A nice morning

December 25th, 2008


What is the first thing every man wants to do in the morning? It’s probably to wake up and have sex, I am sure you don’t mind shooting a big load of cum into someone’s pussy when you wake up…

In my sleep I notice that something is different… I don’t feel emptiness and space that I experience every morning when I woke up alone on my sofa. And really, I open my eyes and see the most tender and affectionate creature. While sleeping I turned away from you. Though I remember embracing you with gratitude for such a loving evening and then night…

But you didn’t turn away from me. On the contrary, you’ve pressed to me tighter, moving me to the wall and warming me. Very carefully, to prevent your awakening I turn with my face to you. You’re so nice to watch! Your relaxed body is having a rest, gaining strength for a new day. Who can say that a couple of hours ago it was so passionate, wild and insatiable! You know, I have some pleasant sensations that tell me we’d had a nice time yesterday…

Yes, it was yesterday. And today I feel happy and need nothing except lying beside you, my darling! You’re sleeping, breathing quietly. Your face is smiling sweetly. You’re having a dream about something nice and I like that, I feel so glad for you. I want to stroke you tenderly, kiss your lips. But if I do that you’ll wake up and I don’t want that. It is morning already but I’d like you to sleep more because you probably got more tired than me. Keep sleeping, honey. I’ll stand guard over your sleep. I look at you for some time, lazy thoughts are in my head. I can hear the noise coming from outside.

My fingers touch your shoulder and I start stroking you carefully enjoying the softness of your skin and elasticity of a young body. My lips touch yours just for a moment – what a wonderful moment! Kissing a sleeping girl is marvelous! I notice you give a deep sigh and open your eyes.

“Good morning, honey,” I whisper into your ear, then play with the lobe of your ear and lick the auricle.

For some reason I want to speak very quietly as if I’m afraid that someone can hear me. I remember that at night I wasn’t troubled by this. I think my neighbors heard both your and my loud moans. It was our midnight passion! We didn’t mind the neighbors, financial crisis, common sense… Only you and me existed and our impetuous attraction to each other!

Now we have no power for such a passion but we have tenderness, plenty of tenderness. You woke up and accepted my game. We both fondle each other bashfully, touching the bodies with our fingers and palms. I can feel that invisible thread that ties out hearts now. There is no other girl I can feel so well with! I’ll do whatever you want!

More and more often I see playful fires in your look and I’m getting excited as well. It’s strange. It seemed to me we’d exhausted each other last night. Though, there is nothing strange. We love each other so much! I embrace your shoulders to have you closer to me. You’re so warm, nice and lovely…

My lips join with your lips greedily. I want this kiss last forever. My left hand slides down your belly to your vulva lips and the clit. Here, my fingers touch your pussy, I part the lips with my middle finger carefully and it penetrates you softly… You’re so wet, so hot there!… so cool…

My thumb and index finger caress your clit. I stroke it and pinch it slightly between my digits. It makes you extremely aroused, all your body moves. It’s nice to watch. It’s so nice to realize my caress drives you mad.

Your thighs tense up squeezing my hand and then relax releasing it. Your stiff nipples rub against my chest. The area around your pussy becomes very wet, you’re leaking with excitement. I want to enter you in this position, lying on our sides. I put my leg between your wonderful legs and my left leg covers your right one. We embrace each other with our thighs. My cock takes the place where my fingers were working and penetrates you. I try to move slowly and you don’t hurry either. Each motion makes our bodies rub against each other. It seems that the climax is so close…

I kiss your neck and your look caresses me. I think that my look is the same now. My penis moves inside you feeling up all the space in your narrow passage, it massages the walls. You twist and press to me. Can anything be more pleasant than that? I can’t believe that two people who love each other so much can have such unspeakable sensations!

How long does it last? This time it’s long but it’s little for us. We want more. We want it to last forever.

You arch and I feel you’re on the verge of coming. Your vagina muscles shrink convulsively, squeezing and massaging my cock. You hold your breath and then let out a long sensuous moan.
All this stimulates the head of my cock. I feel a hot wave of pleasure consumes me. I feel my cum rises from my balls. I feel that orgasm erupts from my entire body. I make a few deep thrusts and burst out. The cock shrinks shooting the semen in spurts. I melt in you. It seems to me my mind and will rush to your vagina as well as my sperm. It seems to me I stopped existing and then was born again…

We lie close to each other. Two peaceful satisfied people. You stretch yourself sweetly.

“You’re so beautiful, passionate and a bit amusing… just a bit” I say and we both smile.

We smile to each other and to the sun that shines through our window.

“It is the most splendid morning, – you pronounce languishingly, – I want it will always be this way.”

You’ve expressed our common thought. We get up. I hesitate for a moment, take you in my arms and carry you to the bathroom. We have the whole day and the whole life ahead.

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8 Responses to “A nice morning”

  1. R.Rain Says:

    Loved this! So sweet, beautiful, and passionate. A very realistic depiction of intimacy between a couple very much in love. The writing was spectacular and descriptions spot on. Excellent work.

  2. KLH Says:

    I love the way this is more based on feelings and emotions tied to love, not sex. AND there’s good sex as well. GJ!

  3. hi Says:

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  4. Anonymous Says:

    to fazenda na da de noite

  5. Enoch4onegirl Says:

    This is my number.. +233546963634 please call now.. New thing awaits my caller. Peace To Ya’ll….

    I’m from Tema/Ghana.

  6. Enoch4onegirl Says:

    Seriously looking for a real love one. Someone dearly to be in relationship with.

  7. feteh Says:

    fere sex

  8. jdsalinger20 Says:

    send me a message want to practise in it

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