October 5th, 2007

When passion absorbs you, there is no way you can resist it, these two lovers have no limits, they are having sex right in the street, in the rain!

It was a usual night. I hadn’t seen him for a long time and we decided to meet just to look at each other, to talk a bit. We had never been lovers or something, and we never actually thought of us as a couple. We were just walking in the park, talking about all possible things. It was very sunny in the afternoon and sort of cloudy by the night.

The rain started suddenly, as it often happens in summer. Large drops began to pattern on the leaves and grass. Neither of us had an umbrella, so we tried to shelter ourselves under the trees. We were standing under a tree, I guess it was a maple tree. Its large broad leaves didn’t let the rain fall on us, and when we were standing by the trunk the rain never got us.

We were standing so close to each other. I could feel his arm by my shoulder, we were laughing and talking. Such rains usually start suddenly but never last long. All we had to do was to wait till it stopped. It was getting dark, and we had to get out of that empty part of the park we were in.

I looked at the sky to see if the rain was about to stop, several big drops of the rain fell on my face. I shrieked and stepped back. I stumbled on him. Trying to catch me he put his arm round my waist. I couldn’t move feeling his touch. It turned out to be very pleasant to feel his body against mine, I was afraid to move and to scare the feeling away. I felt his breath on my neck, it was tickling me a bit, but it aroused some new sensations in me, and I liked them. I guess he also liked to be standing close to me that way, he didn’t try to step back, vise versa he seemed to be pulling me even closer.

His lips touched my neck, sort of accidentally. Then he was more confident in his moves. His touch was gentle and light like butterfly’s wings. He reached my ear, biting it gently. His hands became involved in caressing me too. His fingers were moving up my waist, playing with the buttons of my blouse, moving his fingers along them but not undoing them.

He reached my boobs under light blouse and lacy bra. He began squeezing them.

-What are you doing?

I tried to step aside but he pulled me back close. My butt touched his pants, I felt his hard pecker through his jeans. That’s all. If I had any good intentions before, they vanished in no time. Arousal covered my body, I could no longer resist it. He turned me to face him, and our eyes met. His lips touched mine. First he was slow and gentle, kind of trying their taste. Then he became braver, parting my lips, thrusting his tongue in my mouth. I cupped his neck with my hands, closed my eyes and got lost in the kiss. My tongue was plying with his. I felt him getting more and more aroused, holding me tighter, fondling my butt and squeezing it.

He got under my skirt. I was wearing lacy thong and stockings. He was fondling my buttocks, my hips. I felt he wanted to get under my panties but he couldn’t do it because of the stockings. So he decided to start from the upper part of my body. He got back to the blouse. He was undoing button after button. He was kissing me simultaneously, but when my breasts were almost all exposed he stopped kissing, looking at them. Laces couldn’t hide them. He could see my hard nipples though the bra. He touched them with his fingers. It made me tremble all over my body. His hand slipped behind my back. He undid the bra. Now my tits were bare-naked and he could see everything. He was watching me. I knew he liked what he saw. He bent his head, his lips caught a nipple, while his hands were squeezing the breasts, fondling them. His kisses were so tender and so passionate at the same time.
He was kissing my knockers, and his hands were pulling off my stockings. He was slow and careful. He took them off, took off my shoes too. His hands were moving along the inner side of my hips upwards. When he reached the knees, he spent some time fastening my skirt to my belt, for him to see everything. He got back to my knees again. He was moving up very slowly, sort of teasing me.

I finally felt his hand on my panties. I think he could also feel my thong was all wet by that time. He gave me a sly look. His hands were caressing the laces, and the pussy under them. I wanted him to get under my panties. But he was taking his time, prolonging the pleasure. I felt his hand on my love button. He was caressing it, making me moan. But it wasn’t just caress that I wanted, I wanted him, and he knew that. Yet he was still teasing me. He got his finger under my panties. He wanted to see my reaction. What kind of reaction could I have?! I was very much aroused and I wanted him not to stop. He felt how wet and hot it was there. I didn’t understand how he could control himself for so long.

He pulled my thong to my knees. He could see all of me now. My vulva lips were well shaven, my bush was trimmed in the form of a vertical line. He could see everything. I was a bit embarrassed. It was the first time he saw me naked. But this feeling made me even hotter. He moved his fingers up and down the lips, then he moved them apart. He was sort of examining me. Caressing the clit, he got inside me with his finger, then he added another one. I couldn’t control myself any longer, his every touch made me moan. He focused his attention on the clit. He was fondling it with his finger. I was so aroused that it seemed several more touches would make me cum. He didn’t let me do it so soon.

I leaned against the tree trunk, tossing my head back. I closed my eyes. Soon I realized my sensations had changed, the caress became tender and even more pleasant. It was so, because it wasn’t his finger playing with my clit now, it was his tongue. I missed the moment when one kind of caress gave way to another. It all was so unexpected and at the same time so long-desired for me. I had never felt better in my life. I felt like cumming. My sensations became brighter and stronger, my body was shivering, I was no longer moaning but crying.

Several more touches and I came. I was overwhelmed with the pleasant sensations, I was flowing in the river of bliss. But for him catching me, I would have fallen, as my feet almost gave way under me. He was holding me close, feeling my body arch of pleasure. It was one of the brightest and most remarkable orgasms in my life.

I felt so relaxed. I was grateful to him. I wanted him to feel as good as I did that time. But I was unable to do anything in the next several minutes, seemed all my limbs were so heavy. The universe shrunk down to two persons – me and him – and there was nothing else existing in the world anymore. Me, him, and tenderness. I was whispering different tender words in his ear, not clearly realizing what I was saying.

I had to get back to reality. I started seeing colors, hearing sounds. My hands began caressing him, his shoulders, his head. My lips reached for his lips. I felt his body tense. I was getting hot again. I was kissing his neck getting lower and lower. My fingers were unbuttoning his shirt. I was fondling his chest with my hands, my lips. I was getting closer to his belly. My fingers were caressing his hard-on through the jeans. He wanted more, I heard his heavy breathing, felt him tremble of my touch.

My hands found the belt, undid it and unzipped the fly. My hands were moving impatiently, lustfully, and vehemently. My hand was in his pants. I was caressing the dick trough the underwear. His pants were too tight to hold the cock inside. One swift move and his pants and jeans were at his knee level. His prick was so hard! It was so huge, I couldn’t even imagine that! The head was totally exposed. My fingers began fondling it, moving up and down to the testicles.

I also wanted more. I touched the dick with my tongue, moving from the head downwards. I sucked the dickhead in my warm wet mouth. I was using my hand. I was teasing him the way he used to tease me. Then I sucked the cock in my mouth again. This time it was deeper. I was licking it, making the knob wet and slippery. He was moaning. He wanted to fuck my mouth, and I allowed him to do it. The cock was inside my mouth at its full length. I squeezed it with my lips, moving to and fro, never letting it go. I was aroused again. I wanted him, I wanted him to enter me.

I stopped caressing him. He moaned in disappointment. But I pulled him down on the jacket that was lying on the grass. The grass was wet of rain. He got what I wanted, he couldn’t control himself either. One quick thrust and he entered me. Oh, how great it was! How great it was to feel him inside me, feel him move inside me, parting my vulva lips. I had been dreaming about it for so long! I was trying to help, our bodies became one. I was ready to cum once again, but I wanted us to cum at the same moment. I felt he was on the verge of bliss. His thrusts, his heavy breathing, his moaning told me about it. C’mon! I could no longer control myself!

The last thrust. I felt his dick pulsing inside me, spurting semen. I was cumming too. Great sensations! My vagina muscles contracted again and again. My body was trembling. I didn’t want to let the feeling go. I guess I was crying, but it’s difficult to say, I was lost in my feelings.

Then we were lying on the grass, exhausted. We were hugging each other, caressing. Passion gave way to tenderness and sadness as it would never happen again.

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  1. Andrew Says:

    Well, sex outdoors on the nature, in the rain looks rather romantic and hot! nice story!

  2. aaw23 Says:

    wow so cool

  3. tom Says:

    you want to fuck my dick hard and dick in ass such on my dick hard

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