Happy marriage

August 28th, 2008

Before going on a business trip, a guy visits his girlfriend and fucks the shit out of her….

In the morning my business partner called me and said that I had to go to New York for three days to fix our company problems.

“We’ll have a farewell dinner” I told Marie.

“Never say the word “farewell”. I don’t like it. To me it seems to be connected to a burial or something,” she said.

“Ok, we’ll have a dinner to say “good bye” to each other for now,” I corrected myself.

“Yeah, it’s much better”.

We went to a supermarket, bought fruit and other things my girl might need while I was away.

We had a farewell dinner in the evening, watched TV and ate fruit. She brought a banana to my lips and made me take a bite, I did that. Then I brought one to her mouth but she began sucking it. This process could arouse even a dead man. My cock bulged in the pants. As soon as she realized I liked that she began teasing me even more. She started taking off her clothes slowly playing with me. Then she took a new banana, pulled the peel off and put it against her vagina.

“Can she be doing that?” I thought.

She could, she began pushing it slowly into her pussy. When Marie put it inside she moaned. My girl started fucking herself with the banana. Doing that she was moaning sweetly and looking straight into my eyes. I couldn’t bear that any more; I took my prick out of the pants and began jerking it. Seeing that Marie came pouring the fruit with her juices. I pushed her on the bed, penetrated her pussy and started drilling her. I decided not to restrain for long and soon I filled the cunt with my cum, pulled the knob out and fell on the bed relaxed. My girl wasn’t satisfied with my phallus-fucking and had to take a banana again. When she had an orgasm she pulled the banana out and looked at it – it was covered with my semen and her juices. Very unexpectedly for me she brought it to her lips and took a bite.

“It’s delicious! Would you like some?”

I bit a little. It was the second time I tried my own sperm and it was mixed with Marie’s cum. It wasn’t so delicious, but it wasn’t nasty either. I felt my own smell in my mouth. My penis liked the situation a lot. The girl seeing that started kissing it and licking. She was licking the stem, the head, the balls, all what I had. I couldn’t restrain and exploded. My cum was on her hair, eyes, nose. Marie tried to catch the spurt with her mouth, sometimes she was successful, sometimes not. When I was empty at last I began spreading my semen over her face and hair.

“That’s useful” I thought to myself.

Some people think man’s protein is useful for skin, hair, even voice. It was reported in a newspaper that a very famous singer rubs his friend’s semen into the head because the hair of his began receding. Another popular opera singer gives a blow job before the performance on the stage to make the voice sound better. It’s a pity I’m not a friend of this singer. She sings very well, according to newspaper it is sperm that influences the voice so well. Then Marie and I went to bed. She pressed her small bare back to my chest and her small bottom to my penis. We fell asleep.

By the way, I’m not the one who likes making love all night long. My friends say they can fuck girls five or seven times a night, and if a girl is young and pretty she can be rammed up to twelve times. Sure, I understand that the majority of them grossly exaggerate their love affairs. Actually, I don’t know how many times a man can fuck a woman a night, I can do that not more than three times, sometimes once or twice. I consider quality to be more important than quantity. I’ve studied Dao science. Now if I have a great desire I can fuck a girl four hours non-stop. Believe me or not, but I know that from my experience, a girl has plenty of orgasms during one coitus, some of them don’t understand where they are when everything is over. Yeah, the pleasure is indescribable. But a man has to train this theory a lot to be able to bring so much pleasure to his partner.

Early in the morning I was ready to leave.

“Be a good girl, I’ll return on Thursday and we’ll be together again,” I told Marie.

“I’ll miss you,” she said.

And I set off for New York. In New York I thought about Marie, her body and hair. I missed her loads. How could I live without her? What would I do when at the end of this week her parents came back home? I wasn’t able to find answers for this and many other questions. Now I realize that I fell head over heels in love with her.

While I was in New York my Marie decided to look around, to see the forest, river, beach and other interesting places of our small town. She walked on the beautiful beach and then went along the path to the forest. Suddenly not far from the path she heard a woman moaning. Marie moved to the bushes and saw a glade. A girl of about eighteen was being drilled by a forty-year-old man lying on a bedspread right in the middle of the glade. The girl was very pretty and the man was also handsome. Marie was looking at them from the side. The man was lying on the girl holding her heels in hands and raising her legs over the head.

“He can probably enter her the deepest in this position,” Marie thought.

The man took his prick fully out, thus allowing Marie to see it. The knob was shorter than Oliver’s one, but it was thicker. The man was screwing the girl fast without thinking about her enjoyment; it seemed his condom was going to blow out. The girl was yelling, but it wasn’t clear enough if she experienced pain or pleasure. Here the man came and the girl came… flaking out.

“Wow!” uttered Marie.

The man leaving the girl’s vagina pulled the condom off and hung it on the tree bough smiling. The girl coming to herself after the orgasm asked why he’d done that.

The man answered “it’s a work of art, it looks great! I want it to be here!”

The couple got into the car and disappeared. The scene sexed Marie up greatly. She acted as if being mesmerized, she ran up to the tree, took the condom off it and rushed home. She didn’t understand what she was doing. She poured the semen into a wine glass, it filled up to the brim. Marie dipped her finger into the sperm and then licked it, she couldn’t understand the taste of it. After that she drank all that was in the glass. It wasn’t as delicious as Oliver’s cum.

“The man must drink and smoke a lot unlike my Oliver who is very sporty” my girl thought, but she didn’t care as she was very excited. She began caressing her pussy with fingers and finally had a tremendous orgasm.

“It’s a pity you are not here, Oliver…” said Marie and went to bed. She had thrown the condom away for her lover to suspect nothing about her adventures.

These two days were too long for both of us. And at last I came back from New York. As soon as Marie saw me she started hugging and kissing me, so did I. I raised her, her arms embraced my neck and her legs were around my thighs. I pulled her short skirt, tore the panties off, took my phallus out of the pants and entered her narrow pussy. Holding her waist I began lowering her on my penis and then moving her back, fully leaving the twat. She was so light.

“I wonder how much she weighs” I thought keeping on ramming her.

And suddenly I exploded and began pouring my semen into my girl’s pussy. The cum started flowing over my cock and her shapely legs. I put her down. My juices began falling in drops on the floor; her pussy absorbed a part of it, the rest of the sperm was going out.

“It’s been fantastic, as usual!!!” she said.

Marie picked her panties up from the floor, to be exact the remains of them, and started wiping the semen from her legs and vagina. Her panties soon got saturated with the cum. Then she began to rub this cloth (it looked like one now) against her breasts and belly. She delighted me with her behavior. She was my first girl who loved semen, my semen. Then as if nothing had happened Marie put on her skirt and a white blouse which soaked with my sperm immediately. Another thing I liked in Marie was that she didn’t rush to the bathroom as soon as we stopped fucking to wash everything off as many other girls did.

I have an impression that they aren’t fastidious to have sex but as soon as a man comes they rush to have a shower – does it mean they are fastidious to be covered with semen and their own cum???

“I’m starving, I could eat a horse,” I told to my girl.

Marie cooked dinner for me. Then she wanted to watch a porn movie. I noticed that she liked sex, she loved it, always wanted that. A porn movie had a scene when a man was ramming a girl from the rear.

“Is he fucking her in the same way as you did with me in the kitchen?” Marie asked.

“No, he’s drilling her ass”.

“How can it be? It’s so narrow there…” she wondered.

“It’s a nice position, but it hurts at first…”

“It always hurts when you do it for the first time. Why didn’t you tell me about this type of love-making? Don’t you like it?”

“I do like anal sex. But I’m not sure you’re ready for it.”

“Why? I want to try it, Oliver…”

I was very excited – my girl offered me to fuck her butt, wasn’t that wonderful?

“She became so lustful!” I thought to myself.

“Ok, we’ll do that now. I’ll fetch a special set we’ll need for it. I took a set for anal sex which I’d bought in a sex-shop.

“Will we start the first lesson?” I asked Marie.

“I’m looking forward to it!!!”

I asked her to lay down on the bed, squat and stuck up the bottom. Then I sprayed my girl with special arousing perfume for women from the set. It began working immediately. Marie was wet pretty soon, eager to fuck. Her nipples, vulvar lips became swollen, I’d never seen them so big. We even needed no sexual games. I wondered what was added to this perfume.

Then I took a special cream out of that set and squeezed a little out of the tube, moved her halves apart and saw a tiny pink anus ring.

“My cock has to be very careful here,” I thought and began rubbing the cream into the pink ring of her hole.

The cream makes the sliding smoother and softer and less painful. I put some more cream on my finger and started penetrating her tight asshole. She was moaning. I began ramming her bottom with my finger, very carefully, of course. Then I couldn’t restrain any more, pressed my penis to her anus and started entering. Her anus stretched a lot but allowed me in. Slowly I was pushing my stem into her. It was so difficult despite the cream; her butt was so tight but anyway I was moving inside her. The girl was turned on but it ached much, too. Marie was screaming, she had tears in her eyes. But I didn’t care, I wanted her. When I entered her fully I stopped allowing her time to get used.

“Gee! I was all inside. According to the information about anal sex I’ve read you are strictly recommended not to push the penis into a bottom to more than five inches; and I hunched in my nine-inch cock”. I thought I was in Marie’s bowels. I’m not good at anatomy, maybe I was right.

“Be patient, babe!” I encouraged Marie and began frictions.

At first she was sobbing and then started lowering herself on my prick enjoying the process.

I know that women rarely like anal sex and do it just for men. I was sure that if Marie suggested me ass-fucking she loved me and wants to be with me and learned everything from me only.

Here my girl fell down on the bed not being able to bear my pumping and I fell on her as her pussy drew my dick after it. My hairy pubis was lying on Marie’s buttocks and I was pressing her to bed. Her hole squeezed my phallus very tightly, I felt a sudden pain and at that moment I brought off. My semen was filling her guts.

My juice couldn’t flow out of her for my knob blocked her rectum. I wanted to leave her butt but couldn’t do that in this position, so, I turned her up and asked her to coil up, this way I managed to leave her asshole. My prick was covered with my own sperm and some slime out of her bottom. I saw how her red hole began to shrink; her sphincter had small chaps. I spread them with the cream. Marie was lying in silence fixing her eyes on one spot.

“Sweetie, I’m sorry for that pain” I said.

“Yes, it was more painful than I had expected. I wanted that myself, the main thing for me is that you liked it. By the way, at the end I began enjoying the process. Did you like it?”

“I’ve never had such sensations. It was marvelous!” I replied and kissed Marie.

“It hurts a bit,” she complained.

“It’s been your first time, honey. You’ll be all right soon”.

We fell asleep satisfied in sweat and semen.

A week later Marie returned home. She drove me absolutely mad. I couldn’t live without her.

Marie became pregnant. When we secretly met she told me about that. I was very happy, but what could we do with her parents??? I was her father’s friend. If he knew I was the father of Marie’s baby he would kill me for seducing his daughter, his only lovely daughter. We made up a story that she’d been raped. When the parents learned about her pregnancy they asked how it had happened. Marie said she’d been raped by a guy whom she had met on her way to school, she’d never seen him before or after that. Probably he was a stranger in our town. If they’d tell everything to the police they wouldn’t solve the problem as a lot of time had passed since that day. Her family was civilized and they didn’t want any gossips about them, to add to that it would traumatize the girl again.

The parents decided not to make the case public. But they didn’t know what to do either. The girl was to give birth while not being married – of course it would cause a lot of rumors that could effect badly on the father’s job and abortion couldn’t be a solution too, as it was dangerous for the girl’s health. Every day her parents tried to find a way out. And then I turned up at their house. Sure, they said nothing about their daughter’s pregnancy.

“Hi! How are you?” I asked Marie’s father.

“Fine” he said sadly.

At this moment Marie was going downstairs and we greeted each other.

I told her father: “Time never stops. I haven’t seen Marie for so long. She became very beautiful”.

Suddenly he asked me: “Do you like my daughter? Would you marry her?”

“Sure, I like your daughter and I’d marry her right now, but I guess I’m too old for her, ten years gap is between us.”

“Do you think that ten years is a big gap? Well, that’s funny. You can marry her, not now, of course, in a week time will be OK,” he said.

“Oh, … Why so fast? Why do you want to marry your daughter?” I asked him being aware of the answer.

He kept silence a bit, lit a cigarette and started cramming that he was seriously ill and didn’t want to leave his daughter alone and I was a mature descent man.

After making some difficulties I agreed to marry his daughter. Marie was also a good actress. She told she didn’t want to marry, but then agreed saying she had to submit to her father’s will. The wedding wasn’t very chic, just close friends and relatives. Everybody was shocked but we didn’t care. Then my father-in-law told me she was pregnant.

“He thinks I’m a fool who married his pregnant daughter. Actually, he doesn’t know that he’s been fooled by us. It is interesting to watch him lying right into my face. At these moments I want to tell him the truth that it was me who came into his daughter and made her pregnant. And I thought that he is my friend…” I thought.

Now we live happily together and practice a lot of anal sex together.

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