A clockwork doll

November 16th, 2007

Read about these two people making love, it seems to them that the world has stopped its existence, they are alone in the universe and there’s nothing that can part them…

When it was only me and Julie left alone in the bedroom and the door was shut Mike’s presence disturbed me as much as his photograph in my photo album. I took her hands, than put my arms around her and felt unexpected and magnetic shiver of her body. She was radiating such warmth that was viscous and hot. After such there’s only one thing that should happen between a man and a woman.

There was such a rocking predetermination and unavoidability in her radiating magnetism and languor. That it was overflowing from her body to mine through invisible flaws… And nothing- not explosions from the outside, or a sudden doorbell could stop that what had to occur between me and her.

I kind of didn’t notice how her sweater went up. Most likely it was me but with her help. It opened her body. Her skin was so smooth, so silky, and so unreal…Like air. I was looking at her breasts, at those red spots- the nipples. And the pinkish smooth circles around them. And I was feeling it more than realizing that she was everything what perfect means.

That bliss of contemplation and the feeling of her body did not stop nor embarrassed the processes that were happening inside of me. Those were flaws of separate warmth inside of me down in my stomach. They were down in my feet…The tension and the automatic swelling of that body part felt as if it has stopped belonging to me. It was like being in the fireworks of feelings, in the nature of exaltation that comes from a woman’s body.

Her checked pants were lying on the floor long time ago while we were still standing in the middle of the room like the too naïve teens.

God, her body was tempting, burning, calling… My hands were melting on it as if they were made of wax. We did not notice how we ended up in bed as if a strong intoxicating wind took us there.

One of her hands was in my hand another one was slipping on my body. I wanted to be inside that hand and melt completely. We were lying in front of each other and seemed as though air was shaking between us.

The bluish white neon light from the street had put its’ page on the wallpaper. It was cutting the curtains with its unnatural dead shadow.

She was whispering something but the meaning of her words wasn’t getting to me. Her arms were leaving warm prints of touch, our feet meet in our knees…and my knees went inside hers separating them.

“Poor you…”- I was thinking some stupid things in my head- “The feet… you are getting separated form each other divided by man’s feet.” The magnet of her bosom, her tender cherished intimate part was calling me with such irresistible powers that I couldn’t hold my self even a second longer and entered her.

Juliet did not make a sound but I felt the convulsive tremble going through her back. She moved so weird… like a cat and froze with her eyes half open.

I felt the touch of her breasts. God! She had an amazing silky skin! But it seemed like I’m feeling all of it from far away. All of my conciseness, all of my feelings were in a soft welcoming space, where I found myself. I felt like I had a “key that fits many doors” as once a poet said.

Suddenly that space grew into the size of the room, than to the size of my flat, the city, the whole world… but it wasn’t all of me in it: as if I turned into an ant and got an opportunity to suddenly go inside…

If back than I heard a question in my head where were my eyes? I wouldn’t be able to answer. It was as if my eyes weren’t where they are supposed to be, but in some other place. Everything between her legs was perfect. Every line of her was perfect. I was feeling it. I was praising that perfection. Like from underneath the ground, like from the other world I could hear her chaotic moans and sudden screams.

As strange as it seems for the whole time we kept ourselves in the same position and Julie made no effort to change it. We got to the point when the bottom of her belly started to grip convulsively. And I who was feeling inside her as in no dimensional space suddenly felt how something wet and hot started grabbing my flesh.

Inexpressible convulses were rolling through these gentle grips in hot waves until their own reflections turned into shivers and started running through her silky wonderful body. Her lips united mine. They were dry and burning. Her moans were filling up the room with the music. The music in which self-abandonment it was possible to drawn as in deep waters.

Finally, my body also caught the shudders of the convulsive flaws. And I felt how from inside of me something started coming into her inside. That something was pushing out of me and made everything spin above my head … the sealing and the walls…

She felt it and her legs embraced me tighter around my hips. She gave that last unrestrained moan that can mean only one thing: there it is that last instant after which the scary reality of the everyday life comes back.

To awake and see the world around the way it is for us was a torture and an award. In her eyes I saw reflection of my own thought: what if now we turn out to be in a different time, in a different dimension?

Although we were so different we had this one thing in common that we both were created by nature and were less adapted to this world.

I understood well that she will remain who she was and I’ll remain myself which will bring a new frustration, new disappointments, and unprecedented torments. But we were still so close to each other and I will never in my lifetime meet another woman like her…

The dawn with its whitish dim light started sapping through the window. It lit the floor of my bedroom. It dropped on its painted wood, and the wallpaper, and the table with a printing machine on it. I was lying and feeling with my skin all the perfection of her body. I was trying to feel the velvet of her skin, soaking it in with a hunger, as if I was trying to remember her for the rest of my existence.

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