While parents are away!

May 12th, 2009

The guy comes back from school and sees his aunt lying naked in the bath, she asks him to help her bathe and the fun begins…

Rodrigo’s family had to go out of the town for a couple of days for a very important annual family reunion. Rodrigo had to stay back for his studies. Actually, he was supposed to go with his parents, but at the very last moment, his plans were revised and he had to stay. There stayed only his 32 year old aunt, who was his father’s cousin and lived with them. She was divorced and worked as a teacher in a local school.

After returning from school he entered the house quietly so as not wanting to disturb his aunt if she might be sleeping. He opened the door with his key quietly and went to his bedroom where he found his aunt lying on the couch completely nude with her pussy wet! Jesus Maria! That was something shocking! Oh! He quickly ran out of the house and ranged the bell. She woke up hurriedly, wore her bra, panties, got herself covered with a towel and opened the door. Rodrigo was feeling shy to look at her as he had never seen stuff like that before. Yeahh, he sure did see nude babes on the web porn sites, but in real life – never!

The aunt tried to defend her by saying:

“I was just going to bathe! You must be standing over the door long…” he replied with confidence:

“OK, I also wanna have a shower! I am going in my bathroom” She said:

“All right then, I will go in the other one.”

He slammed the bathroom door, took off clothes and started jacking off thinking about his aunt having sex with him. She returned to ask for towel and heard Rodrigo trying to masturbate. She thought of a plan and finally worked it out! She went to her bathroom and shouted loudly:

“Rodrigo, Rodrigo can you come here for a moment please?”

Rodrigo stopped his hand, covered his bottom with a towel, went to her bathroom and asked for her permission to enter the bathroom. She said:

“Come on in!”

He was excited to see her in bra and panties. She said:

“Hurry up, wash my face I got soap in my eye.”

Rodrigo took her hand, led her to the wash basin, bend her and washed her eyes. He put a hand on her back and felt her. It was a great feeling. Once he had done, she told him:

“Thank you very much!”

And with that they both stared at each other. She then came closer to him and hugged him. He suddenly moved away from her and said:

“Your bra is making me uncomfortable!”

She didn’t say anything just took her hands behind and loosened her bra. It fell on the floor. She had good round boobs. She took his right hand and put on her left breast. She closed her eyes. Rodrigo not just pressed her boobs but also licked them.

He took her into his arms and dropped her on the bed. She raised her legs and detached her panties from her body. Rodrigo started to remove his underwear but she stopped him. She said:

“You just came from the school, you must be tired, just lay down and I will do the rest, sweetie!”

He obeyed and just laid down. She removed his underwear which gave way to a large cock that was ready for everything. Rodrigo’s aunt hadn’t had a real cock for long, so she was now so overheated about that wonderful piece of hot flesh in her hand! She held the dick and sucked it hard for several minutes. They both licked each other’s organ until they both were ready for the final showdown.
Rodrigo laid down with his aunt on top. She held his cock and entered into her pussy. She rode his cock as if riding a horse. The fun started building up after sometime. Then Rodrigo, forgetting his tiredness, came on top of her and fucked her hard. Every time, he entered his cock to full extent and with full speed. She was now nearly shouting and then he fucked her slowly for sometime.

They laid down on bed till evening. Cold breeze were flowing in from the window. She got up and covered both of them with a bed sheet. After sometime they went on again. This time it was more stylish and innovative. He fucked her pussy in different styles – from back, on the couch, the floor and entered his cock everywhere he could. She let him even fuck her in the ass!

He took a leave from his school the next day and fucked her all day long. This mature slut knew how to please men and poor boy was learning new studies, unknown before!

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