Once during summer vacation

September 25th, 2007

A summer vacation at the seaside, you are with a pretty lady, just you and her, sex and wild desires that are coming true, have this vacation now, by reading this story!

A nook on the coast, light breeze, warm rays of the fading light of the Sun.

I’m a bearded man in canvas pants and a light shirt. My hand is resting on your waist, holding you close. My right hand is in your hair, back of your head is lying on my palm. I’m breathing in the smell of your hair, smell of your wonderful tanned body. It smells of sea and the sun. Your lips are parted. I’m kissing you vehemently. Our tongues meet making the kiss even sweeter.

Your touch makes me even hotter, I feel your desire. My hands slip under your blouse and undo the bra. I see your breasts with longing for caress nipples. I’m touching them with my hand, I bend my head and start licking them with my tongue, sucking. My right hand is going down to your bosom. It gets under your panties. Your bush makes me crazy. It’s so nice to fondle it. My palm is getting to your cave. I feel it warm and wet there. I’m caressing your vagina, getting my fingers covered by your lubrication. Then I touch the clit, you start quivering. I hold you closer. I’m kissing your lips, they still taste of rum.

I’m too aroused to handle it. I take you in my arms and bring you to our bungalow. I lay you on the back, kissing your boobs, stomach and hips. I’m pulling off your shorts and your pants, you help me do it by arching your back and raising up your hips. I’m trying to get undressed myself too. We’re finally naked.

This is the moment… Your legs are spread wide, your knees bent. I lie between them, caressing the inner part of your hip with my palm. I feel you trembling. I am going down to your pussy. I touch it with my tongue. It is going up and down, it gets deep inside your cave then gets back to your tender wet lips.

My hands are squeezing your buttocks, patting your hips, your pubis, your belly, getting up closer to your tits. And finally they touch them, my fingers are pinching your hard nipples, I’m squeezing them, caressing. I hear your heavy breathing.

This moment is so sweet! My dick is hard. It’s as tense as a string. I’m squeezing your breast, licking the nipples, kissing and pinching them. My dickhead is pressing against your wet vagina, but it’s not pushing in yet. Your body is trembling with desire and impatience; you wanna feel my cock inside your hot flesh. Your lips are parted, you’re breathing heavily. I long to kiss your lips, I can’t fight this desire.

My hand is getting in your hair, back of your head is resting in my palm. I raise your head, our lips meet in a passionate deep kiss. Our tongues are licking and caressing each other.

Your vulva lips touch my hot lubricated head, as if kissing it. I push slightly and enter you, but the penetration is not deep yet. I’m moving back and forth in side your vagina, feels like your lips are sucking my dickhead. Wow! It’s wonderful…

My hands go behind your back, I’m pushing onto me, holding your shoulders tight. My pecker enters you at its full length. I’m holding you close, trying to get even deeper. I stop for a moment. Your vagina muscles seem to jerk my prick, pulsing, it makes you tremble and shiver. You’re moaning.

I’m kissing you, kissing your lips vehemently and gently at the same time. Your hands are roaming round my waist, making me feel chills up and down my spine. You’re trying to hold my buttocks and press me tighter to yourself. I try to help you with it. I’m moving slowly with the possible amplitude. My dick is like a piston. Soon I accelerate the tempo of my thrusts. Your kisses… You moan:

-OH! Honey! It’s so great!

Your words are so hot and tender…They turn me on, though I seem to be over aroused already. Seems I’m flying… I’m in the state of weightlessness… I’m in the space of carnal pleasure…

I feel you’re close to cumming, so I’m moving faster, helping you reach the orgasm. I’m doing the utmost to prolong my own ejaculation. You’re holding my buttocks with your hands, working your pelvis, gulping for air. You’re squeezing me inside, it makes you feel we’re one, now you’re moving faster too, I love to hear your moaning, more… You’re cumming, your body is trembling.
Your vagina muscles are contracting, squeezing my prick, I feel it getting hot and wet inside your flesh. I feel your smell. You’re whispering: “Don’t cum inside me.” Your words are so exciting, making me feel like cumming, but anyway I try to prolong the pleasure…. I’m on the verge… I feel like bursting… Some more frictions …. Three – two – one…No matter how much I long to cum inside your pussy I have to get my cock out.

The knob is trembling, spurting semen on your belly, making a puddle inside your navel. You take my dick head in your hand and press it against your belly. We feel so happy! You’re on the verge of another orgasm. But it’s not a regular orgasm, it’s something new, it’s sort of emotional and sensational orgasm!

Ecstasy gives way to laziness. We’re lying on the bed. We’re still kissing, hugging each other. We feel gratitude and tenderness to one another. It’s bliss! We’re out of the cruel world! There is only WE and nothing else matters!

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  1. victor Says:

    mandeme mas fotos

  2. Good style of fucking Says:

    I like it

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