You can part with your boyfriend but the passion you shared together can never die, once you meet him again, you’ll feel it…

I knew he wasn’t lonely and had been dating with Jennifer for a year already. I also had a boyfriend who loved me and sincerely admired me. But I couldn’t forget Michael, though our relationship wasn’t long – I had just some bright memories about a tumultuous sex in the car and on my friend’s birthday. To be exact I was sure that if I saw him again we’d just have a short talk and I’d forget about meeting him.

Once in a comfortable trendy bar I was sitting with my friend and warming up myself with punch when I sensed someone was staring at me. I raised my eyes and saw Michael at the next table. He put away the business magazine he was reading and was gazing at me with his special laughing look which gave me goose bumps as well as it had been when we’d met for the first time. I smiled and nodded, nothing in my behavior told about my arousal. Since that moment I wasn’t listening to my friend’s story about her shopping in Milan any more for I was looking at Michael and imagined him bending over me and caressing me. I remembered his smell, sensation of his big stiff penis in my hand, expression of hot passion and desire on his face before he entered my wet pussy. I still loved and wanted this man.

Soon my friend’s boyfriend called her and she left me to finish the punch alone. Michael took his glass with cocktail and sat beside me. We were talking about work, life and future plans in general. He was easy to communicate, but from time to time I noticed that his hand with the glass was trembling and my firm nipples under the silk dress showed my arousal. Usually I can control my emotions and feelings but this was not the case. When a waiter brought a bill I asked him to make a reservation for a small hookah room for two people, which fortunately was empty at the moment. I don’t remember how it happened but after we went to the room trying to look naturally and discussing the amendments to the tax legislation, I was lying without my dress on the table and Michael was pulling my panties off.

His cock was caressing my moist crotch for a long time pressing gently the clitoris, placing his head into me and taking it out again. His hands were tightly holding my waist preventing me from moving towards his wet prick earlier than he wanted that… I was moaning and vainly trying to bend my body, he was frowning and screwing up his eyes from pleasure, his mouth was deeply inhaling air, and he was keeping on that sweet torture. I was on the verge of coming when I raised my legs quickly and put them on his shoulders – this way my hole was seen to him more clearly. He slowly and carefully pushed his stem in and I felt he touched my womb. I screamed because it was painful, but it was pleasant, too. He was completely in and was experiencing a real pleasure. He was restraining himself not to come so soon, he was hunching into my tight vagina again and again touching the clitoris. I was moaning loudly and twisting, getting on Michael’s phallus which began moving faster. Then I pulled his thighs closer to me and had a great orgasm. My vagina muscles were embracing his penis tightly; his stopped and closed his eyes enjoying our closeness and my relaxation. Then he bent forward to me and kissed my lips; I kissed his wet lips and felt fast movements of his cock.

He continued kissing me pushing his tongue into my mouth in time with sharp and quick frictions, he was tearing me from the inside and I felt I was going to cum the second time. Involuntarily scratching his back and pressing his buttocks to me I forgot about everything in this world and was in the seventh heaven.

Suddenly Michael stopped kissing me, one hand gripped my hair and pressed my lips to his neck, moved his prick maximally in. After several such movements we had a long and agonizing orgasm. His cock was pulsing inside me shedding my pussy with hot semen.

Coming to myself a little I was looking at Michael affectionately… and recognized my beloved laughing look of his kind hazel eyes.

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