December 24th, 2007

It’s nice to get home back from a business trip and enjoy your wife who has been waiting for you…

Hi! I miss you so much! It miss you more than ever when I have to go on business trips, when I stay alone, far from you and my friends. The winter is very frosty and cold. Imagine, I force my way into a room, cold and tired with morning frost. You are lying on the bed, so warm and desirable. You meet me smiling, nice and happy, easy like a snowflake. And first touch appears: kiss lips, an air of morning coffee. I kiss you vehemently and with all my love, so tenderly and softly. So to feel how much you missed me all the time. Apprehensive of making you get cold with my ice-cold hands I just let myself stay passive while you watch me from below and get down to my fly. You remove my iced over pants looking at me from below.

Guessed my desires. You smile at me, spreading my legs thoroughly with your hot puffy body, then I can sense you hair and shoulders rub against my thighs. Ha, here it is! So cute and tiny, ice cold like and wrinkled contracted, with stuck hairs: this is a most valuable piece of my body and you get it very softly and begin to rub it gently. Missing you? Hold on! Hold still! Feel it? Taste it? Can you smell my flesh? You are anticipating meeting and welcoming my meat with pleasure, you are dying for getting it closer! Your eyes roll over with delight; I see your mouth open! Oh, my God! Jesus! It’s so hot in there! Your mouth open and you take it slightly inside, staring from its head at first, then, slowly, again and again you start sucking on it… until it’s still not huge your lips reach its hairy root and I can see my cock disappear inside of your depth. You pause, enjoying its taste, a taste of a male! Here it is! A moment of first touch, this is what I meant! It is home, it has no place to go any, and it just has got its place to fit in! In hot hugs of a wonderful mouth!

I have been waiting for this moment for so long, but you seem to be unaware of my state and inevitability of my orgasm. It’s like a growing wave! Wave of bliss that would make me reach tops of my imagination! My meat is getting harder and harder, soon it can hardly fit in your oral cavity. It’s asking for giving it more of blowjob! Now it’s huge, enjoy it! I can’t lie on like this any more, I wanna move myself, give me a hug, help me rise up. Embrace my ass; I will move my meat deeper in your mouth. O, you like that? You like me move this way?

I catch your head and start impaling your mouth on my penis, it’s not so hard to do, you need to just relax and let me do what I want. Getting a steady rhythm I soon start fucking your mouth and my penis reaches your throat making you drool your saliva. You spit on my penis and it’s getting covered with your saliva. You are busy with the deal so that you can’t keep from uttering moans. Moans of pleasure. Pleasure of oral sex.

You don’t want me to stop either. My excitement turns to you, I fell my balls boil and build up a load ready to explode and rush outside. I feel your wet and hot throat, you deep throat me so nice and…. Here it is!

I shot! I drop a load! First shot is very massive and strong, it is like a wave of orgasm drilling my whole body. Then another one, over and over again. I fill your mouth with my cum and you just swallow it everything! Till the end. You open your lips and lick that last drop! You snuggled up to my hip, look t me from beneath. You don’t wanna kiss with me, you are lie pleased and happy pussy. You lick your lips and rub the rest of my drops over your face. It’s all fro you! Just for you!

Shall I touch your hole? I think your hole would squeeze my finger tight. Open your legs! Please. See this? See your juice, you are leaking! I miss your taste! You taste so good! Where are you? How can I get you back?

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3 Responses to “Return!”

  1. Chaves Says:

    You betta fucking believe or this hornies comin afta u!

  2. Lopo Says:

    This sory made me feel hard meat

  3. dhani Says:

    i like it

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