Night of love

December 10th, 2007

You never know when you’re going to meet your life, everything seemed so wrong for this babe, she quarreled with everyone at a party and was walking home in the falling rain, this is when she unexpectedly met her true love…

It was in the small hours. It was drizzling and windy. I went out of a house and headed to the highway. Bash failed. My friend – Melissa invited a lot of her friends to her Birthday Party. I felt uneasy among her guests. One of the guys chased me for the whole evening, but I ignored him (he was not my type). It injured his pride and having got drunk he bothered me to the braking point. I was out of sorts and decided to leave though initially I planed to spend this evening differently. I was going to stay for the night with my friend. But everything turned to be spoiled for me and I had nothing to do but to trudge the night city to my sweet home.

I was standing on the roadside and waited for a car drive me home. I felt stupid, poor and moreover I was frozen. I was wearing the too short skirt and the see-through light blouse. I felt every single gust of the wind. Finally I saw the upcoming headlights. That was almost dead Chevrolet.

- Where? – asked the driver. I pointed the place. He paused a bit as if he was figuring something out, then he gave me the examining look and asked:

– How much?

- 25. – I replied though I knew pretty well that the sum was nothing and I immediately added – That’s everything I have.

The driver shook his head and pulled a wry face.

- No less than 50$. That’s a long distance, night. Nobody will drive you there for this money. – Here he grinned and added – We can agree in another way, if you…

- No way! – I slammed the door and walked apart. Chevrolet drove away and I stayed out in the rain again. I lit the cigarette. On consulting my watch, I found it was 2 a.m.

Here I saw another car in the distance. I waved my hand and smooth black new Lexus stopped in front of me. There was sitting young handsome man with charming smile.

- Take a seat, lady – He opened the door and invited her inside with the hand gesture.

I told him the point of my destination and asked if that was on his way indicating the cash I had.

- Do you really think I’m a taxi-driver? – He laughed when I set into his car. – I’m just going to get you home, that’s all. I simply can’t go if I see a charming young lady is standing in the drizzle.

- You are a noble man. – I said. – But what if there was no charming lady as you said, could you act the same way?
The driver smiled and glanced on my legs.

- I think I could.

- You are a true knight. There are no such men now days, unfortunately. Everyone pursue their own ends.
Here our eyes met.

- What’s your name, beauty? – asked my fellow traveler.

- Grace – I answered.

- I’m Robert. What are you doing here alone?

I told him the whole story that occurred to happen with me tonight.

- You are frozen, aren’t you? Let’s drive into one café and order a cup of hot chocolate. It’s on our way. I’ll be glade to know you better, Grace. And I think I can try to cheer you up.

I agreed. Honestly speaking I agreed with great pleasure. I liked this guy. I felt his power and strength. And he was pretty handsome moreover – sporty figure, nice face covered with the smooth tan.

We drove into the luxurious place. The interior, atmosphere was favorable for intimate talk. Subdued light… nice, calm music… I drank the cup of hot chocolate and felt the warmth run over my body.

We were talking a lot. Robert appeared to be good company. He traveled around the world a lot and he could tell so many interesting stories!!! He was smart and witty. In short I felt comfortable with him. And when he offered me to stay with him for the night, I agreed without any hesitation. We got into the car and he kissed me so tenderly and passionately that I felt an overwhelming desire to yield to this man. I closed my eyes and put my arms around his neck. His kisses were burning my skin and made my heart beat faster. I wanted him. My body was longing for him. His palm touched my knees and I moved my legs apart a bit inviting his hand under my skirt. His hand smoothly ran up along my thigh and touched my intimate place. We were bordered only by the thin string of my panties. The underwear I was wearing covered almost nothing. His fingers were caressing my pussy and it wetted pretty soon, together with my knickers. The passion flame was burning inside of me. Robert looked into my eyes and noticed the sparks of the volcanic eruption in them. He got the car started and we rushed to his apartment.

As soon as we entered the apartment and closed the door behind us, Robert took me in his arms and brought into his bedroom. We joined our lips in a kiss taking off our cloths from each other. We sank into the bed. In a few minutes I was lying naked and enjoyed my partner’s caresses.

His hands were studying my body. His lips and tongue made me cry in ecstasy. He tenderly kissed my nipples, sucked them and squeezed a bit with his fingers. I felt his lips on my belly. He kissed me lower and lower fondling my body. Finally I felt his touches between my legs. I moved my knees apart and opened my treasure to him. Robert pressed his lips to my clit caressing it tenderly. Then his tongue penetrated my vagina and the moan escaped my lips. I stretched my hand toward his penis and clasped it with my left hand.

- It’s so huge, I want to suck it.

Robert lay closer to me keeping caressing my wet hole.

- Yeah, darling, take it into the mouth…. Suck it…

I ran my tongue up and down his penis then started impaling my mouth on his dickhead slowly. I managed to take it inside in its full length. I fondled it with my hand a bit and started sucking it.

I always liked it! I liked to feel the erect pulsating man’s flesh in my mouth. I enjoyed the taste of man’s sperm. I swallowed it all the time. In a few minutes I came. My body was trembling with pleasure. Fantastic orgasm over flew me and here I felt the warm semen stream filled up my mouth. I kept sucking until I swallowed the last drop.

In ten minutes we kept making sex. We couldn’t get enough from each other. We were kissing and caressing each other, and then I overrode him like a horsewoman. He took my butt and pressed it tightly to him. I moaned and started riding him, sliding along his dick. At some moment Robert stopped me, I think he was close to orgasm and he wanted to prolong it. He set and turned my ass to his face.

- Awesome butt you have… it’s so tempting….

Robert began covering my ass with kisses and his fingers were teasing my clit. I felt his tongue touched my anus. I started a bit. Never before caressed men my asshole. I wasn’t well experienced in sex because not long ago I was a virgin. And the last month I had Birthday Party. Now I’m 19.

Robert moved apart my buttocks and his tongue entered smoothly my hole. I had never felt such pleasure. I couldn’t compare it with anything else. I melt in his embraces. Robert bit my butt slightly, then one more time but a bit harder. I screamed.

- What are you doing with my ass? It hurts!

- Pain – it’s only the sensation. Is it pleasant or not for you? What do you think? In general, men is afraid of the strong and new sensations. Listen to your body and you’ll open a new world inside of you. – Robert slapped against my ass and asked:

- Does it hurt?

- No. – I said. – It’s even pleasant. It’s some where on the edge between pain and pleasure.
Robert slapped hard my ass. Languor and burning warmth ran along my back and thighs.

- Pain gives the poignancy. – said Robert. – And when it alternates with caress it’s the true pleasure.

And he was right! I felt something amazing when his tongue started licking my buttocks still hot after the “corporal punishment”. I moaned with pleasure, arched my back and lifted ass toward his fondling. His tongue ran along my slit penetrating into one and the other hole by turn. When his tongue ran from the clit again and penetrated into my anus I felt I was near to cum.

- I can’t stand this sweet torture any more. – I begged for mercy. Please, stop!!! Otherwise I’ll come now!!!!!! I want to feel you inside of me! Please, enter me, enter as deep as you can!! I want you! I want your huge dick!!!!!! Take me!!!!!!

Robert tenderly squeezed my breasts, nipples. His pulsating phallus stuck into my vagina. I moved my pelvis toward him, impaling on his dick and finally my cave took it. My orgasm was like an explosion. Every cell of my body was yelling with pleasure. I wanted my lover never stopped. I wanted him to fuck me again and again… more and more…

Robert took his dick out of my pussy and stuck it into my anus. I knew what he wanted and tried to flaccid my asshole. I had never had an anal sex, but I heard a lot about it and I knew that some men liked it. More over I always wanted to try it myself and I didn’t want to disappoint Robert. His penis was pretty huge and when he tried to enter my asshole, it pained so hard that I cried and pushed aside from him.

- I’m sorry, honey. Your hole is so tiny. – Here he stretched for a tube of lubricant. – Let me cover your hole with this one.

I moved my ass toward him in anticipation. Some of my friends had already practiced anal sex and they considered it a very refined pleasure. While Robert was covering my hole with lubricant I lowered my fingers to my pussy and started to finger it slowly. Robert smoothly pushed his dick inside my anus. It hurt at the beginning but my partner was very accurate and experienced. I felt that the pain changed for pleasure. I groaned, yelled under the pressure of his piston. His shoves became harder and harder and finally he thrust his cock as deep as he could. I felt his testicles rubbing against my vagina and it drove me crazy. Gradually I started impaling my ass on his penis myself. Robert’s hands were tenderly sliding over my body. He fondled my neck, breasts, and belly. He cover with kisses me face, hair and back… Several times he took out his dick and his tongue immediately took its place. Robert didn’t want to come and stopped every time he felt he was near to come prolonging the pleasure. We changed several postures… That was amazing. I wanted something new and stood up from the bed and came to the window. The wet city was awaking behind the window. The dawn was close. I leaned my hand against the windowsill, moved my legs apart, and bent down moving my ass from side to side as if I was teasing my lover. Robert came to me and thrust his hard on from the rear. He put his hands around my waist and began drilling my butt sped up. I felt I was near to cum and whispered:
- Darling, let’s cum together, I can’t control myself any more!!! Come into my butt!!!

Robert moaned and pushed his piston in the most depths of my anus, filling it up with the warm semen. Here the wave of orgasm over flew me too. Quiver and hot wave rushed along my body from the tailbone to the head. I cried and threw back my head seeking for the lips of my lover. We joined our lips in a hot passionate long kiss………..

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  1. Kate Says:

    Dang girl keep it up!!

  2. Cooltouch180 Says:

    Not too bad to fall at d 1st night

  3. mourad Says:

    quoi non comprendre

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