Delicate sex

September 2nd, 2007

Nice and delicate sex, pussy licking, dick sucking, pouring brandy and licking it off each other’s bodies and brining each other to vehement orgasms, that’s what a real sexy must look like…

Now I might forget some details of our date. But there were definitely beautiful and bright moments I want to share.

He phoned me yesterday said he missed me and suggested meeting in the same apartment.
There was a funny moment during our last date. I brought the whole bag of my toys with a long stick with balls for anal sex on the top. The land lady leaving us asked if it was her bag. She peered inside. Embarrassed she left the apartment very soon.

So we meet. The first sex is sort of clumsy. We undress, fondle, kiss each other. I want penetration (he has such a beautiful dick!). We enjoy the fuck. Both satisfied, we get a break.

I am telling him I am not overwhelmed with emotions as my husband suddenly remembered at night that he had a wife, and we were having sex for some two hours in all possible ways and forms. It turns out we have the similar situations. The mater is that his old friend called him yesterday after we had arranged our meeting, and said she needed him to pour out her troubles on. The consolation ended up in the bed and was continued in morning sex during the breakfast.

He certainly deserves respect for not canceling our meeting after such adventures.

So we are talking, he is smoking. He brings brandy. It is great pity I have some other stuff to do today and can not get drunk.

Then the real fun begins. We come to the bedroom. I show him my musical balls. He impales them inside me, fingers me, but it is obvious he has not rested well yet, so one more break, ok.

He goes to smoke; I follow him with balls inside me. Bother him with blow job. Suddenly an idea strikes me. I offer him to smoke and drink brandy while I am him. I even call him “master” to feel like a slave, that is my fancy. He shares my enthusiasm.

He leans against the table with a cigarette in one hand (though noting, that it would be better if it were a cigar) and a glass of brandy in another. We are discussing if his prick could be taken for a cigar and if such large cigars exist at all.

I kneel and suck his phallus into my mouth. It is so nice to do it! I see him watching me, it seems this observation rather than physical contact turns him on. I try hard.

Then he bends me to the table and slowly enters my pussy. While fucking me he moves slowly pouring brandy on my back and licking it in full. I see it all in the mirror. Looks, like it is my turn to get aroused from watching. It happens several times. I am throbbing from brandy drops, his tongue, his prick in my snatch. I am getting more and more aroused, my legs begin to tremble.

We get back to bed. I am sure it will be his shaft entering me, but I am mistaken. It is his tongue! It is soft, gentle, tireless, it unfolds all my smocks, goes along the clit. It is so sweet and unexpected!

We return to the kitchen to replay the situation. It is even hotter fellatio this time, more brandy and cigarettes. He is telling me how much he likes when my lips kiss his stem, so I start playing to the gallery, I like to show how skillful I am. I suck, lick, pinch and squeeze, but try to do it the way for him to have the best perspective of his head hiding in my mouth. I want my every touch to give him pure pleasure.

I am standing leaning against the table again. Yeah, hook me! He enters from the rear. I reach for the love button. The fuck is slowly, sweet and beautiful again. We almost never touch each other but for his pecker and tongue licking brandy from my back. It is such a sweet torture, I can stand no longer, I want you, I want you.

Get back to bed. Do me like the last time when I was hanging on your member. He wants me to do him like the last time too. (I am lying on him, impaling myself on his dick, l am holding my legs between his legs wide apart, like I am the guy here. It is possible only if the prick is long).

Well then he slides down on the floor, and I am lying on the bed edge. His fingers are so… sweet, musical. I want fisting. He says his hand is too big. I ask him if he has ever done it before, he replies he knows how to do it.
I pour lubrication all over me. He moves his hand up and down, and the hand penetrates me, a big beautiful hand with long fingers.

I can not explain what happens to me next. When it is over, and he shows me what he did inside my pussy I am about to come once again.

After orgasm I am lying on the bed absolutely exhausted thinking I will never be able to get up at all. But my desire to make him feel the same bliss overcomes. I lie between his hips and take his pecker in my hand. My hand moves up and down along the stem while I am simultaneously caressing his belly, chest, toying with his nipples.

I see him get aroused when I press hard his lower belly, right close to the pubis. So I am trying the best way I can! He is throbbing, trembling, bucking… Finally he comes. It is huge orgasm, he is almost drained, but anyway he comes, and this moaning can not be confused with anything else in the world. It is orgasm, a huge one.

This is it. Everything is very luscious, tender and offbeat… I love such dates a lot.

The other day he told me he wanted me, so it is not the end!!!

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