My girlfriend’s Mom!

September 3rd, 2007

What if your girlfriend is a virgin and doesn’t let you fuck her, it’s a real pain, isn’t it? But what if her mom is a real slut who wants to ride your cock and drink each and every drop of your cum, nice, isn’t it?

Once I met one girl, her name was Kristy. She was a virgin and wanted to keep it until she gets married. Of course we had some intimate contacts but all the time she stopped me begging me not to do it. It started to make me stiff, it was so irritating! One day she invited me over to her home to meet her MOM. So I came, having bought some flowers for the mom and candies for my Kristy. When I appeared the door was opened by some fresh hot woman, of 40 – 41, with big, really big boobs and nice body. She said that Kristy was having a shower at this moment, led me to the hall, asked me to sit down and offered some ice Martini. I gave consent, she was looking at me with some strange twinkle in her eyes, and I would say she was devouring me. Like some bitch wolf looking at young male. When she approached the bar and bent down to get it I saw something that took my breath away: her mini skirt revealed her sexy ass with tight strings between. At this jiff it was my first time when I thought of cheating on my girlfriend with her own mom. She looked around, and lowered her eyes to my fly, where my cock came to erection at the moment. It made me confuse as my Kristy could appear any time. Here, she settled on the sofa by my side and we drank Martini. She knew how to turn men on, so she placed her hand on my knee keeping looking into my eyes, I knew that experienced well-schooled women like her could turn men on with only one look; these babes knew various modes to make men hard-on. Trying to make it easy I started some idle talk but then I suddenly had a brain wave that Kristy was not home at this moment cause the shower was not far from the hall way and there was no sound of water! So she was away! I then recalled her say that she might have been late at her work, so I was supposed to come any time and feel myself comfortable. After a while her MOM approached me close and kissed me at my neck, I realized that there actually were no hassles to do some fun and gave in, I liked this babe, her hand passed down to my cock and unzipped my pants. We joined in a hot kiss, there, going berserk I put her on the sofa with a roar, opened her bra and set to licking her boob; she began to moan with pleasure. I shoved my hand under her skirt and started fondling her wet pussy, though it was not hairy as expected but rather shaved. I moved he strings aside and slid my finger in her hot cave! She was moaning with closed eyes; I sped up caressing her clit and fucking her hole with my finger.

I started sucking her tits and biting them. I slid down and took her panties off and I saw a nice shaved pussy I started so suck it; I took my finger and started to finger her: “oh yeah harder faster oh yeah give it to me” she was whispering, so I slid two more fingers in her she was bucking; so I stuck my face in her pussy and swallowed all of her juices: oh my God it tasted so good! That was amazing! Now it was her turn, she slid down and took off my boxers, she started rubbing my cock and licking the shaft, it felt so good then she took the whole thing in her mouth, after about ten minutes I started to fuck her oral cavity, Kristy’s MOM started thrusting, impaling her mouth on my shaft! Then she took my cock all the way in her mouth and I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop! Wow, mom you’re the best – I thought. Then we kissed and I was hard she asked me to let her ride my hard cock she got on top I started to fuck her, her tits were bouncing up and down; I was slapping her ass, that was harder when I shoved my cock all the way in her! While I was fucking her she was flicking her clit, so I got behind her and stuck it in her ass, it hurt my dick sweetly, she didn’t want me to stop, she cried in pain for a while than the pleasure took over her. Harder deeper, I fucked her for about twenty minutes, then she wanted it in her pussy; I was about to come I tried to pull it out and she wouldn’t let me do it, she wanted to have my cum inside, so I unloaded in her burst after burst. Then she came too, I was so fucking tired, we collapsed on the bed together. After having a shower together we moved to the kitchen where she made me some tea. Then we had a talk, she said she would like to keep it secret and she wouldn’t like to have it widespread all over. She said that she had never wanted anyone so wild like me! I promised her to remain it a secret, thus in a while Kristy came, seeing us together she was surprised a bit, but we talked so friendly and nicely that she calmed down and it was OK! That’s the end of this story, after that I couldn’t date Kristy any longer, as I was feeling some burden. As for her MOM we used to date by stealth for some time after…

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78 Responses to “My girlfriend’s Mom!”

  1. Bond Says:

    Fucking your girlfriend’s Mom! Wow! That is so hot, I had a girlfriend and her mom was really hot, we once got drunk at a party and I offered to drive her home, on our way there I stopped my car and started my advances, she was drunk and didn’t offer and resistance so I fucked her and let her suck my dick and I loved it!

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    i bet your really fucked her dad

  6. Anon,sorry. Says:

    I know you all won’t believe it, but back in the seventies, friends of ours, asked us to let their son stay with us for three months as a lodger, due to their moving to their new house, about fifteen miles away.

    Incredibly, after staying up and playing cards with him, but not with our daughter, we got excited, and played strip poker with him in our lounge.

    Having had a drink of wine, all of us got a bit merry, which resulted in him joining us in bed, and exciteingly seeing him fuck the arse off my wife, beside me.
    She was about thirty nine, like myself, and without any protection whatsoever, they came together three times, before we all fell asleep together.

    Unbeknown to me, my wife later let me know, that he was also “enjoying” our daughter aswell.

    They both fell in love with him, and we all got on very well together with him, with me knowing that he was fucking them both every day under our roof.
    He’d told me that he loved girls to be completely shaven, so letting my wife know, she made sure that she was allways fully shaved for him to heighten their excitement.

    Sleeping totally nude with him, in our spare room virtually every night, it was the most thrilling thing I’ve ever encoutered, seeing her walk back to me in our room each morning, barefoot and completely nude, knowing he’d cum inside her probably three times each night, I couldn’t wait to fuck her, enjoying the feeling of his seed, slopping around inside her.

    Wonderfully our daughter had his boy, with my wife really feeling sad that he couldn’t knock her up aswell, but his parents were proud of him, as we’d swapped with them, and let them know he’d fucked the arse of both mother and daughter.

    At least he managed to knock up our daughter, but sadly not my wife liked we all hoped he would, when we chatted to his mom & dad later when we later swapped again.

    Certainly the highlight of our thirty year marriage, that for sure, and a true story aswell.

    Unfortunately, he didn’t have any luck with my wife, but got luckier with our daughter in knocking her up,which suprised us initally, but loved him for trying his hardest to get them both pregnant.

    This is true, I swear it, it really did happen.

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  8. tomwer Says:

    I slept over at my girlfriends house, her mom slept on the opposite couch to make sure nothing went on between me n my girlfRiend. the couch was an ‘L’ shape with my head on the middle of couch and she was on the other half with her feet facing me. her feet were literally two inches from my face and she would occassionally wiggle her toes or shift her feet. for some strange reason I was turned in by this and waited until she fell asleep before I moved closer to her feet. once I moved closer, I began to kiss the bottom of her feet and sliwly her feet shifted. I assumed either it was bugging her, or she liked it. she suddunly moved her foot into my face and in went her big and middle toe, right into my mouth. I ibegan to suck her toes and she undid her robe. she was nude under it, and pulled my face up n told me to ‘eat it’. so I began eating her clit jot, thrusting my tongue deep in her. suddenly I heard a moan but it wasn’t her, it was my gf’s voice. I looked to the living room and there was my gf bent over a table being hammered in the pass by a family friend visiting from another country. her mom bent over and took me In her clit from the back – doggy- my girlfRiend was moaning n pleasure and she begged to fuck her in the clit n chum in her. I knew she gave blowjobs to my friends everyday behind my bake, but she was being dominated by another man. he burst n her mouth, pussy n pass several times that night. as or her mom, I banged her four times and was forced to lick her feet All night along with her anus and breasts. I drank her urine licked her clit, pass n feet clean. everytime I go over now, I lick her moms feet when no one is around. I occasionally gain oral access to her breasts. my gf fucks a diff guy every night. –

  9. larry Says:

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  13. al Says:

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    Wife always takes it bareback.

  14. working girls uk Says:

    I would love to be in that guy place….he’s so lucky to have you!

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  16. Farhaj Says:

    What a mess it turns out in the end!! phew!

  17. Joe Says:

    In reply I am 25 and when we were all on the beach one
    nightfriend and everyone were have a drinking patry
    his mom was there and it was on the beach at cape cod and not lights it was real dark and his mom and I were sitting together having our third or so beer and it was late so
    no one was around us, we were just catting and the next thing i know was she was rubbing outside my swim trunks I was wearing a speedo so I grew very fast, his mom was about 40 and I learned later she like younger men, before i new it i was rubbing into her pants and butting my fingers in her pussy andbefore long with both of us naked i was fucking her and she loved it , she begged to be fucked harder and i did and when I exploded in her she came at the same time and wow

  18. Joe Says:

    Secondpart of this story was just last night we were together at his house drinking and finally he passed out and i went upstairs to use the bathroom and when I came out his mom’s bedroom was across the hall, she was naked on the bed and i could not help but got hard and I went into the bedroom and layed beside her and before long she was all over me sucking my cock and then i got in a 69 position and started eating her out also and again before long she was begging to be fucked again and we went at it twice I came inside her

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    you lot are all twats, every one of those stories is bullshit! none of you have basic english grammar and none of you can spell the simplest of words. fucking gimps,every one of you!

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    Reached the shore as it was time for everyone to leave home as she got down from top floor of boat through staircase we kept staring at each other and she passed over me her hand got slightly rubbed with my hand as though she was trying to seduce me.

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    And said few things which
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    Dude caoimhin you are so right I bet almost all of these stories are fake and no one here has any grammar skills whatsoever. Except for us smart people of course. But then again you’ll probably never come back here so you’ll probably never see this and I doubt that I’ll ever see this page again.

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