April 23rd, 2008

A guy can’t find a girl of his dreams until he finds a hooker, he falls in love with her and even ties to reason her to be with him, but the bitch only wants money…

I was tired of being lonely in the country where women were very emancipated and independent, having no respect for long established virtues of taking care of the family and husband, and where men were neglected and disrespected.

I lived in Canada. I often went partying in clubs, applied to dating sites, but couldn’t find a suitable girl for almost five years. All I was left to do was to jerk off on old porn movies in my humble apartment.

That night I was sitting in a pub with my friend Walter, a truck driver, just like me. I told him I could never find a girl I would love. He gave me a sheet of paper with a phone number and a name “Ashley”.

“She’s the one. She’s a good girl. 100 bucks an hour, no cheap slut and no stupid doll.” He grinned.

I thanked Walter and immediately thought about my unlucky experiences with prostitutes. There was a case when I visited a slut. So she told me one thing that I remembered forever and that really annoyed me:

“Doesn’t anybody wanna fuck with you for free?”

Anyway, I didn’t call Ashley at once. I was waiting. Waiting for an appropriate moment when I was especially hungry for sex. I dialed her number. She had a sweet voice. We arranged a meeting at noon.

Ashley didn’t look like a prostitute. She was all natural slender woman of about 40. She had her hair cut short, her hair was curly. She was smiling freely and nicely. We went to her place. I was shifting from one foot to another in the hall not knowing when to give her the money. She told me to come in. Her calm voice made me relax.

We were sitting and talking for about an hour. She didn’t ask many questions, she was a good listener. She said she was working in a book store. Ashley had a great sense of humor. We were talking about families, I told her about my mom who passed away several years ago, I was almost crying saying how much I missed my mom. Ashley shed a tear for her brother whom she lost in a gun fight.

I caught myself at thinking it was the first time in the last three years I was talking to a woman and I liked it. The last woman I was so sincerely talking to was my sister from Louisiana.

Ashley looked at her watch and asked me if I wanted to take a shower. She led me to the bedroom. I saw crispy clean bed sheets and a pack of condoms. Ashley threw off her clothes. I saw her tanned body with perky boobs, cute pubis bush. She was looking great and apparently feeling ok being nude in front of a stranger.

Ashley glanced at my erect dick and smiled. I sat down on the bed, she sat on my lap and kissed my lips. It’d been so long since I had a real passionate kiss… I was ready to pounce on her when Ashley put on a condom on my cock and asked me how exactly I wanted to do it and what I liked the most.

I was so tired of my exes’ sexual selfishness, and Ashley was ready to please me. Me. I wanted to have fun, so I asked her to mount me. I was on my back, we were doing cowgirl. Ashley was sitting with her back at me, showing me her pussy when impaling it on my dick. She was sliding up and down, swaying her hips, squeezing her muscles.

I was trying to prolong the pleasure trying to think of something else, not sex, but my sex hunger was too strong, besides, her opened butt in front of my face was so arousing… I came though wishing I could last longer. Ashley brought me a towel, smiled and said:

“It’s ok, you haven’t had sex for long. You will last longer next time.”

“Next time?” I thought in surprise. I just couldn’t believe my luck and only wondered how much it cost.

Ashley lay down beside me, took out an emery board and started polishing my nails saying she really liked doing it. Then she massaged my hands, then my back. She was turning me on…

Our second time seemed to last forever. What I found surprising is that she came too! She was so natural and felt at ease, it made me even hotter.

Ashley asked me if I was hungry. She ran away to the kitchen to bring sandwiches. It was our dinner. I looked at my watch. Turned out we spent four hours together. I only had 300 bucks in cash, so I gave them to her, explaining that it was all I had on me that moment. She smiled in gratitude and asked me if I had a good time.

We went out of her apartment together. Ashley was going shopping and I asked her if I could come with her. I just didn’t want to let her go so soon. I asked her if I could see her home. She didn’t mind. I took out cash and followed her to her house.

I spent the whole day with her. We made food together, she washed me in shower. I woke up at night feeling absolutely happy she was by my side. I gave her 500 bucks, but I couldn’t be happier.

I was out for a week in Florida. I called Ashley every single day. I just wanted to hear her voice. We had a “date” when I was back. She was smiling as if being happy to see me. I was overwhelmed by feelings. I took her in my arms, threw off her clothes, and sucked on her pussy. I was dizzy with her fantastic smell, with her loud moaning. I was jerking myself. Guess we came simultaneously.

I was hugging her dreaming about spending the whole day with her. Friendship, sympathy, love… I don’t know what I felt for Ashley. I was approaching 45, I wanted love and understanding, I wanted someone to back me up.

I noticed her glance at the watch now and then.

“We don’t have much time today. I have an appointment in an hour… but if you want…” She said it so naturally, as a matter of fact.

Her words pierced me deep in the heart. They brought me back to reality.

“Ashley! Why do you need THAT? Stay with me, I have some money, I’ll buy a house for us, I won’t leave you for long. Just stay with me!” My heart was broken.
I read it in her brown eyes she wasn’t surprised to hear my words.

“What are you talking about babe? What can you give me? I make 100 hundreds a month, I got my own plans, I have my own clients, I have certain investments. My men treat me well, and I love them, in my own way…” She said.

“Love”… she said she loved them in the same tone as if she said “I love vanilla ice-cream”.

She jerked off my dick, made it hard, and fucked me good-bye.

I put the money on the table and went out of the room. I spent some minutes simply sitting in the car and thinking about my life. WOMEN… I’d had a lot of them in my life. But all they really loved, the only thing they were really passionate about was shopping, gossip, beauty, fear of grey hair and wrinkles. None of them could be as natural and unattainable as Ashley.

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2 Responses to “Ashley”

  1. assfucker Says:

    i wanna kiss your ass

  2. YourGay Says:

    wow your a fucking bitch dude, grow a set and dont fall in love with a hooker. Thats your own fault for thinking she would love you back

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