This woman has never experienced an orgasm before but she’s gonna get her one from the man she met on the Internet…

90 per sent of women don’t actually know what a real climax is.

This story is a part of my own life and I still don’t believe it could happen to me. It’s been nearly half a year since I’ve parted with my boyfriend. We were together for a year and had a lot in common. Generally that relationship was good. However, I wanted something more. I am 22 and I’ve had a lot of lovers. I’m pretty and as a matter of fact only the best men can be close to me. But the problem is that I’d never had a real orgasm with any of them. Occasionally I experienced some pleasure but I’m sure it was far from what it has to be. And it was one of the reasons why we’d separated from my boyfriend. At a certain moment I even started thinking the problem was in me.

I’ve never written stories for websites like this one but I used to read them regularly when I was in appropriate mood. And once I came across a story that provoked a hailstorm of emotions in me. It was about a man who could bring incredible pleasure to a woman. Despite the fact the story was written on behalf on that very guy the details he provided made me sexed up a lot. I guess I got obsessed with it. I was eager to be one of the girls he made love with in the story.

I made up my mind to send him an e-mail. I couldn’t think of anything better than to write “How are you?”… I know it was very silly.

I got the reply two days later. He was a bit puzzled by my question but wrote he was Ok and wondered very tactfully who I was. Those two days while I was waiting for his answer were just ordinary workdays that’s why I wasn’t so much excited about it any more. But the very fact that he hadn’t just deleted my stupid message and responded to it forced me to write him again.

Taking into consideration that this time I was fully aware of what I was doing I decided to send him a letter containing information important for both of us, nothing like “Hi! My name is Elisabeth. What do you do?”. At the beginning I wanted my letter to be brief and to the point. Instead I created a whole story beginning from telling him about the pleasure his story had given to me and ending with my great dream of being his sex-partner.

I got the reply the next day. Judging by the message he was very surprised by my confession. In his return letter he explained that he was married was madly in love with his wife; to add to that he told he was mature enough to understand that casual sexual affairs were not for him.

To tell you the truth he’d been the first man who refused me in any way. Actually I decided it happened because he hadn’t met me. So, to make everything clear I sent one of my best photos to him.

It didn’t work… He wrote a lot of nice words about my appearance but hadn’t changed his mind. The result aroused indignation first, then it turned into excitement and I assured myself he would be mine.

We exchanged e-mails for a month or more and he was very interesting to chat to but all I could find out about him was his place of living – New York.

I tried to discuss sexual topics and told him about me making attempts to turn him on but I guess I myself was getting more aroused out of that.

Generally I liked keeping in touch with him. He told me plenty of amazing things and I unlocked my heart and was very happy about that.


I made up my mind to film a hot movie with me in the main part. Then I sent it to him saying that somehow I knew it was his birthday soon and I was a present for him. Of course it wasn’t his birthday at all but the movie made him more interested in me.

The day he received it we exchanged many messages. I told him he was so well grounded in theory but when it was close to practice he was very weak indeed. He didn’t get hurt and said he wouldn’t be tied to the chariot of me. Anyway I knew it affected him. Suddenly he wrote “If you’re so eager to see me can you fly to NY right now?”

It made me stunned. Yes, I’d been really pressing for that but when he invited me I was a bit taken aback. I replied it was a complicated thing for I had to buy a ticket and offered him to plan that for the next week. But he probably was too excited about me. He said that if I didn’t fly now our communication would stop.

I decided that if I could book a ticket and had enough money I would do that… I could book a ticket and I had enough money…

I got nervous, I didn’t feel comfortable. I knew it was my idea and I really wanted that, but… it should have happened in a different way. Finally I wrote “I’m coming!”

I’d never been to NY before. We agreed to meet in front of the airport near a flowerbed. I was worried… I didn’t have his photo and was afraid of seeing a fright. But as soon as I saw him I quite forgot about my fears and doubts. He was tall and handsome, about 35 years old, dark hair, sporty figure.

He noticed me and approached. By the time he had come up to me I was shaking. He asked me how the flight was, put his hand around my waist and kissed me on the cheek. I felt strained and shuddered a bit. He smiled and took me to his car.

We arrived at a beautiful place in the woods. There was a hotel and a restaurant. We booked a room and went to the restaurant. At last I was able to relax. We talked, drank wine and danced. Then we went upstairs to the room.

He closed the door and I felt his hands lay on my shoulders. He kissed my neck and it warmed me up better than the wine. I don’t really know what he was doing differently from other men but I couldn’t keep on my legs. I wasn’t tipsy; it was him that made my knees weak. I had a feeling of close faint.

Then I slid from his embrace and kneeled down to show I was capable of doing something too. I undid his button, then a fly and soon his pants were on the floor. I was possibly in the heat of passion but his phallus seemed to me perfect. I gave him head enjoying it myself! His cock was the most delicious thing I’d ever tasted!

It lasted about five minutes and I guess he liked me doing that. What happened next couldn’t be described in any words. When he took initiative I think I started having a CONTINUOUS ORGASM.

Frankly speaking I’d never made love for four hours non-stop. And all this time he was bringing me pleasure which cannot be compared to anything.


I still don’t believe it happened to me. I told him he was the best partner I’d ever had and he said he hadn’t had such a woman before either.

I was flying home not being able to put two thoughts together. It was fantastic!!!

Now I know that you can live your life and never experience a real climax. I’m sure that more than 90 per cent of women don’t even imagine what it is like…

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