Renting an apartment

September 18th, 2008

A guy rents a room in the apartment and the landlady turns out a 49 year-old woman looking for some hot sex…

On arriving in Seattle I had to rent a room in a two-room apartment. The landlady’s name was Michelle, she was 49 and I was 26 at that time.

Her apartment wasn’t much different from those others where a woman lives alone. To say briefly it was awful. I am a hardworking and thrifty guy, that’s why I felt enthusiastic about making the flat nice and good for living. It took me a week to fix the plumbing and other things a person needs to live comfortably. My landlady respected me for that, I’d say she adored me. As I had no time for cooking she cooked for me, but I paid for the food products she used in my meals. Generally speaking we lived very well. In the evenings we used to talk a lot, discuss her family life, she showed me photos of her husband and a daughter. Her daughter was the same age as me. We could talk about various things including sex.

Once we were drinking beer and talking about sexual preferences. We exchanged confidences and Michelle confessed nobody had ever licked her (by the way she wasn’t pretty at all, moreover, she was fat). Then we started looking for any reasons that could prevent two people with such a big age gap from going to bed together. Of course we didn’t find any!

We gave each other a soul kiss just to try it; it didn’t seem different in any way. Then I pulled my penis out to check if it was clean enough. She told it was Okay and needed no wash. Michelle went to the bathroom to wash her lower parts. Neither she nor I felt shy when I entered the bathroom to rinse my mouth and found her sitting with her feet apart.

Then we ordinarily went to bed, I sucked her huge boobs, moved lower to lick the twat. I have to admit I hadn’t fucked such a big woman before. Having licked her a bit I pushed my cock in and began a usual fucking process. A bit later she stopped me saying:

- That will do! I don’t want! That’s just a fucking! No arousal at all!

I stopped feeling upset. She noticed that and said:

- Hey, don’t be upset! I can suck it… – She lowered down and took my cock into her mouth.

Although she was trying hard I couldn’t turn on any more…

- Thanks, that’s Okay, – I stopped her.

Then we parted and fell asleep.

A few days later as usual we were talking about sex and she told me:

- I guess I’m insane… Yes, I am. Yesterday I watched a movie and there was one particular scene that made me excited. To add to that, I came TWICE even without touching myself: when I saw a girl being rammed in her mouth and later, when the guy had climaxed… I must be really crazy, how can it be?

She didn’t know what to think about herself but I had a crafty plan in my head…

The next day on the way home I bought a can of beer. I came home, had a shower, drank my beer, took everything off except boxers, took a belt and called her:

- Michelle, come here, please…

She tore herself from a soap opera and asked being displeased:

- Why?

- Come here, I need your help, – I was saying that while the door was open.

She came up to the door and looked inside:

- What’s the problem?

- Come inside…

When she entered I kicked the door and it closed. I made an angry face threw the belt on her neck, jerked it to me and shouted:

- Kneel down, bitch! Suck me!

She couldn’t stand and had to kneel in front of my boxers which had a bulge already. I wanted her to enjoy that; I really and sincerely wanted that. That’s why I understood that I had to play my part very expressively. If I did even a slight mistake she wouldn’t take it seriously…

But something was happening to me… I was turned on by having power over her. I knew for sure that I’d make her suck me, I was determined and nothing could stop me…
She tried and shouted viciously:

- Are you crazy? Bastard! – She made an attempt to stand up but no such luck!

I gripped her hair and pressed it to my groin. She screamed but I barked at her:

- Shut up!

I really wanted her to shut up… I was taking a great risk… If neighbors called the police I’d have a lot of trouble and I wasn’t sure what this fan-of-coming-in-front-of-the-TV would do in a situation like this…

However, she suddenly stopped screaming, put arms around my ass, buried herself into my lump in boxers and began trembling… Oh, God, she was really coming!

Still holding her hair in my hand I waited until she came to herself. Then I tossed her head back and looked into her eyes hissing furiously:

- You’re scum! Why aren’t you sucking?

She let out a sob and mumbled:

- I’ll do that, but don’t hit me any more, please…

Saying that she pulled my phallus out of the boxers and began sucking gently. I was enjoying that much and thinking about what to do next. I didn’t want to stop her as she was sucking it so sweetly… But I had to think about her, because I’d started all that not for myself!

- Enough! Doggy-style position! – I shouted again.

When she bent I was shocked! There was a big wet stain on her dressing gown which came through her panties.

- Should I find something to silence you or you’ll be quiet?

- I will… Promise… – She said quietly.

I tied her hands with the belt, slapped her on the droopy ass, pulled the gown up and took her panties off. Oh!.. She was so hairy! Probably women of her generation weren’t used to shave… Or maybe nobody was around to do that for… So, ALL the hair was wet! With all my might I pushed my dick into her moist vagina. She moaned and came again!.. Incredible! I thought of other ways to excruciate her for banal fucking wasn’t appropriate here…

I pulled my wet cock out and began penetrating her anus.

- No, no.. Not there… It hurts… – She was bewailing.

- Stop it! Remember the belt?!

- No! Oh!.. No! – And her butt lost its virginity…

I wasn’t listening to her as I was busy fucking her butt fiercely. I made a few thrusts and she came again. She was ecstatic… When she climaxed one more time I decided I could relax, too. I took my dick out of her, turned her round, jacked the penis off and shot my cum onto her face. When a spurt of my semen hit her lips she pushed my phallus into her mouth despite the fact I’d just pulled it out of her asshole.

Having swallowed the rest of my sperm she looked at me:

- I’ve NEVER experienced anything like that! I know you’ve done it on purpose… for me. If you want I can give you a blow job after work… every day! Do you want it? And … I can ask my sister to come to you. She is younger that me, she is 38, slim, beautiful… I’ll talk to her and she’ll behave in the way you like.

She was very thankful, and very happy. As for me… I didn’t want anything – I reached my goal. The woman was satisfied!!!

She brought her sister later. But this is another story…

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