing that ever happened to me! He came inside me again and again and I had multiple orgasms. We weren’t thinking about anything at all. All we cared for was pleasure. I drowned in orgasm and screamed and I’m sure everyone in the house heard us. When Bryan came the fourth time he said:

“This is the best sex I’ve ever had. I didn’t expect you to be this sensual.”

He took his cup with hot choco but I didn’t want his lips to touch the cup. I was jealous and kissed his lips really fast. Chocolate poured down on my breast. He saw that and his dick was getting hard again from seeing such ‘dessert’. Bryan started licking me off and ate the dark chocolate off my body. We fell asleep in each others arms.

P.S. I didn’t even bother to change the names. All the names are as real as this story.

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